Forbidden Love <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story <3)

"I HATE YOU JUSTIN" "Oh yeah really? Well guess what i Hate you too" "i stared at him blankly as he walked closer to me "You drive me crazy" i whispered "Not as crazy as you dive me" I opened my mouth to speak and before i could he Grabed my face and kissed me! My bestfriend Justin bieber just kissed me, and the worst part is i Loved every second of it.


3. Making up is hard to do (:

Hey guys this is the Next part I didn' get a chance to proof read sorry! Enjoy///////////

(Justins POV)

I saw the hurt in Angela's eyes, I didn't mean to hurt her or make her cry, "It was just a joke" She whispered, I felt horrible  my face softened. "Angie" She just ignored me and went inside i tried to follow her but she shut the front door in my face. I quickly picked up my underwear, then walked inside. Everyone was staring at me. "What!?" I said coldly. "Whats wrong with Angela?" I sighed "We had a fight Ryan  "Already?" My mom asked? "Yeah" i snapped back i sighed and ran my hand through my hair. "You going to get her?" Chaz asked "Na im going to let her calm down first, Ill go get dressed and stuff then go talk to her" My mom sighed " Justin if you guys are just going to fight we will leave" My eyes widened. "NO" She raised an eyebrow at me. "I mean we will be fine i promise ill talk to her as soon as i get dressed" i kissed her and Cheri's cheeks then went to get ready, I put my clothes on, did my hair then got another hat from my suit case since Angie had my other on. It had been almost an hour and i knew i had to talk to Angie, I took a deep breath then knocked on the door. "Angie?" I didn't get a reply so i knocked again "Angie look im sorry" still no answer  I slowly turned the door knob she was laying on her bed sound asleep, With my hat in her hands. Her face indicated that she had been crying, Now i felt even worse that she cried herself to sleep. I took off my shoes and slid on the bed next to her. She rolled over in her sleep and put her head on my chest. I smiled and tucked her hair behind her head and she flickered her eyes open i smiled but she didn't her body tensed up and she sat up. (Angelas POV) I felt someone move my hair, i must have fallen asleep while crying i slowly opened my eyes to see Justin he smiled and i quickly sat up. "what do you want?" I whispered, He sighed and went to take my hand but i jerked it away, "Angie, im sorry, I over reacted, I know that it was just a joke and you didn't mean anything by it. and i feel really bad about what i said, i guess i was just cranky and i-i don't know im just sorry" I stared at him not saying anything, Just taking in everything that he said to me. "Now would be a good time to say something" I half smiled at him "Ok" He furrowed his eyebrows "Ok? Ok what?" "Ok i accept your apology" He smiled "Good because if you would have said no then i would have had to bring out the big guns" I Laughed and shook my head "Big guns?" "Ya see" He flexed his arm "Hold i" I got up and proceeded to look for something. "What are you looking for?" "My magnifying class silly," "Oh that's it" He got up and tackled me to the bed he was over top of me holding my arms down. "If their so small how come you cant get out?" "Just get off" I laughed "But why?" "Because i cant move" "Oh but Angie i have no muscles " "Jay get off" I said all serious but he was just staring at me. I raised my eyebrows at him" "What? Is their something on my face" "NO, You just have the prettiest eyes Angie  I blushed and turned my head "Awh is Angie blushing "NO" I snapped at him "Yes you are, Angie is blushing, Angie is blushing" He sang "FINE! I am but-" "Hey guys your mo- Woh" Justin quickly got off of me. "Was i interrupting something?" Ryan asked with a smirk on his face "NO" we both said at the same time we looked at each other then back at ryan. "Ya ok" YOU DIDNT" I protested "Ok, ok, well your moms sent me up to make sure you guys made up and by the looks of it" He motioned to what we were doing, "I see you did" I looked over at Jay and he smiled. "We are fine tell them we will be down in a min" "Ok" Ryan said walking out. "And Ryan  he stooped and turned around looking at Justin, "ya?" "Dont say anything about what you saw" He smirked "What if i do?" "Try me" Justin narrowed his eyes at him "Ok fine calm down" We laughed and he walked out shutting the door behind him, "Come on" Justin said taking my hand. "Where?" "Idk, The mall?" My face lit up "YES!! Shopping  He laughed "I figured you would like that." "ALOT!" He laughed "Well then lets go see if the others want to go" I nodded and we walked out of my bedroom and down to the dinning room where everyone was, they were all staring at us. "What?" justin said " You know what" His mom replied Justin glared at Ryan. "Mom i can explain  I blurted out, They looked at me weird "Explain what?" "We just wanted to know if you two were ok now" Pattie added, we sighed in relief. "Yah were fine now" Justin smiled at me. "Ok" Pattie said "So what are you kids up to?" My mom asked. I looked at justin with a huge smile on my face. "Shopping" justin said blankly. "Really?" Ryan added "Sweet" Chaz said we ll looked at him "What im starving  "You just ate chaz" Pattie said laughing "So? I like food?" We all laughed "Im going to call Mary and see if her and Travis want to go?" He nodded and smiled gosh i love his smile i shook it off and i picked up my phone. (Phone call) Mary: "Hey girl", Me: "Hey whatcha doing?" M: "Nothing Travis just got here, you?" Me: "Well thats actually why i called we were going to the mall and wanted to know if you guys wanted to go?" T: "UGH SHOPPING!" i heard Travis in the background we laughed, M: "Calm down all the guys will be their." Me: "So is that a yes?" M: "For sure girl you know i love shopping," I laughed Me: "i do too." M: "What time?" I looked at the clock, It was 2:30. Me:" How about 3?" M: "Ok sounds good." Me: Alright sweetie ill se you their" Me: "Alrighty love you." Me:"Love you too" I hung up the phone and walked back to the others. "Ok they are going to meet us their" "Who?" Chaz asked" "Travis and Mary" Justin answered Sweet another guy" Ryan added "We have to be their by three" "Ok then lets go?" "Ok" Justin smiled god this kid smiled way to much, freaking drives me crazy, I didn't even realize i was staring at him, "Keller? am i that sexy?" I Snapped out of it "What no! don't be full of yourself Bieber i was just thinking and zoned out" "Yeah on me" I playfully slapped his arm. "Hey don't damage the sexiness  I rolled my eyes "Can we please go now?" "Sure as long as you don't zone out of me again" "You zoned out on him" Chaz jumped in "NO!" " Yeah sure" Ryan said "Lets just go" I said garbing my coat. "Finally" Chaz said "Im starving" We all laughed and got into justins car, We talked the whole way their, just mainly catching up. We pulled into the parking lot and saw Mary and Travis we got out of the car and walked over to them, "Hey girl" I said hugging Mary then Travis "Look at you Bieber i think you grew another foot" Mary said hugging jay "Na maybe just a half" "Good to see you man" He said doing a hand shake with Travis  "You to man" " So how was tour?" " Good got to meet a lot of new people went to alot of great places" We walked inside when a group of young girls walked over too us "OMB your Justin Bieber" The youngest girl said smiling huge at him" Justin smiled "Sure am sweetie, And whats your name?" "Bree," She said shyly "And this is Anna And Kayla" She said pointing to what i would assume her sisters. "Can we get a picture?" Anna asked He smiled "Of course" "And an Autograph?" Kayla Added "Most def" Justin added, "Would you mind?" Bree asked holding out her camera "Not at all" I took her camera and their phones. "Ok every one say bieber" "BIEBERRRRRR" We took a bunch of pick and justin signed their papers and shirts, hugged him one last time then ran off to their car. I smiled at Justin. "What?" He asked "your amazing you know that?" "Me? Na! well maybe a little but They are what make me Amazing, I wouldn't be anything without my fans" "I just shook my head and smiled, he put his arm around my shoulder. "Alright lets go" *********(8:00pm) "God! Im so full! We laughed "Well you ate like everything at the store chaz!" Justin said laughing. he sat on the chair and rubbed his belly, "Well im going to go change, you guys all want to watch a movie?" "Sure" "Yeah" "Sounds good" Everyone agreed "Well you guys pick one out and ill be right back. I ran to my room and changed into my PJ's Me: i through my hair up in a messy bun then ran down stairs. "So did you guys decide?" "Yup" Mary said sitting next to Travis "So what is it?" "The Hangover 2" Jay said sitting next to me "Sweet" I smiled, And chaz put the movie in then flopped down in the other bean bag next to Ryan" As the movie started i laid back snuggling into Justin  ****12:00AM**** "I woke up to someone lifting me up off the couch, i opened one eye and saw Justin smiling at me. "I fell asleep didnt i" He laughed "yes you did" "So how did the movie end?" I asked as he laid me on my bed "Im not sure i fell asleep to" I laughed and i crawled under the covers, Justin changed into shorts and took off his shirt crawling into bed next to me, and i rolled over to face him, I was just staring at him. I was interrupted by his laugh "What?" I asked "Nothing your just so cute!" He said garbing my cheeks, I swatted his hands away, "Stop that" we laughed "I cant help it your cheeks are so squishy" i blushed and rolled over "Awh is Angie blushing again? Two times in one day" "No, i didnt" "Ok if you say so" I yawned "Alright lets go too sleep" Justin said pulling me close  I nodded and snuggled into his chest. "Night jay" "Night Angie" I slowly closed my eyes falling asleep to Justins Smell, this was going to be a great summer!

/////////////////////// Ok so this is the next part! Hope you like it! Please spread the word about my story i would but im new to this site and i don't really know how:? Please leave comments thanks for reading xoxox :)





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