Forbidden Love <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story <3)

"I HATE YOU JUSTIN" "Oh yeah really? Well guess what i Hate you too" "i stared at him blankly as he walked closer to me "You drive me crazy" i whispered "Not as crazy as you dive me" I opened my mouth to speak and before i could he Grabed my face and kissed me! My bestfriend Justin bieber just kissed me, and the worst part is i Loved every second of it.


2. Justins Home<3

June 7, 2012  (3:00a.m.)

"Angela" I slowly opened my eyes to see Ryan and Chaz standing at the foot of my bed. "What?" I snapped back covering my head with my blanket. "Angela come on Justin will be here in like 20mins" I groaned and rolled over "So it's 3 in the morning, he is just going to want to go to bed, like me" I flopped my head back on the pillow. "Fine" Chaz said "You won't see him tonight then" Ryan added, I smiled to myself and where the hell did they think he was going to sleep? With them! "I rolled back over as Ryan and Chaz left the room closing my door behind them. 20mins will fly right by. (JustinsPOV) "Godddd Are we  their yet?" "Almost" My mom sat back on the couch next to me. I huffed I just wanted to See Angie and go to sleep it's been 6 months I mean ya we Skype and she came to like two concerts but with school in she couldn't just leave! I closed my eye and sat my head back. "We are here" Kenny said "Thank god" I bolted off the bus and grabbed my bag. I walked up to the house and Ryan opened the door. "Sup man" We did our handshake I put my stuff on the floor. "Justin!" Chaz shouted I laughed and side hugged him. I saw Cheri and hugged her "Good to see you Justin" "You too" I said letting go. I raised my eye brow and looked around. "Umm where is Angie?" Chaz looked up "Pfft she wouldn't get her ass out of bed" "Ya she was all he is Just going to want to sleep, like me" I laughed "Same old Angie" They laughed "So how was tour?" Chaz asked I opened my mouth to speak but Ryan cut me off "Ya meet any hot girls?" I went to speak again but Chaz stopped me "Ya any speak other languages like oh yeah Justin kiss me, In like Spanish?" I laughed "Woh woh woh" my mom cut them off after hugging Cheri. "How about we all get some sleep and talk about this tomorrow? "Fine" Ryan said I smiled an mouthed thank you she just smiled and nodded her head. "Come on Justin lets go" "Actually" I said scratching my head" "I was going to go sleep in Angie's room, if that's ok with her mom?" "Sure sweetie that's fine" Chaz frowned "Awh I really wanted to spend time with you" we all laughed "We will tomorrow dude we have all summer to hang out" "Ok" he pouted, We did our handshakes then the went to the basement room. I hugged my mom and Cheri then headed up to Angies room. I opened the door and saw Angie sleeping like a baby I smiled. I took off my shoes, hat and then slipped off my shirt before crawling into bed next to her. I wrapped my arms around her bringing her close to me. "Justin?" she whispered turning around Nuzzling her head into my neck. "Ya Hun go back to bed we will talk in the morning" She nodded "Hey Justin" "Ya" I said softly "I really missed you" I smiled and brought her closer to me "I missed you to Angie, Now go back to sleep I love you" "Ok, I love you too best friend" I sighed and closed my eyes best friend Sometimes I hated that word.(Angie's POV) I woke up in Justin's arms. I slowly got up trying not to wake him up. I looked at my phone it was 10:00. It was too early to wake Justin up so I decided to just let him sleep. I walked over to my closet and picked put my clothes for the day, blue jean cut off shorts with a purple off shoulder top and a blue tank top.  I jumped into a quick shower and got out I blow-dried my hair and straightened it. I added a little eye shadow and eye liner. I opened my bedroom door and picked up Justin's hat it was my favorite one he had I put it on my head then walked out of my room closing the door quietly behind me. I walked down stairs and everyone was in the living room i grabbed a bowl out of the cabinet and poured a bowl of caption crunch. Im so happy he is home. I looked over and saw that Justin's suit case was still down stairs i smirked and put my bowl in the sink. I was going to pull a prank on Justin this is payback for the whip cream. No one was looking so I decided to grab all his under wear and put them under my shirt. I walked to the door and opened it about to walk outside . "where you going hun" my mom asked i froze "for a walk ill be right back" "Without any shoes" Chaz added? "Yes i like it like that" "Ok" he said putting his hands up in surrender  "Ill go with you" Ryan said. "NO!" they all looked at me strangely "I mean i just want some fresh air by myself to ya know think" my mom smiled an nodded "Ok sweetie dont be too long" I nodded and walked outside and put them all over. I went back inside, I quickly shut the door and ran up to my room I opened the door and justin was not their I shrugged it off and picked up my phone and texted mary (text convo) Mary: is justin home yet? Me: yes ma'am he got in last night. M: thats good are we all hanging out tonight? Me: ya if he doesn't kill me fist! M: what? Me: nothing girl i will tell you later. M: ok you better girl. I just locked my phone when I felt two hands cover my eyes. "Guess who" "Hm brad pit? " "No someone way cuter' "Oh Zake Effron" "Hey" He said turning me around I smiled then saw that he was only in a towel. "Forgetting something bieber" he looked down and smirked "What can't handle It Keller?" I laughed "In your dreams Bieber" "Na im too busy being in yours Keller" he laughed then went back to looking for his clothes. "Where are my underwear?" "what ever are you talking about" I said innocently "Anglea what did you do?" "me why nothing " I smiled "Angie i know you did this?" "What why me?" "Because your the only one who would" i smiled at that thought ya i would! "See i know that smile, What did you do?" "Nothing maybe you forgot them or left them outside" "WHAT?" he said running down stairs and outside I followed and laughed when he saw them he looked pissed not the reaction I thought? "ANGELA What the hell were you thinking?" I stood their shocked that he just yelled at me. "Calm down Bieber" "NO!!! you fucking put my clothes outside are you fucking dumb!" "Dude legit it was just a prank whats the big deal" "The fucking big deal is you put my underwear everywhere" "So what justin its just underwear" "NO! its my underwear Im Justin Bieber what if some crazy fans would have seen this" i didnt think about that but still he shouldnt be yelling at me" "Just calm down Bieber i wasnt thinking-" "Eaxactly you wernt thinking Im Justin bieber what is paps would have seen this GOG Angie not everyone is a nobody like you!" i was taken aback by what he had just said why the hell would he ever say that to me, I felt like balling, And he knew that because when he noticed and  He saw that I was upset and his face softened "Angie I" "Save it," "But Angie" "No" i said putting my hand up. "Tell it to someone who isnt a nobody "Angie wait" but i ignored him and opened the door. "Whats wrong Hunny' pattie asked "nothing" i said through tears. I  Ran up  the stairs and to my room slamming the door i cant believe he yelled at me like that and said what he did, did he really think that, that i was a nobody? what was he thinking?? I never want to see him again!/////////////////////////////////////////////////// Ok guys so what do you think? I I will add the next part if I get  likes for this chapter? It gets a lot better wait until the drama starts.. I cant wait and I already know what happens Yay! So she is mad at Justin,, Do you think she will get over it? Who knows? Well I do BUT I can't tell you! Vote and spread my story to your friends THANKS XOXO!

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