Forbidden Love <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story <3)

"I HATE YOU JUSTIN" "Oh yeah really? Well guess what i Hate you too" "i stared at him blankly as he walked closer to me "You drive me crazy" i whispered "Not as crazy as you dive me" I opened my mouth to speak and before i could he Grabed my face and kissed me! My bestfriend Justin bieber just kissed me, and the worst part is i Loved every second of it.


1. Info and Backround!

Angela Keller is the Name I'm 16 I have dirty blonde hair and green eyes and  Up until like 3 years ago i was just another girl from Stratford Canada, Now three years later my life is totally different because my best friend Is Justin Bieber... but here is the thing im completely in love with him but he inst not in love with me. He is with Selena Gomez and it completely sucks! but as his best friend i have to support and be their for him no matter what even if that means Accepting Selena. i have always had a thing for Justin since we were little but he has never looked at me like that or so i thought! Now three years later one little slip changes everything, now we are sneaking around and lieing to everyone! Our lives are completely turned upside down. 

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