Forbidden Love <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story <3)

"I HATE YOU JUSTIN" "Oh yeah really? Well guess what i Hate you too" "i stared at him blankly as he walked closer to me "You drive me crazy" i whispered "Not as crazy as you dive me" I opened my mouth to speak and before i could he Grabed my face and kissed me! My bestfriend Justin bieber just kissed me, and the worst part is i Loved every second of it.


6. Ditching :/

(Justin's POV)

 "Angela I'm sorry." "I-I don't believe you."

 I sighed 

"here look." 

I handed her my I phone and she looked at the pictures. I could see she was about to cry. 

"This can't be true why would he cheat on me!" 

I shook my head. 

"Honestly Angie I have no idea." "Maybe I wasn't good enough or, maybe not pretty enough or smart enough or-" "Angela lee Keller , you look at me!!!"

 I pulled her face into my hands.

 "You are good enough, and pretty and smart and so much more! Zac is the idiot! He has no idea how amazing you really are Angie!" 

She smiled through her tears. 

"Really?" "Yes really!" 

She hugged me! And whipped her eyes. 

"Thanks jay." "Anytime"

 I said kissing her head. 

"Are you hungry!?" 

She nodded

 "we'll then let's order in and we will call Mary and Travis and see if they want to come and Chaz and Ryan and we will just have lots of fun an forget all about that loser okay?" 

She sniffled and nodded her head. I stood up and extended my hand for her to take. She did and we walked out of her room and down their stairs. 

"Ang what's wrong?"

 Chaz asked. Ryan pausing the game and they came walking over. She sighed

"Zac cheated  on me." "What!?" 

Ryan said. 

"I'll kick his stupid ass" 

Chaz said making a fist with his hand. I laughed 

"not if I do it first" 

I said butting in. She shook her head. 

"No one is going to hurt anyone. It's fine I don't want to make a big deal out of it okay?" 

We didn't answer

 "guys please.?" "Alright" 

I said


Chaz agreed


Ryan through in. She weakly smiled. 

"Thanks, now lets just call Mary and Travis and get something to eat." "Yes food!!!" 

Chaz said dancing in a circle. We laughed

 "I'm going to change then i will call Mary ill be back." 

I nodded 


She walked up to her room. I sat at the counter when her phone starting ringing. It was zac. I could feel my blood boil. I picked it up and answered it. 

*"hello" "bieber?" "Kid!" "Is ah Angela their?" "She doesn't wan to speak to you zac" "what why!?" "You know damn well why!" "Actually I don't or I wouldn't have to ask!" "You cheated!" I said throw clenched teeth! "Wait what!!!" "Don't play dumb I saw you at the mall." "Justin-" "dude save it and don't call her again or I will pound your face in"* 

I hung up and sat his phone back on the table. Angela hoped back down the stairs.

 "Hey!" "Hey!" 

I said smiling at her. 

"What are you so smily about?"

 I shook my head.

 "Just good to be home" 

she smiled 

"okay creeper well I'm going to go call Mary." 

I laughed 


she walked away and I pulled out my phone logging onto twitter. @justinbieber: Had an amazing time seeing all my fans today! I love you guys<3 #Beliebersarethebest 
@belieberalways: @justinbieber I love you so much! I smiled and retweeted it then hit reply. @justinbieber: @belieberalways: I love you too<3 @justinbieber: going to spend sometime with the amazing friends. Goodnight everyone I love you <3 I retweeted a few more fans then logged off. 

"Justin their on their way you coming?" 

I smiled and hoped off the chair. Following her into the living room. She sat down on the couch and picked up the controller. I watched her smiling.

 "You got a problem Bieber?" 

She said raising her eyebrow. I shook my head. 


she smiled 

"well then stop staring and pick up a paddle and lets go!"

 I smiled an picked it up. It's going to be a good night. 

(Angela's j POV) 2hours later. 

*ding dong* "I got it." 

Justin said laying down his paddle.

 "It's probably the food." 

I said. Justin walked to the door. I didn't see who it was. 

"Dude she doesn't want to see you." "But why i didn't do anything." 

I got up off the couch and walked to the door.

 "Zac?" "Angela? What is going on why don't you want to talk to me?"

 I sighed 

"justin can you give us a second." 

He glared at Zac. 

"Yeah ill be over here if you need me." 

I grabbed my jacket and walked out on the porch were zac was. 

"Can we walk?" 

He asked pointing I nodded we started walking and he went to grab my hand I jerked it away. He sighed and stopped stepping in front of me.

 "Angela I don't know what I did but I'm sorry okay! I'm so so sorry!"

 I felt like I was going to cry.
"Justin saw you," 

he looked at me weird 

"what?" "At the mall justin saw you at the mall cheating on me." "WHAT!! I never cheated on you!"

 I looked at him 

"and now you're lying wow" 

I went to walk away. He gently grabbed my arm. 

"Angela I never cheated on you."

 I pulled out my phone and opened the picture justin sent me. 

"Really then what this." 

He looked at the picture then laughed.

 "Seriously your laughing? I'm so out of here" "no ang wait." 

He stepped in front of me. 

"I'm laughing because that's my cousin." "What?" 

He nodded 

"yeah She is only in town for a couple of week and I was showing her around." "Oh"

 I looked down. He lifted my face to look in his eyes. 

"Angela lee Keller I promise I will never cheat on you okay?" 

I smiled 

"I'm sorry I accused you before asking."

 He smiled 

"it's okay baby I would have done the same thing."

 I leaned up and kissed him. He kissed back. It was amazing like sparks flying everywhere. I pulled away. We walked back to the house. 

"You want to come in?"

he looked in the window

 "is Justin going to try and rip my face off." 

I shook my head laughing a little. 

"No, he won't."

 He smiled

 "alright then lets go." 

I opened the door and we walked inside everyone went silent,

"what the hell?"

 Justin said standing up.  

"Justin calm down."

 I said  

"Calm down?" 

He said furrowing his eye brows

 "he cheated on you" "no I didn't!"

 Zac yelled back. 

"Dude I fucking saw you!" 

He shook his head

 "no you didn't." "You calling me a lier bro" 

Justin said now getting in his face. Everyone stood up,  

"Yeah I am!" 

 I stepped in between 

"guys stop it! Justin what you saw was not him cheated." "Yeah bro" "dude talk to me like that one more time." 

Ryan and Chaz  walked over. I looked at zac cuz I could feel Justin tense up again, 

"sweetie don't talk" 

he nodded and I looked back at Justin.

 "What you thought was him cheating was actually just him showing his cousin around." 

Justin scrunched his nose. 

"Pretty chummy being your cousin?" 

He raised his eye brow. 

"We're pretty close" 

he said leaning further to Justin's face. 

"I could tell" 

just then the door bell rang. 

"Oh thank god."

 Mary said walking to it. 

"Guys come on let's just get along okay?" 

They stared at each other for a moment.


I said again. Zac sighed 

"sure babe sorry" 

he said kissing my cheek. I smiled 


He rolled his eyes.

 "Okay fine."

 I smiled and kissed his cheek. 

"Thank you" "food is here" 

Travis yelled we looked over.

 "Come on boys lets eat I'm starving!" 

(Justin's pov) 

I watched as Angela hopped back into the living room. I looked at zac.

 "Look man I'm sorry." 

He said sticking his hand out for me to shake. I looked at him for a few more seconds then shook my head.

 "I don't believe you. And I swear to god if you hurt her I will punch you so hard your 'cousin' will feel it do you understand me?" 

He nodded slowly I rolled my eyes and went to walk away.

 "Do you love her" 

I stopped quickly. Turning around. 


He shrugged 

"do you love Angela"

 I raised my eye brow.

 "Of course I do she is my bestfriend." 

He shook his head. 

"You know what I mean" 

I narrowed my eyes at him, 

"she is like my sister, and always will be."

 He scoffed 

"now who's a lier" 

I stepped closer 

"I don't have to explain anything to a lier like you." 

He smirked 

"you're the only one lying here"

 I wen to say something but Angela stuck her head around the corner. 

"You guys coming?"

 I smiled 

"yeah we are" 

she nodded and went back to the living room. I looked back at zac one more time then heading to the living room. This is going to be a long night. 

(2hours later Angela's pov)

 Mary and Travis left about a half hour ago.   

"I'm sleepy!!"

 I said flopping on the couch after walking zac out. Justin laughed 

"we'll then go to bed silly."

 I shook my head

 "I don't want to walk" 

he laughed again, 


 I nodded smiling. 

"Carry me" 

I said holding my hands up. He smiled 

"I'll carry you" 

Chaz said sitting beside me. I giggled


I reach up and he picked me up.

 "Holy crap ang" 

he said shifting 

"what am I fat?? Oh god put me down" 

he shook his head laughed 

"no the exact opposite actually, don't you ever eat?"

 I laughed 

"all the time" 

he smiled

 "then why are you like two pounds" 

I laughed shrugging. 

"It all goes to that ass" 

Justin said standing up smacking it. 


 I yelled jumping out of Chaz's arms. They all laughed

 "he is right though" 

Ryan said taking a drink of his soda. I rolled my eyes. 

"You are all Pervs" "who is a perv?"

 Pattie asked walking into the house my mom slowly following her. 

"Just these boys"

 I said poking Justin. He laughed

 "why are they Pervs" 

my mom asked.

 "Talking about my butt!" 

They raised their eye brow. 


They all said shrugging. They shook their heads and laughed. 

"Boys will be boys"

 pattie said. I smiled.

 "Yeah well they can be boys without talking about my butt" 

they smiled.

 "Well you kids should get to bed soon" 

my mom said. We nodded. 

"Love you guys."

 I said kissing each of their cheeks. Justin did the same thing. 

"Night Ry, night Chaz" 

I said walking up the stairs 

"night Angie" 

they said at the same time. 

"Night guys" 

Justin said doing their guy shake. Then following me up the stairs I quickly ran into my room. 

"I'm going to change" 

Justin said grabbing clothes out of his suit cases I nodded as he walked into the bathroom. I quickly logged into twitter. @angelalee: had a pretty amazing night with the friends<3 
@biebergiril: @angelalee: you are soooo lucky to be Justin's best friend I love him and you! I smiled at that a retweeted it before hitting reply. @angelalee: @biebergirl: you have no idea girl!!! We love you too<3 I retweeted a few more people and then clicked out of it just intime to revive a message from zac I smiled and opened it.

 "Had an amazing night with you baby! Can't wait to do it again! Sleep tight angel(: xoxo-zac." 

I was smiling like an idiot at my phone when Justin walked out. 

"What are you so happy about?" 

He said throwing his clothes in my bin. I shrugged clicking  off my phone. 


he raised his eye brow. 

"Alrighty then?" 

He said crawling into bed next to me. I reach up and shut out the light. 

"Hey ang?" "Yeah?" 

I said rolling to face him he sighed. 

"Never mind."

 I raised my eyebrow at him. 

"No what were you going to say?"

 He shook his head.

 "Don't matter honest. Goodnight." 

I sighed rolling over. 

"Fine goodnight." "Love you Angie."

 I smiled

 "love you too bestfriend."

 I heard him let out a sigh before I slowly faded to sleep. 

*june 30th 2:00pm*  (Justin's pov) 

"dude I am so kicking your ass."

 I said looking intensely at the screan. 

"Na dude you are just cheating" 

Ryan yelled.


 I said finally winning 

"dude are you freaking kidding!" 

I sat down my remote control laughing.

 "Where is ang?" 

Ryan asked sitting back? 

"Getting ready I'm taking to the carnival."

He nodded 

"no zac?"

 I rolled my eyes.

 "He canceled on her last minute and I know she was looking forward to it so I told her I would take her." 

He nodded. I went to say something When my phone went off. I pulled it out of my pocket.


It was scooter. 

"Justin? Hey what are you doing?" I shook my head. 

"Just sitting here with Ryan. Why?" "Good umm I just set up an interview with Canadian tv. It's in an hour ill meet you their." 

My eyes got wide

 "but" "no buts Justin be their in an hour." 

He hung up the phone. I looked at Ryan.

 "She is going to be pissed." 

I sighed just then Angie came hopping down the stairs. 

"You ready I'm so excited."

 I looked up at her and rubbed the back of my head.

 "What do I look bad?"

 I shook my head standing up.

 "No, no you look great it's just."

 She sighed 

"you're canceling on me aren't  you?"

 He ran his hands through his hair.

 "I'm sorry Ang Scooter call and-" "Don't worry about it."

 She half smiled 

"but-" "no really it's fine it's your career that comes first, more important than me."

 He shook his head.

 "No it's not like that it's just.-"

 he sighed 

"I'm sorry" 

I nodded 

"no biggy." 

She turned to walk to her room, 

"how about you go with me then we go?" 

I said she paused turning around.

 "Justin I have been your best friend since well forever." 

I nodded not sure where this was going. 


 I asked 

"and your career started at 12. We are two separate things. I don't want to get involved with that."

 I shook my head 


she half smiled 

"just it fine have fun ill see you later,"

 I sighed

 "we will go as soon as in done"

 I yelled as she walked up the stairs


She said not even looking back I sighed turning to Ryan he was staring. 


 I asked he shook his head. 

"She is so mad" 

I raised my eye brow. 

"No she isn't she is fine she said no biggy." 

He laughed slightly 

"yeah that's Angs way of say what the hell ever." 

I pushed up my brown at him and sighed. 

"Well what am I supposed to do I have to go to the interview or Scooter will be pissed." "And if you go Angela is pissed"

 he stood up placing his hand on my shoulder

 "it's a catch 22 dude" 

I sighed and he walked into the other room. As much as I didn't want Angela upset I knew I had to do this interview I grabbed my keys am headed out the door. 

(Angela's pov)

 4hours later.

 "So how is the family thing going?"

 I asked Zac switching my phone to the other ear.He sighed

 "good, but it would bebetter if you were here."

 I smiled 

"how did your day with Justin go?" 

I sighed 

"it didn't" "what do you mean?" 

I sat up. 

"Well we were just about to leave when he got a call from Scooter for an interview and he said we could go when he got back but that was 4 hours ago." 

He sighed

 "I'm sorry babe."

 I shrugged though he couldn't see it. 

"It's fine I'm use to it believe me. That's what happens when your best friend is pop star Justin bieber" 

"well how about I take you out tomorrow to make up for bailing today?" 

I smiled 

"I would like that!" 

He laughed

 "good, pick you up at 4?"

 I laughed 

"yeah sounds good." "Alright well I better get back before my family realizes I'm gone. Night baby ill text you later."

 I smiled


 I clicked off my phone and walked to my closet getting clothes to shower. Justin obviously wasn't getting back anytime soon. So that Meant  No going to the carnival. I grabbed my pjs and headed to the bathroom. This day kind of sucked.

 (Justin's pov)

 I walked off the set area an took out my phone *be home in 20 sorry took forever so much work :/ get ready we will go for ice cream! Xoxo -Justin!* I sent it to Angie then shut my phone off. 

"thank you so much for staying longer to meet fans." 

Linda Winters the host said shaking my hand I smiled 

"no problem anything for my fans." "Justin" Scooter said yelling "excuse me"

 I said to her she nodded an I jogged over.

 "What's up?" "You remember drake right?" 

"Bell? Of course hi I love your music." 

I said shaking his hand. He smiled

"I like yours as well" 

he said pulling his hand back, 

"Well drake is having a party at his house tonight and he would love us to be their."

 I nodded 

"yeah of course that would be sick man." "Alright" drake said nodding "lets go." 

 I smiled and we headed out to the cars.

 (Angies pov) 

i was just about to head into the bathroom when my phone beeped. i clicked it on. new text from Justin Drew<3 i sighed and opened it. 

*be home in 20 sorry took forever so much work :/ get ready we will go for ice cream! Xoxo -Justin!*

 I smiled closing it and quickly sliped my shoes back on. i walked down the stairs. 

"where you going?" 

Ryan asked as him and Chaz got ready to leave. i shook my head. 

"no where right this second Justin is on his way so we are going to get ice cream what about you two?" "going to a friends for the night your mom said they would be back around midnight they went to have a girls night." 

I nodded 

"okay see you guys tom." 

they nodded and walked out the door. i walked over to the couch and sat down turning on the tv. i was so happy to finally hang with Justin. 

(Justins pov) 

About 30 minutes later we were at his house. We walked inside and the music was crazy loud. I looked around

 "go ahead I'm sure you know almost everyone here" 

I nodded at drake as him and Scooter walked the other way. I walked over and sat at the bar.

 "Can I get you anything?"

 I looked up 

"just a coke" 

she nodded an handed it to me. 


 I looked up to see Selena Gonez I stood up. 

"Hey Sel" 

I said hugging her.

 "It's so good to see you." 

She said I nodded

 "like wise" 

she sat down next to me. 

"What can I get you Miss?

She smiled 

"Sprite please." 

The lady nodded and Selena turned to me.

"How is your break going" 

she asked I nodded 

"okay not really that much of a break though still doing work and stuff" 

I said shrugging she nodded. 

"What about you? How is your career going." 

She nodded 

"great actually I'm starting a new movie in a month." 

I nodded

 "that's cool" 

she smiled 

"yeah, I'm pretty excited." 

I nodded

 "you want to dance?" 

She asked pointing over her shoulder I smiled 


 We walked over to the dance floor and the song get low came on. She turned around and started grinding on me I have to admit I was definitely into it. I place my hands on her hips. God she smelt good. She laughed. 

(2 hours later)

 "that was so much fun." 

She said as we left the dance floor I nodded 

"yeah I have never danced so much in my life." 

We both laughed again. 

"Let's take a picture!" 

She yelled over the music I nodded. She pulled out her phone and pointed it on us. We both smiled as the flash went. She turned it around. 

"So cute!"

 She tilted it for me to see I smiled. 

"I'm putting it on twitter" 

I smiled 

she typed in a few things then closed out her twitter. 

"Come on let's go dance again" 

she said pulling my hand I laughed and followed her. 

(Angela's pov) 

"Angela sweetie wake up" 

I jumped


 I rubbed my eyes

 "what time is it?" "Almost one what are you doing up?" 

She asked 

"waiting for Justin."

 I said sitting up 

"he isn't home yet?"

 I shook my head "he was supposed to like 5 hours ago we were going to go for ice cream." 

She nodded I stood up. 

"Where is pattie?" "Right here" 

she said coming around the corner. 

"Scooter said Justin was still with him."

 I rolled my eyes 

"I can't believe he blew me off again." 

They sighed 

"I'm sure he got caught up with work sweetie" 

I nodded just then my phone pinged meaning I had a notification from twitter. I pulled it up off the sand and opened it. @selenaGomez: Dancing the night away at drakes party with @justinbieber. Below was a pick of them. 

"Or he is at a party and completely blew me off" 

I said turning the phone around for them to see.

 "Oh sweetie" 

my mom said looking at me. I shook my head. 

"I should have known it." 

I turned to walk up stairs. 

"Where you going"

 pattie said after me. 

"Where I should have been a while ago. Bed" 

they nodded 

"night sweetie!" 

My mom called I just ignored her slamming my door shut. I seriously can NOT believe Justin I quickly pulled out my phone typing him a long message. This was it I had finally cracked. 

(Justin's pov) 

Selena an I were dancing when my phone went off. "Hold on" I whispered in her ear she nodded. I pulled out my phone and saw a new text from Angie<3 shit I completely forgot fuck! I quickly opened it. 

*working all day huh? Wow way to lie.  If you didn't want to hang with me and wanted to go to that stupid party you could have just said so instead of lying, making me wait up for you to never even show. That's low Justin especially for you. Like I said me and your career are two totally different things. And I can clearly see which one you chose to be more important. So don't worry about it. And have fun with Selena. Maybe she can be your new best friend because as far as I'm concerned you just lost this one.* my eyes got wide! Holy fuck what did I just do! 

////// Hey guys I'm so sorry it took so long to update I promise I will update sooner!!! Thanks so much for being patient with me! I love you guys and I hope you enjoyed it! Please feel free to leave comments! Much love xoxo

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