Forbidden Love <3 (A Justin Bieber Love Story <3)

"I HATE YOU JUSTIN" "Oh yeah really? Well guess what i Hate you too" "i stared at him blankly as he walked closer to me "You drive me crazy" i whispered "Not as crazy as you dive me" I opened my mouth to speak and before i could he Grabed my face and kissed me! My bestfriend Justin bieber just kissed me, and the worst part is i Loved every second of it.


4. Almost Death :/

June 22, 2012 (4:00pm)

“JUSTIN WE LOVE YOU” “I LOVE YOU TOO” Justin smiled and waved as we walked into the ice cream shop. “They’re going crazy out their” Kenny quickly walked in and shut the door. “They all want the Bieber” I pointed at Justin and a smirk formed on his lips. “I can’t help that I am irresistible” I rolled my eyes “If your head were to get any bigger, it wouldn’t have fit through the door” Ryan said using his hands to infer what Justin’s ‘big head’ would look like, We laughed. “HEY! I’m not that conceded” I smirked “Whatever you say Bieber” “Whatever you say Bieber” Justin said mocking me, I stuck my tongue out at him, He smirked “Real mature Keller” “Real mature Keller” I said mocking him as he had me. Justin opened his mouth to speak but chaz cut him off “Guys! Can we please just get some Ice Cream I am starving” “Nothing new” Travis said “Hey! What’s that’s supposed to mean?” “It means you’re always hungry chaz” Mary said rolling her eyes “Right, Well I can’t help it I’m a growing boy” “Well if you don’t stop it will all eventually go to your ass.” Ryan said pointing to chaz butt. “Beyonce ass, Hell YEAH” Chaz high fived Travis. I rolled my eyes.  “Angela already has one” Ryan said as He pointed to my butt, I smacked his arm. “Hey!” “What its true” “JUSTIN!” I hit his stomach “Come on keller you can’t deny it, It’s just like BAM” I covered my butt quickly “Why are you guys even looking” Kenny Added “Yeah, why are you even looking” “You can’t miss it” Chaz said “Yeah its just their” Ryan added “Gosh ya”ll are so mean” Justin Smirked “It’s not a bad thing Keller, Guys love a big ass” I raised my eye brow at him. And everyone looked at him I smirked, He quickly realized what he had said and changed the subject. “So who wants some ice Cream?” “ME!!!” Chaz said jumping like a 5 year old, We all laughed. “What do you guys want” “Half and half with sprinkles” Justin and I both said at the same time. “Well that was weird” Mary said, Justin smiled “Well I guess some of Kellers taste isn’t so Bad” I elbowed him. “Ok well. Now that you guys are done talking at the same time,” Chaz interrupted, “I want a triple Decker, Hot fudge Sunday with extra whip cream and a milk shake on the side” We all stared at him the lady raised her eye brow at him And we just shrugged at her, She shook it off and made all of our Ice Creams the only one left was Justin, and she was definitely taking her time making his, Staring at him, I rolled my eyes and we all sat down, Everyone was looking at me, “What?” I hissed at them, “Someone is jealous” Mary sang “Umm? No I’m not” They rolled their eyes  “Well you look like it Ang,” Ryan said licking his ice cream “WELL IM NOT OK!” “You’re not what?” Justin said sitting down next to me. “Angle being jeal-“ “Not feeling well, Im not feeling well!” I said cutting chaz off and scowling at him he quickly shoved Ice cream into his mouth. “Oh, Do you want to go home?” I nodded slowly I was getting up and justin tried helping me “I got it” I snapped at him, And walked out of the Ice cream shop. (Justins POV) The girl at the counter was defiantly hitting on me and don’t get me wrong she was cute but not my type, I took my Ice Cream and walked back to the table “Well IM NOT OK!” I raised my eyebrow at Angie as I sat next to her. “You’re not what?” I asked “Angela is jeal-“  “Not felling well!, Yeah I’m not feeling well” She gave Chaz a dirty look and he quickly started eating his ice cream again. “Okay, Do you want to go home?” She nodded her anger turning into sadness yet I had no idea why we all got up, I went to help angie and she yanked her arm away Her anger instantly coming back “I got it” I held my hands up in surrender wow mood swings much, she looked at me for a second then bolted out the door. “What’s her problem” I asked turning to everyone else. “Dude you are so clueless” Ryan said shaking his head. I raised my eyebrow “Wait, what?” “Nothing man” Travis said putting his hand on my shoulder. “Let’s just go” Mary implied “What, No wait im confused” “Dude just forget it” Chaz added I went to speak but before I could I heard a scream, followed by a crash It was Angie We all ran out the door. “ANGELA!” I ran over to he, A man stopped me “Stay back sir” I pushed him off “That’s my best friend, Please” He nodded and stepped aside I ran to Angie’s side their was a kid laying next to her. “I pushed her out of the way she hit her head off the ground im sorry man” I gave the kid a shut up look and turned back to Angie, “Its ok Angie im here” (Angelas POV) God that kid doesn’t even care about anyone but himself I mean ya that girl was cute but she wasn’t like,, Grr I don’t know. I walked out into the road heading to the Car, “WATCH OUT” I turned my head to see a truck coming right at me I screamed and next thing I knew someone was holding on to me and I had hit my head hard “ANGELA” I heard Justin yell I tried to get up to look for him “Stay down hun” I looked over and saw this kid who I assumed pushed me out of the then Justin ran over. I could barely hear what was going on “I pushed her out of the way she hit her head off the ground im sorry man” “Its ok Angie Im here” I looked at Justin then everything went black. (Justin’s POV) June 22, 2012 (7:00 pm) “What the hell happened!” I asked well kind of yelled at the kid who was with Angie when I got over there. “Im not sure she wasn’t paying attention and walked right out in front of the Truck” Mary looked at the kid “Who are you?” “Oh, Um im Zak, Zak Shaffier” he held out his hand and Mary shook it. “Well I’m Mary, This is Travis, Chaz, Ryan and Justin” He shook everyone’s hand but mine; I was NOT shaking his hand I just turned my head. “Justin” Mary hissed “What” I scowled at her”Don’t be rude” I rolled my eyes “You should probably get your hand looked at” Ryan said pointing to The Zak kids hand “Its fine just a cut” “It looks pretty serious man” Chaz added “Its fine ill get it checked out after I make sure she is ok” I rolled my eyes and the doctor walked out, “Keller?” We all stood up “She is doing ok, She has a pretty big gash to her head which caused a concussion. And a sprained arm. She will need to take it easy for the next couple of Days, but other than that she should be ok.” “Can we see her” Mary asked “Of course but Only 4 at a time, Oh and she is asking for Justin” I smiled “Where is she?” I asked “Fallow me” I turned to the kid “Only 4 of us” “Oh of course ill just got get my hand looked at” “You do that” I turned and walked to catch up with the others. (Angela’s POV) I woke up in the hospital “God my head hurts” “Don’t touch it” I looked over to see a doctor. “What happened?” “Yup don’t remember?” “Not really, I remember a truck coming at me, But that’s it” He smiled “Well you were pushed out of the way” I kind of remember this boy. “Can I see Justin?” “Of course” He turned and walked out i layed back on my pillow and took a deep breath, A few moments later there was a slight knock on the door and then I opened “Angie?” I smiled at the voice it was Justin, Everyone else walked in behind him. “Hey guys” I said kind of sitting up Justin helped me. “Thanks” “So how are you feeling” Mary asked, I smiled lightly “Fine, Just a headache from hell” “Are you sure?” Chaz asked “I’m sure” “Ok well we are going to head home” Ryan added “Yeah us too” Travis said “OK, thanks for coming?” “Anytime” Mary hugged me then everyone else did “We will be back tomorrow” Ryan said “Ok” “Glade your ok Ang” Travis said I smiled “Me too” They all left and it was just me and Justin, I looked at him and he looked all serious. “Why suck a long face sunshine?” He shook his head “Its not funny Angie” He said sitting next to me in the chair, I put my hand on his, “Jay I’m fine honest” He opened his mouth to speak but we were distracted by loud yelling. “WHERE THE HELL IS SHE!?!”  We looked at the door. “ID, ILL GIVE YOU ID!” “Omg is that your mom?” I laughed “Yeah it is” Next thing I knew my mom burst through the door “Angela” She hugged me tight “Mom, I cant breath” “Sorry hunny, We would have been here sooner but the IDIOTS wouldn’t let me in” I laughed at how she emphasized idiots so they would here her. “It’s ok mom, Hi Pattie” “Hi sweetie how are you feeling?” “Ok just a little sore” “Oh baby look at you” my mom moved my hair to look at my head. “What the hell happened?” I looked at justin and he sighed “A truck went to hit me but I was pushed out of the way” I looked at Justin he had to have been the one to save me, He is who I remember anyways. “Thank you so Much Justin” my mom said hugging him, he looked puzzled. “For what?” “Pushing Angela out of the way, She could be dead right now” he pulled away from the hug “I would love to take credit but unfortunately I didn’t do it” “What?” Both are mom said “Yeah what?” I repeated them. He sighed, “ I wasn’t the one who pushed you out of the way” “But then who did” My mom asked, “This kid” “Wait what?” I said laying back trying to remember “Sorry ang I should have told you” I shook my head “Its fine” “Are you sure?” I nodded, “I want to meet him” “Yeah us too” My mom said. “What, Why?” “Because he saved my life” I furrowed my eyebrows at him. He sighed loudly “Fine, ill get him” He mumbled and walked out.  (Justin’s POV) I walked out of Angies room, why did she want to meet this kid? Yeah, he saved her life but she don’t know him! Something about him just is not right, I walked out and saw him on the phone. “Yo kid” He looked up “Mom, I’ll call you back, Love you too” He hung up “It’s Zac” “Yeah, whatever! Angie wants to see you.” “Me?” He said standing up fast; I rolled my eyes “Is your name Zak?” “Yeah?” “Well then duh!, Fallow me” He walked quickly behind me, I mean so close that if I were to stop he would probably fly up my ass. I opened the door to angies room and we walked in “This” I said pointing to the kid. “Is the person who saved you” “HI” He said shyly. Cherri ran and hugged him he laughed, “Thank you” She said “Your welcome, anytime I would do it again in a heartbeat” He smiled at Angela and she blushed “Pft!” I scoffed what a charmer he thinks he is. “Well let’s give these two a moment” My mom said I quickly looked at her “What?, Alone” “Yes, alone, Lets go Justin” Cherri added. I rolled my eyes “Fine,” I hissed I walked to Angie and hugged her, “If you need me just text me ill be in the gift shop” She smiled “Ok Justin” I scowled at Zak and walked out. (Angie’s POV) Justin walked out and the kid turned to me, “Hi” I said smiling “Hey” he said back I looked at his arm. “OMG, what happened to your arm” He looked and laughed “Nothing it’s no big deal just a few stitches” I looked down “I’m sorry” “He no reason to be sorry it’s not your fault” He said sitting on my bed. “Yes it is, If I wasn’t for me not paying attention and being stupid” I paused and looked at him. “I’m just sorry” He shook his head “Don’t be, I would do it again.” I smiled. “Really” he smiled big and walked closer to me. “Yes, I don’t regret it at all” I nodded “Oh and I’m Angela By the way” “Zak” he said shaking my hand. “Well zak, thank you for saving me.” “You’re welcome” He was staring into my eyes and he did mine too. He smiled big at me; he was just about to say something to me when Justin burst through the door. Zak quickly looked away, seriously Justin what is his problem. I shook it off. “Did you need something Jay?” “Oh right” he said looking away from Zak for a second. “The Doctor said that you needed rest and it was time for us all to leave” He said narrowing his eyes at Zak I rolled mine. “Right that’s my qui to leave, ill talk too you soon Ang?” My face kind of fell. “Oh, Ok” He went to the door but then stopped and turned around. “Hey Ah Ang?” “Yeah” I said looking up. “You ahh think maybe I can get your number, so I can maybe call or text you?” I smiled “sure” I said smiling big. “What” Justin blurted out. We looked at him and I raised my eye brow at him. “Angie you just met this kid” “So” I hissed at him, Giving him a shut the hell up look. “If you don’t want t-“ NO, I do” I cut Zak off “Its 814-331-5821” *Random Number* “Got it ill text you soon” “Ok” I smiled at him. And he turned to walk out “Justin” he said nodding his head but Justin just ignored him and he walked out. Justin turned and looked at me. I narrowed my eyes at him “What” he said shrugging his shoulders “Justin Drew Bieber, You know what, you were so rude to him” “No I was acting real, I don’t like that kid at all” I rolled my eyes and crossed my arms. “And why is that” “Idk there is just something about him that just don’t seem right Angie” I sighed “Justin-“ I was cut off by my phone ringing I looked at it, unknown Caller I answered it, “Hello?” “Ok just wanted to make sure you didn’t give me a fake number” I laughed it was Zak. “No, I didn’t” I looked at Justin as too say Leave he rolled his eyes and stood up. “Seriously?” “Zak can you hold on for a second?” “Sure” I pressed the mute button so he couldn’t hear what I said to Justin. “Jay I know you are trying to look out for me but I’m fine please just go” He sighed “Fine! But when you get hurt don’t come crying to me, cuz I won’t care” With that he walked out slamming the door, that kind of hurt that he said he didn’t care but I shook it off and hit the mute button again. “Sorry about that” “No big deal” We talked for what seemed like hours before we finally hung up I plugged my phone into the charger and fell back onto my pillow I started to close my eyes when my phone beeped indicating I had a new text I reach over and it was from Justin I sighed and opened it. Justin: Angie, im sorry about what I said earlier, I did NOT mean it.. You are my BESTFRIEND I love and care for you more than anything in this world. I just don’t want you hurt. I’m sure you are asleep, so I will be their tomorrow first thing I promise (With McDonalds (; ) Love you Angie Night Xoxo Justin. I smiled and switched my phone off I know he was only trying to keep me safe, I laid back down on the pillow. It’s going to be a great summer.

/////////////////////////////// OK Guys here is the next Part!!!!! thanks so much for reading so sorry it took forever to put up been super busy!!!!! There is a new drama starting (: Please spread my story!  Hope you guys like it! Xoxoxo


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