Divine Dance(Rasaleela)-Part 4

passion of gopis for Krishna.


1. Love lorn maidens

Fair maidens gathered around the Lord

a blue sapphire among the white pearls

the love lorn maidens beseeched  the Lord's love

their great passion for him too much to bear.


Krishna's tender gaze embraced the gopis

his soft lips brushed their rosy cheeks

their hearts melted in his loving hugs.


Lord became invisible next instant

enamored gopis with broken hearts

roamed in forest in his search

entreated tall trees and flower bowers

to show them their Lord of beauty.


Piteous in his heart

Krishna graced soft cushion

seat of saffron powered veils

piled up high in a loving gesture.


Enthroned in the hearts of sages and yogis

Lord of high beauty and charm

enchanted heaven and earth.


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