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Sarah Smith's my name.

A girl who being bullied. A girl who always searching for a perfect home. A girl who always feel unpretty.

I want to have friend, a friend who never calling me names, hitting and talking behind my back. I want that.

Maybe, it's you. Maybe you're the one that i'm waiting for...


8. Chapter 8

I poked my finger to my throat, then the bad- smelled vomit bursts through my mouth swiftly. I’ve coughed many times as hard and the tears are flowing down my face. It sucks when I ate many foods, I have to pretend that I’m good at eating but I guess I’m the best actress. I just have to indulge the likeness of my mom to eat that damn pizza, it was delicious but I’m scared of calling me fat, it’s just not right. The insecurity of mine killing me.

I washed my hands and went back to my bed. We reached the time of ten o’clock in the evening, it was fun hanging around with my mom, and it’s the best day of my life. It’s been years since we hanged out, we never did that since my dad lost his job. Miserable it is.

I glanced at the open window, the curtain is gracefully dancing by the wind. The cool wind brushing in my face smoothly. The stars and the moon are battling with their brightness. I felt curious and tried to stand from my bed, my bare feet touching the warm and soft carpet as I’m walking to the window. It looks so overwhelming and peaceful. I can feel the night sky that spreads across this country, it’s like no one can ever touch me nor hurt me.

I sat on the sill of the window as my feet hanging under. I took a deep breath and closed my eyes. This is the first time that I felt so safe and silent. The noise that crickets bring bothering my ears but it’s sounds so perfectly. They were like singing and enjoying their beautiful voices until the sun comes up.

I opened my eyes and saw the stars twinkling. They said that if a star is twinkling, that’s the time of its expiration but I guess it’s stunning when they do that. However, they’re prettiness are ever be seen only when the time will end. And I guess, that’s life when they’re dying, people would only appreciate you when they only know that you have to die and that’s when they’ll be nice to you, give flowers, give love and other things. Sounds ironic, right? That’s why I hate people.


“Hey monster! Did you know that I wished that you’d died when you went to hospital?” the woman with a caked face said annoyingly.

I expected to hear that here in school. But how did they know that story? Did someone just spread it out intentionally? Like for real?

I just smiled to her and opened my locker. As I’m about to open it, a full of whip cream scattering all over my locker and my things. My books and my notes are full of it and also my pictures of my mom.

People on my back are laughing and taking pictures of my expression and on my locker. They teasing and giggling, I took a deep breath and held my anger. Instead of getting mad, I just clean my locker and won’t mind about their doings. The bell has rung and I’m still cleaning my things up. I quickly moved but the cream is hard to get away with it. I sneak out of the Janitor’s room to get his mop. As I’m walking back to my locker, I saw a guy who’s cleaning also. Is he helping me? Or he’s only adding cream on my things?

“Hey! Who are you? Don’t touch my things!” I yelled and ran to him.

The guy stood up and motioned his arms defensively, “Sorry. I’m just helping..”

My eyes got widened when I saw his face, that guy who I bumped yesterday is this guy? Good, now is the romance story starting? Screw it!

“I don’t need your help. You can go now.” I said calmly as if I’ve never seen him before.

“No. it’s okay. I’ll help.” He was about to get the mop.

“I said no! I don’t need you! I don’t need your sympathy! Go now!” I pushed his chest angrily.

He was just walked away and never turned back. And it’s a good thing. I just don’t need anybody’s sympathy. I don’t want everybody’s help because I know that they are only pity on me and it’s sucks.

I just continue to clean it up and I know that my mother would be upset if she found out about this. Nothing will happen if she goes here and talk to the principal. The principal cannot control those freaks, I believe.

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