Keep me safe ©

Sarah Smith's my name.

A girl who being bullied. A girl who always searching for a perfect home. A girl who always feel unpretty.

I want to have friend, a friend who never calling me names, hitting and talking behind my back. I want that.

Maybe, it's you. Maybe you're the one that i'm waiting for...


3. Chapter 3

“Hi, honey..” I heard my mother mumbled at me. She hugs me tightly while we’re laying in my bed, it's 12am and she just went home from her job.

“Hi mom.” I hugged her back securely as ever.

Wished she always here on my side, hugging me. She’s my best friend in house, we always telling secrets but she don’t know about all of the rape that dad did to me. I’m afraid, I’m afraid that they’re gonna get a divorce and my mother would work harder as she wants me to finish my high school. I know, it’s stupid to me that I don’t want to lose my dad but I still love him as my dad, my father. But no, he’s not my hero. My mom is. She always there for me, good or bad, from bullying to a bad love life.  She gives me comfort whatever happens and whatever will happen.

“Dear, I can’t breathe.” She complained. She chuckled.

“Oh mom, I’m sorry..” I let her go and faced her.

I want to tell her about dad raping me, but my mind and my heart starts to fight whether I would or not say it.

“Mom? Can I tell you something?” I asked her hesitantly.

“Well of course, honey. Anything.” She smiled. Her wrinkles beside her blue eyes started to moulded.

I fakingly smiled, “Uhmm.. Uhmmm..” I breathed out.

“Don’t be shy honey. It’s okay. Is it about boys? Did someone ask you out?” she grinned.

“Me? Asked me out? I don’t think so, mom.. They’re busy getting hot girls around school.” I stared at the ceiling.

She crumpled her eyebrows. “Don’t say it. Even if there are hot girls there surrounds you, you’re still the prettiest one.” She sneered.

“Mom, don’t make me a fool.” I laughed.

“What? I’m not fooling you. I’m just saying the truth. They’re cake foundations, lipsticks, lip glosses, mascaras, fake tans, fake eyelashes, wigs..” she laughed. “high heels, too- short skirts, etcetera etcetera, you’re still the most attractive person because you’re different. You don’t do the nasty or the too posh things in your face, you don’t wear makeup and that’s a good thi-“

“What? Guys love it when a girl wears makeup and wearing high heels and a skirts.. Ugh!” I groaned.

“Those are dickheads. They don’t know what’s the difference between inside and out of every girls. The only thing they saw are the things that would give them pleasure and joy. Did you know that most guys want to find a girl who can make them change?” she looked at me.

“No but why dad didn’t change at all?” I looked back at her.

She just smiled and the tears in her eyes fell down. She keeps looking and smiling but the sadness in her eyes is developing. I don’t know why she won’t talk all of a sudden, I guess I just have to hug her.

I embraced her and rubbed her back, “I’m sorry, mom..” I whispered.


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