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Sarah Smith's my name.

A girl who being bullied. A girl who always searching for a perfect home. A girl who always feel unpretty.

I want to have friend, a friend who never calling me names, hitting and talking behind my back. I want that.

Maybe, it's you. Maybe you're the one that i'm waiting for...


2. Chapter 2


“Kick her! Hit her!” as the woman requested to the guy who’s hurting me.

The people around me. They keep taking videos of me, laughing and howling. Nobody tried to help me, nobody tried to ask for help. It’s absurd to not to fight back but I can’t do it, my knees get weak if I tried to.

“Hey stop it!” the teacher shouted. I guess he’s my saviour this time.

The students looked shocked and they ran to the hallway quickly. The surrounding change a bit. It’s only me and the teacher. I tried to stood in my feet but I lost my balance and stumbled to the ground. I winced and touched my knees cause for kicking. The teacher approached me.

“You must go to the clinic. Come along.” He stretched his arms and put it behind my back and in the back of my knees.

We walked to the clinic and put me in bed.

“What happened to her sir?” the nurse lady asked.

“She’s been bullied in the hallway.” He shrugged his shoulders.

“Oh.. So what’s the cause?” as the nurse puts the bandage in my forehead.

“Don’t know.. what’s the cause Miss...?” he stared at me.

“Smith. Sarah Smith sir.” I cleared my throat and flinched when the nurse touched my bruise in the knee.

“Miss Smith. So do you have an idea what was that all about?” the teacher raised his eyebrows.

“Uhmm... I don’t know why. I don’t have reasons.” As my head bending down.

He observed me for a long time like he’s waiting for the real answer. I glanced to the window and saw the birds chirping and flying to the tree. I wish i’m a bird, i’ll just fly and never come back to the place which I used to live before. I will just fly which makes me happy and free.

“I’m okay now. I can walk. Thanks.” I stood and took my bag in the chair. As i’m about to open the door, the teacher talk to me.

“I know you have a secret, I know you don’t want to talk about it that’s why you’re lying when someone asks you about that. Be strong, you can do it. Just talk to the student councilor and she will help you.” He said.

I pressed my knuckles hard to the doorknob. I can feel my tears almost falling beside my eyes. I don’t want to remember those horrible things. I tried not to. But when someone starts to ask me that, it brings me back. It’s not a memory, it’s a nightmare and it keeps haunting me. Sometimes, I just wished that I’d want to have amnesia to forget all that. To start a new life and won’t recall the people who hurts me.

“No, thanks. I’m okay.” I opened the door and walk to the hallway. My tears start to fall and I still keep walking. Those nightmare will never leave me forever.


“Dad! Please! No! Please stop! It hurts!” I’m screaming and crying while holding the sheets of the bed. Yes, he’s raping me. My dad, my OWN dad. He always do that when he’s drunk but unluckily, he’s always drunk. I’m just sixteen and innocent. I don’t know anything about this. It’s horrible and surreal. The painful that i’m feeling causing me to scream enthusiastically. I want help. I need it for God’s sake.

“Please someone help me!” I cried.

“Nobody heard you!” He slapped me and repeatedly doing it.

“MOM! PLEASE HELP ME!” I shouted.


“Stop shouting! You whore!” as he pulled my hair.

I continually cry until my eyes won’t let me. My mom doesn’t have an idea about this, she’s a waitress in a twenty four hour fast food chain, it’s a shame to my dad right? My mom’s working while my dad’s here drinking alcohol and brutally touching me.

A terrible family, i’d say.

I’m still lucky because, i’m studying to High School. But the bad news is, the people around there keeps bullying me. They know about this because my dad, he’s fortunate I’m still calling him ‘dad’, took a video of me and him while doing intercourse. That video spread out in school quickly, my dad did it. I just found it when my classmate showed it to me and that’s when the bullying started. They calling me different names like, ‘whore’, ‘slut’, etc. and they asking me to die early. That moment, i’m always in the bathroom and I consider it as my only safe room. That is my only friend and my hide- out. My classmates or my friends before never talked to me when it all started, they’re afraid that they would also gonna get bully when they are talking to me. I missed them. Very much.

I just hope that someone would miraculously support me and bring me with them in other places.



Maybe they wouldn’t.


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