He's her science teacher, but there's something about their student and carer relationship that seems abnormal. There's some sort of chemistry. That piercing feeling she gets whenever he looks at her, that twinkle of emotion. It's simple to say, it's illegal.
//Harry Styles Love Story.


4. Morning.

I wake up to Harry's naked body pressed against mine. My hand placed upon his chest, my eyelids flutter open. He looked so cute and peaceful, a complete opposite to what he did last night. I try not to wake him up as I fidget a bit, making sure the duvet sheets cover up every inch of me, apart from my arm, which was rested on Harry. The sun began to nosily peek through the curtains, the blue skies reflecting on the floorboards. My legs ache in pain as I smirk slightly, noticing Harry beginning to awaken. He smiles gently, his curls in a mess on his head. 

"Bird," Harry moans, lifting his head from the pillow, helping me up. 

"Yeah?" I say gently, trying to give him the impression that I only just woke up too and I haven't been staring at him sleeping like a creep. 

"Did you have fun?" He chuckled, his eyes glued to mine. 

"Fun isn't even the word, Haz." I grin, as I patted his shoulder blade, running my fingers down his bare back. 

"I'm gonna go down make some breaky, be right back, and you don't move. Don't get dressed either," He winked, falling out of bed, completely naked, just dancing as he opened the door and galloped downstairs. Looking around the room, I peeped silently as my phone began to vibrate of the desk. Standing up from the sheets, I grabbed it, seeing:

4 missed calls; Twin 1  (which was Fred) 

17 missed calls; Payton baby xx 

23 new messages; Payton baby xx 

The fact my own brother cared less about me then my best friend just made me laugh. I could hear Harry singing 'Isn't she lovely' downstairs, so as quickly and quietly as possible, I flicked through the messages which consisted of; 

I know you're having sex. 

Please call me back when you get this.

Details, maybe? 

Why aren't you and sir at school? 

People are getting suspicious from when he kept you after class and now both of you aren't in. 

Unless you want him fired, I suggest you do something about it. 

Look, I'm sorry for disturbing your orgasm, but you need to text me back. 

Fred said he'll tell mum unless you let him know you're OK. 


At first, some of them were funny, but when it came to the serious parts, I felt my heart stop. Once Harry finally turned up with the breakfast tray, I knew I had to do something about it. 

"Isn't she loveeelyy, isn't she wonderful!" He pounced through the door into the room, the jug of orange juice rattling on the tray. 

"Harry, babe, aren't you supposed to be at school?" I said, scratching the back of my head, slipping in a smile here and there. 

"Got no lessons today, head gave me the day off- OH SHIT. I forgot about you! Oh my god. Bird, I'm so sorry, do you want me to call in, pull of a voice, pretend to be your dad and lie that you're ill?" Harry never looked as worried. I exchanged him with a meek grin. 

"Well, the ill bit wouldn't necessarily be lying, seeing as I'm aching everywhere," I laughed, and he chuckled, flicking his fringe back. 

"I have that effect on people," He lets out a laugh, as we tuck in on the breakfast. I'll tell him later, I say to myself. 


"Right, haz, I can't keep it in and it's best if you see it for yourself." I press my BlackBerry into Harry's open palm, making his fingers clutch around it. Soon, Harry gets what I want him to do, and he looks at this screen, his eyes flicking through the messages. He smiles at few, but soon those teeth get wiped away with a sudden frown. 

"This is illegal." He gasps. 

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