He's her science teacher, but there's something about their student and carer relationship that seems abnormal. There's some sort of chemistry. That piercing feeling she gets whenever he looks at her, that twinkle of emotion. It's simple to say, it's illegal.
//Harry Styles Love Story.


3. Meeting at his.

   "Payton's real nice." Harry's hands stirred the wheel, as we rode through the bumpy roads heading God knows where. I only chuckled lightly, adjusting my hair in place.

   "A bit too forward." I smirked, and he nodded in approval, running a hand down his curls in a seductive way. I moaned really silently, my feet tingling in frustration. "Umm.. Si- Harry, I was w-wondering.." I was unsure whether it was impolite of me to say this, but I didn't jump to conclusions.

   "Yeah?" He whipped his head to face mine, but his eyes still concentrating on the road. The car began to slow down, as Harry pressed against the brakes.

   "I know this might sound a bit rude- but, being the nosy girl I am, I was wondering h-how old you are?" I stopped, my tongue tying into a knot and refusing to speak more. Harry only smiled in what looked like, understanding, before opening his mouth to speak again.

   "I'm a really young teacher, and probably one of the first you've ever met, but I'm actually 19," He flashed a smile, my face lighting up slightly  The car pulled over the path-walk  and as the wheels slid against the smoothed concrete, we slowly drove into a warm garage.

   "Oh! That's good then- I mean, it's nice to see you're not.. old?-" I threw my head into my hands, tutting loudly. I'm a disgrace to human kind. I just ruined all my chances of approval between me and Harry.

   "Don't worry Bird, I know what you mean, ha." He let out a silent laugh, rubbing his hand on my back, before walking out of the car, and skipping to the other side to open my door. I nodded and mouthed 'Thanks', and he only simpered amusingly.


   "In this position, it's more likely for the sperm to swim through with more comfort," Harry sat beside me, one of his hands on my thigh, the other pointing at an image in the textbook. Smiling uncomfortably  I tried to avoid any awkward moments. Helping myself to another sip of water, I gazed into his eyes as he continued to explain.

   "Oh right, and the penis has to be erected?" I asked, leaning in for a better view of the book. Harry looked up, our faces millimeters away from each others. His warm breath clashed against my face, as his fingers reached out to wipe away a strand on my hair. Blushing steadily, he took a large breath and before I knew it, I felt his soft, moist lips working upon mine. My eyes flushed to a close, and no matter how weird it felt, the sparks seemed to have managed to set the atmosphere on fire. Feeling Harry's curls brush against my forehead gently, I let out a giggle and taking his opportunity, Harry threw his tongue into my mouth, allowing it to battle mine. Gently, both of us pulled away, not breaking eye contact. 

   "I was wondering.. maybe you could show me the positions for.. you know?" I asked cheekily, and in no time, I felt his hands grab my waist, lifting me up. 

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