He's her science teacher, but there's something about their student and carer relationship that seems abnormal. There's some sort of chemistry. That piercing feeling she gets whenever he looks at her, that twinkle of emotion. It's simple to say, it's illegal.
//Harry Styles Love Story.


9. His arrival.

The moment his foot crossed the door, I felt my heart stop. Payton sighed, moving away from me, letting go of my grip. Looking directly into his eyes, he smiled so meekly, his dimples barely made an appearance. His deep, green eyes slowly made their way down my body and stopping at my stomach, he looked back up at me again. 

"It's not-" 

"I'm pregnant, Harry." The words rolled off my tongue so freely, I couldn't stop myself. His pupils grew so suddenly, I thought he was going to start shouting in anger. Pushing his eyebrows up, his mouth fell open. His squeezed his palms into fists, as his body hopped up and down. 

"I can't believe it!" The grin on his face was so wide, you could barely see his eyes. I couldn't help by giggle at this, but then stopped myself quickly, and shortly after he did too. 

"Are you not happy, Bird-" Interrupting him (which was something I seemed to be doing a bit too often) I straightened up, adjusting the pillow to support my weak back. 

"Harry, you don't understand. It's not a matter of me being happy or not. What made you so keen on having kids? You threw me out of the house, you jumped to conclusions. When I told you that I loved you-" He rushed towards me, bending down to be level with my face. His warm minty breath threw itself against my face, his nose pressed up against my nose, his forehead supporting itself on mine. Tilting his head gently, his warm, plump lips scarred mine. Gently moving away, he placed his chin on my shoulder. 

"But I didn't have time to tell you I love you too," 

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