He's her science teacher, but there's something about their student and carer relationship that seems abnormal. There's some sort of chemistry. That piercing feeling she gets whenever he looks at her, that twinkle of emotion. It's simple to say, it's illegal.
//Harry Styles Love Story.


1. Day 1.

I could feel the sun burning through the curtain and piercing into my skin, as I spun over, trying to take control of my alarm clock which seemed to be going through some spaz attack. Flinging back the duvet, I heard my mum's squeaky tone shouting my name from downstairs. Letting out a silent groan, I got up, flicking my slippers on. First day of term.


   "Fred and George promised to drive you, I've made you breakfast-" Mum pulled me by my collar and planted a sloppy kiss on my cheek before continuing, "Have fun, and don't get into any trouble on the first day. Love you, and I'll be back in a few days- you know what business trips are like!" It looked at though she was about to cry, but trying to ignore the fact that any moment know she'd break into tears, I hugged mum back, and waved her out.

   "I love you too!" I yelled, watching her car pull away into the slowly rising sun.


Dipping my finger into the tea, I let it swim around, listening to Fred and George's conversation. It seemed as thought not even the sun was bothered to break from the holidays. The wind rustled through the open windows, looping around the objects in the kitchen.

   "Bird..." I broke from my daydream to the sound of Fred's husky voice calling from behind. He only grinned a bit, noticing I was wandering off. "Mum's gone for the week, and dad's with her, so we thought we'd have a party tonight-" He started off, but realized what he said, I straighten up, staring at him viciously.

   "You do realize I'm going to be an annoying little sister and tell mum, right?"

   "You wish." George mumbled through gritted teeth, trailing off into a sarcastic laughing fit, Fred playing along. Reaching out my hand, I punched George in the arm playfully, and he looked up, clearing his throat. "Oh come on, Bird. It's our birthday tomorrow, we're turning 18! A party won't do any harm.. We'll pay for everything and we're taking full responsibility.."

   "Fine, do whatever. Just don't get me involved in this!" Jumping from the high chair, I ran across the hallway, bending down to tie my shoes. "Oh, and I expect something in return... But not now anyway, please can you guys get a move on and drive me? I don't want to be late!" Yelling from down the corridor, I straightened up, Fred in front, playing with the car keys.

   "First time we've seen you this keen to go to school.." Fred and George said in unison, soon after breaking into a quick cackle. Shooting them a death glare, I grabbed my bag and balancing it onto my shoulder, we left the house.


   "Birdy!" Payton snaked her hands around my neck, hugging me tightly. Giggling gently, she slowly pulled away, dusting herself off.

   "Nice way to greet your friend," I laugh, staring at her innocently. We've been best friends ever since nursery, and we've been through a lot together. I guess you could say she was a bit like my sister, we always looked out for each other. "You haven't seen me since a few days time, and already you're acting as though we haven't spoken for years!" I continued, leaving her to cackle it off balancing on the lockers, and as we began to calm down, the bell echoed through the hallways, the sound of rushing kids beginning to grow louder.

    "What've we got first?" She asks suddenly, pushing on her locker key as though her life depended on it. Struggling to open the locker, she suddenly made it, sighing in relief. Glacing down at my planner, I pierced my eyelids together, sighing loudly. Worst subject ever.

    "Biology." I spat through gritted teeth, and I noticed the smile melting away on Payton's face, a frown clowning across her cheeks.

   "What a great way to start the term, eh." She smashed her locker closed, clutching her textbook.


Payton picked two seats right at the back of the classroom, and as we waited for the teacher, the excitement and giggling coming from the teenagers grew, as they giggled and told each other summer stories.

   "I hope he's hot." I suddenly said to Payton, as a shadow of a man appeared from behind the blinds which were pulled down the door so the other students didn't disturb the class in the lab, which was now us. Payton nodded in agreement, licking her lips. Suddenly a wave of silence filled the room, as the teacher twisted the handle.


   "Hey kids, I'm Mr Styles and I'll be teaching you biology this year." He had glistening brown curls, and magical green orbs. He didn't look like much of a teacher, more of a sixth form student (in England, that's like the oldest in High School) and he certainly didn't act like a teacher either. All the girls sighed, twisting strands of their hair as he spoke, and a line of sluts crowded around him, asking for 'help'. He certainly did make a good first impression.


   "In order to impregnate a woman, the sperm cell has to fertilize the egg." Mr Styles' eyes flicked from one student to another, suddenly reaching me and Payton right at the back. "Birdy and..."

   "Payton. Payton Cassidy." Payton offered him her cutest, and most attractive of smiles, but he continued to fix his eyes upon mine, smirking in a sort of evil way. I smiled back meekly.

   "Payton, would you mind if Birdy came to sit right at the front, next to my desk? It'll be best for both of you, you'll be able to concentrate more, and not engage each other in conversation which is irrelevant to human reproduction, yeah? Just for today." The grin swam across his face, and all of a sudden, all eyes were turned upon us, and I could feel my cheeks glow red. Payton nodded fearfully, and elbowed me under the desk, indicating me to hurry before we embarassed outselves even more. Grabbing onto my equipment and books carefully, I speed walked to the front, trying my best not to trip over. As I reached the front desk, the teacher flashed a teethly smile before continuing with the subject, then setting us the work.


   "Bird, could you stay after class, only for a minute or two. I need to talk to you." Mr Styles' warm, large hand landed on my shoulder, sending a shiver down my spine.

   "Yeah, sure." I muttered, watching the class sweep away across the classroom towards the door. Payton mouthed that she'd wait for me outside, and I only nodded in appreciation. Sir waited for every single child to leave, before he started talking.

   "Bird, I've been observing you during class, and I can tell that you're struggling a bit with all this reproduction stuff. If you want, I can teach you a little extra, give you a bit of a guide on this? For your own good." He smiled, and I swear I could've felt my heart pound a bit harder.

   "Erm.. err, yeah! That would be great! You could visit my house in the afternoons? Unless of course-" I stopped, thinking I was a bit forward on this. After all, he was a teacher and stuff.

   "My number. We can arrange this later, love. You better hurry, otherwise you'll be late for 2nd period." Opening the door for me, he pulled his hand away from my shoulder.

   "Oh and one more thing-"


   "Don't give out my number, babe,"

   "Course not, see you sir!"


   "What?" I yelled in confusion.

   "You can call me Harry!"

   "Okay Sir!" I teased, before running towards Payton, who was just about to burst from excitement.

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