He's her science teacher, but there's something about their student and carer relationship that seems abnormal. There's some sort of chemistry. That piercing feeling she gets whenever he looks at her, that twinkle of emotion. It's simple to say, it's illegal.
//Harry Styles Love Story.


2. Afternoon.

  'Hi Sir, I feel uncomfortable calling you by the name because you're my teacher but I'll try.. So let me start all over again. Hi Harry! I was wondering when we could meet up for classes? Any time soon would be great! Love, Birdy xx'


   "Add a heart, add a heart!" Payton yelled, she was clearly looking at me type up the message. Sighing, I only giggled a bit, doing as she said. "It looks like he really likes you.. all this 'sitting next to his desk' and 'tutoring'.."

  "Don't be daft! I mean- I'm only 15. God knows how old he is." I reply, adjusting my finger to the send button.

  "To me, he looks like a teenager."

   "A teenager wouldn't get the job!"

   "How do y'know?" She gave me a heated look, and left me to consider the thought. Suddenly, I shot up, hurrying to turn on my laptop. "You're not going to research it are you?" Payton rose from my large bed, and walked over, hugging me playfully from behind as I plopped onto the chair, typing into the search engine:

Q: Could a 19 year old be a teacher?

A: Yes it is possible.


   "Told ya." Payton cheesed from behind, before getting up to play with the volume caps on my stereo. I only let out a loud 'humph', soon after hearing the a text message noise. Leaping onto my bed to where the phone lay, I kicked my feet in the air, Payton running after. "What did he reply? WHAT DID HE REPLY!" Her ecstaticness was noticable in every way, and she only poked my cheek when my eyes where flicking through the sentences.

   'Hiya Bird, really nice of you to text me! I've been waiting ages to hear from you! Any day would be fine- you could pop in now if you want? I could come and pick you up.. if it's okay with you and your parents? No pressure, babe. And finally glad you called me Harry! Love. x'


   "Go, now." She grabbed my phone off of me before I could say anything, and I scanned as her fingers 'raped' the keyboard. She smirked in between some large sighs, and finally chucked it back, smirking.

   "What have you done?" I yelled, looking through my 'Sent' folder.

   "Just texted him that you're fine with that, and your address. Once you're at it, you can ask him for his age. Then text me STRAIGHT away."

   "Loving the way you highlighted 'straight away'," I smiled gently, "But I'm afraid I'll have to decide when to text you." My phone went off again, and Payton's eyes lit up.

'Be there in 10. See ya', hun <3 x'


   "What is it with him and calling me all these stuff?" I winked menacingly at Payton, and she only rose to tackle me into the bedsheets. Pushing her off, I froze, realizing what he written. "He's gonna be here in 10 minutes! I NEED to get ready!" I laughed, searching for my JW hoodie. Payton helped in the search, and just as I was about to pull it on, the doorbell rang. Payton's eyes raced to face mine.

   "Go get it will ya'?" I gestured her to the door, and she looked as though she was going to have a heart attack any minute now. Nodding in approval, she rushed downstairs, and all of a sudden, the whole house went silent and revolved around Harry's strong accent echoing from the doorway.


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