He's her science teacher, but there's something about their student and carer relationship that seems abnormal. There's some sort of chemistry. That piercing feeling she gets whenever he looks at her, that twinkle of emotion. It's simple to say, it's illegal.
//Harry Styles Love Story.


6. After all this time.

I wasn't quite sure whether I was alive.

I wasn't quite sure whether I was dead either. 


"Bird.. Birdy.." A squeaky feminine voice cried from somewhere near my face as I felt a warm breeze of air crash against my face as she did. I didn't quite open my eyes yet, I felt like there was too much pressure on the lids. I felt pain generating from somewhere on my cheeks, but my muscles were too drained to work their way up my face to feel what was the cause to this ache. Voices echoed through the room, slowly reaching my ears, and although the level of noise was so low, it was like a loud drum beating through my head. "I'll never let you go.." The same person spoke, and I felt water prickle against my eyelashes, as I let one droplet swim down. As the liquid made trails down my bruised face, I heard a sudden gasp, followed by a deep breath and a hysteric sob. 

"S-She's awake.." A manly, husky tone spoke through the cries of the woman. I could sense his distance more further away. Someone amongst the two voices choked for breath, the woman crying even louder. She was trying to speak, as if she was talking to me, but she seemed to struggle to get something out in between the tears. 

"M-m-my- bab..y -girr..l..." She wept, as I felt something warm grasp onto my palm tighter. My eyes still shut to a close, I felt my nose twitch to the reaction of the cold water drops. "George, c-call a doctor!" She continued, but this time her voice seemed more distant, as if she turned away from me. 


The doctors gentle fingertips drove across my eyelids, as if triggering them to open, but they didn't budge. I groaned a bit, trying my best to speak, but it was a no go. "She seems to be awake from the coma, yet she isn't able to open her eyes. I understand that it will take a while for her to get back to how she was in before the accident, however, if she doesn't improve by tomorrow, we'll have to investigate her state," I knew this was the doctor as they introduced themselves to me as they entered the room I lay in. I was also familiar with a boy named George, however I wasn't quite sure what he sounded like as he didn't answer when the woman told him to get the doctor. Opening my mouth, I let out a moan, which was more like a mumble. Pressing my eyelids together even tighter than they already were, I let them go, have a sudden shock of bright light hitting against my pupils. It was only a very thin line, however the world slowly came to view. "Well done, good girl. You just lay there, don't force or put pressure onto yourself, you have to rest for a while," The doctor, who was a very nice man, grinned as he bowed down enough over my face for me to see his teethly smile. 

"Doctor! Doctor?" A woman entered the room. 

"Yes, Katharine?" He replied, rising from being inches away from my face, and spinning around to face her. I couldn't see anything else, but I just listened, in hopes that their conversation would have something to do with me. 

"We have the results, the baby is all well and 4 weeks old. No damage or injury done. The heart beat is healthy and steady," But mine wasn't. I felt my heart pound so hard and fast, that I thought it was going to explode any minute soon. Taking a deep breath, I pushed my eyelids open as far as I could and a grey room came to view. 

A woman, two identical looking boys, a small middle-aged nurse and a tall doctor with grey hair. 

And me on the bed. 

With a baby inside my stomach. 

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