My Bully (a Zayn Malik fanfic)

"I hate you Zayn Malik" Hey I'm Prudence I know seriously old fashioned but you can call me Prue. I hate school mostly because of my worst enemy Zayn Malik, he is in one of the most arrogant people on the planet. I moved to Australia two years ago and now I moved back to London Zayn has become the member of one of the most famous boy bands on the planet, One Direction now hes more big headed then ever how am I gonna survive.


8. trying to explain

Prue's p.o.v

A few minutes later me, Frankie and Zayn were sitting in Mr Jones office waiting to be seriously told off. Mr Jones strolled round his desk stroking his beard and looking into space. Framkie nudged me and giggled, but he turned to look at her and she quickly turned the other way.

'Now you three' he hissed leaning over his desk, 'what were you doing running around at 3am in the morning'?

Frankie started nibbling her lip and Zayn seemed to be investigating his bitten nails it was up to me.

'You see sir we were just um have a bit of fun' I mumbled.

He raised his eyebrows at me, 'I thought you and Zayn hated eachother'.

I sighed and looked at my feet,why did that man have to know everthing.

'We made up' Zayn said suddenly, 'you see after what happened with the whole book thing me and Prue decided to really think about our actions and so we started a great game which included peanut butter. Isn't that right Prue'?

'Yeah it is' I gabbled, 'sorry sir we won't do this again'.

Mr Jones raised his eyebrows so high it was a wonder they did'nt vanish into his hair. I gulped and looked down at the floor wishing it could swallow me whole.

'Ok' he said flinging his hamds in the air, 'all three of you have detention for a week, but right now just go back to bed'.

We thanked him and rushed out of the room. As soon as we were safely down the corridor we burst out laughing.

'His eyebrows pratically vanished into his hair' shrieked Zayn leaning over and grabbing his sides he was laughing so much.

'Come on' I giggled lets go to bed.

Frankie ran down the corridor and I was about to follow her but Zayn pulled my wrist.

'Will you walk with me' he whispered.

'Oh ok' I repiled confused.

Zayn grabbed my hand and pulled me down the corridor. We passed endless bends and doors I had no idea where we were going. Eventually we were at the front of the building Zayn opened the door and dragged me outside. My heart was pounding was Zayn mad? Why was he dragging me outside at 3am in the morning.

'Here we are' whispered Zayn I looked round we were by a large clump of trees at the end of the drive.

'Come here' suddenly he grabbed my head and bumped his lips against mine. I tried to get free but he was holding me to tightly.

'What are you doing?' I screamed pushing him away.

He looked shocked, 'I thought you loved me'?

'Love you' I spat, 'I hate you I can't belive you Zayn the one time I thought you were being nice to me you just wanted to make out with me'.

'Look Prue I -'

'You know what just leave me alone'.

I started running down the driveway, Zayn grabbed my hand but i started screaming and hitting him. He let go and I ran into the building my lipstick all over my face and my hair sticking up in the air I ran  to my bedroom and threw myself on my bed crying. How could Zayn do this to me the one time I thought he was being nice he just wanted to see how far he could go with me. Zayn had tormented me for the last time there was no way I was leaving this room ever again.

Authors note

Hey I usally only write around about one day but this Hearts4life<3 asked for this chapter. So sorry its so short.



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