My Bully (a Zayn Malik fanfic)

"I hate you Zayn Malik" Hey I'm Prudence I know seriously old fashioned but you can call me Prue. I hate school mostly because of my worst enemy Zayn Malik, he is in one of the most arrogant people on the planet. I moved to Australia two years ago and now I moved back to London Zayn has become the member of one of the most famous boy bands on the planet, One Direction now hes more big headed then ever how am I gonna survive.


7. Boxers, peanut butter and one crazy adventure

Prues p.o.v

'I'll get you Prue' screamed Zayn.

All of a sudden my brain seemed to jump into action. I grabbed Frankie opend the door and started running. For a few seconds everthing was quite and I was sure Zayn wasn't following us.

'He must have gone' I said leaning against the wall and fiddling with my hair.

'Um Prue' whispered Frankie looking round the corner, 'I think you may be wrong'.

As so as the words left her mouth I could hear the sound of pounding feet. I started shaking it reminded me of every day after school. I would all ways try and run away but not once did Zayn not catch me.

'Lets go'.

Me and Frankie stood up and contiued running. After a few minutes my heart was pounding, I could barely breath and I did'nt even know where we were running to.

'How far behind his he'? I gasped.

'I can just see his feet'.

I turned round to nod at her but as soon as I did'nt I bumped into the cleaner sending her flying backwards.

'Oh um sorry' I mumbled.

I was about to help her up but I noticed something on her cleaning trolley.

'Hey mind if I borrow this'? I asked.

A few seconds later Zayn came down the corridor. 'Here we go' I thought. I grabbed the bucket and threw it over Zayn.

'Prue' screamed Zayn peanut butter dripping from his nose and dirty water dripping off his chest.


'I love you Prue will you marry me'? asked Zayn getting down on one knee.

I giggled of course Zayn I'll love you for ever.

(random thing I felt like writing)

'Prue' shouted Frankie nudging me in the ribs and taking me back to the real world, away from randomly marrying Zayn.

'Lets me take that camera' said a voice.

I looked up and in front of me was Mr Jones, 'Zayn go and get cleaned up, Prue go with him and met me and Frankie in my office in five minutes'.

Me and Zayn nodded and started walking down the corridor. We were did'nt say a thing to eachother but I was terrifed if Zayn told on me I would be chucked out.

As soon as we arrived at his room Zayn marched in went to the bathroom and slammed the door. I walked into the room and looked over at Niall despite all the noise he was still asleep gently snoring.

'Oy I did'nt say you could come in' said Zayn coming out of the bathroom stark naked.

'Oh for gods sake put something on' I hissed turning my head away and trying  not to look at his six pack.

'Don't you think I'm sexy' he giggled grabbing my hand.

I laughed at him maybe if I put him in a good mood he would'nt tell on me.

'Look I'll make a deal with you' he said grabbing a towel. 'You don't post those pictures on twitter and i won't tell on you and I'll try and fix your memory book.

'Ok' I mumbled worridly Zayn had never made a deal with me before. 'I won't put those pictures on twitter but theres not way you can fix my book its in pieces'.

Zayn sighed and bent his head looking guility. 'Prue I'm sorry' he gabbled.

'What'? I repiled feeling shocked Zayn had never ever said sorry to me before or anyone for that matter.

'Don't make me say it again'.

I was enjoying this, 'say it'.

Zayn groaned, 'Prue I'm sorry for everthing I've done to you'.

I smiled at him and he smiled back. Maybe he was'nt 100% awful more like 98% still there is no way on earth I fancied him. Even if he was the last boy on the planet I would'nt fancy him, Zayn is my bully and he always will be.

Authors note

Hey guys sorry this chapter is so short. :-)

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