My Bully (a Zayn Malik fanfic)

"I hate you Zayn Malik" Hey I'm Prudence I know seriously old fashioned but you can call me Prue. I hate school mostly because of my worst enemy Zayn Malik, he is in one of the most arrogant people on the planet. I moved to Australia two years ago and now I moved back to London Zayn has become the member of one of the most famous boy bands on the planet, One Direction now hes more big headed then ever how am I gonna survive.


5. awkward

Prues p.o.v

'Beep beep'.

I groaned and switched off my alarm clock today was the first day of lessons and I was not looking forward to spending all day with Zayn.

'Heya' said Frankie yawning and fiddling with her long brown hair, which was way nicer then my own blond frizzy hair which looked like I'd been pulled through a hedge backwards.

'Hey' I repiled, 'lets get ready'.

An hour later Frankie, me and the rest of the art students were sitting in a circle round a bunch of paintings.

'Morning students' said Miss Bridge the art teacher walking into the room.

'Now today you are going to split into pairs to do a project with for the next month, I will be choosing the pairs'.

As Miss Bridge assigned everone to their partners I closed my eyes and prayed that I would'nt end up with Zayn, I'd rather be with a hungry lion then Zayn.

'Prudence King you will go with -'

Please not Zayn anybody but Zayn.

 'Niall Horan'.

I breathed out a huge sigh of relief. Even though Niall was Zayns friend he had to be at least 100 times better then Zayn, anybody was better then Zayn. Niall shyly walked over to me.

'Hey' he mumbled.

'Hey' I repiled.

'Ok so in your pairs you our to produce an orginal painting and a descripition to go with it by the end of the month, lets go'.

Nialls p.o.v

I was overjoyed that I was with Prue but also a little nervous, last night Harry had told me that if I got a chance to talk to Prue I had to complement her girls love complements.

'Um you have lovely um'

'Yes'? said Prue looking confused.

I hurridly looked round and saw Harry mouthing something but I could'nt work out what he was trying to say. 'You have lovely feet' I gabbled.

'Um thanks' said Prue looking at me like I was the stupidest person on earth.

I turned bright red and looked at the floor wanting it to swallow me up. Lovely feet what was I thinking she probably thought I had problems. We spent the rest of the lesson in silence and as soon as the lesson finished Prue ran straight up to Frankie not even saying goodbye.

'Hey mate why the hell did you tell Prue she had lovely feet'? asked Harry rushing up to me.

'I don't know I thought thats what you wanted me to say'?

'Harry was mouthing face not feet' laughed Liam.

'Hey never mind mate Prues an idoit' said Zayn putting his arm around me.

'Besides like i already said Prue will be out of this school soon all she needs his something or someone to push her off the edge, and I have the perfect plan'.


Hey guys sorry this chapters not very good but the next one should be better. Please comment and tell me what you think. :-)



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