My Bully (a Zayn Malik fanfic)

"I hate you Zayn Malik" Hey I'm Prudence I know seriously old fashioned but you can call me Prue. I hate school mostly because of my worst enemy Zayn Malik, he is in one of the most arrogant people on the planet. I moved to Australia two years ago and now I moved back to London Zayn has become the member of one of the most famous boy bands on the planet, One Direction now hes more big headed then ever how am I gonna survive.


2. Art dream

Prue's p.o.v

2 years later

I looked up at the large building in front of me. Finally I was back from Australia and ready to study art at University. I slowly walked through the doors into the reception room.

'Hey I'm Prudence King what room should I be in'? I asked the girl at the desk.

Behine me there was a howl of laughter. 'Prudence' screamed some girl, 'what a stupid name'.

I tried not to cry ever since I started school I've been teased for being called Prudence. I turned to look at the girl and all her mates and I stuck my fingers up at her. She looked shocked for a moment but then her and her mates started laughing even louder.

'Yes here you go' said the girl at the desk handing me a key 'your in room 69 B its just along the corridor'.

I thanked her, walked past the girl and her mates who still had'nt stopped laughing and walked to my room. As I got to the door I prayed my two room mates were gonna be nicer then the other girl. Before I could open the door somebody on the other side opened it, sending me flying backwards.

'Yeah so Jaz what you gonna wear' gabbled the girl coming out of the room on her phone.

'Oh really yeah thats so cool' she repiled to something the other girl said. With that she stepped over me and walked down the corridor.

'Great just great' I thought to myself. 'One of my room mates is oblivious and I've already been teased for being called Pruedence and I've been here less then ten minutes must be some sort of record.

'Are you ok'? asked another girl coming out of the room, she grabbed my hand and pulled me up.

'Thanks I'm Prue by the way'.

I excepted the girl to laugh at me but she did'nt, 'I'm Frankie sorry about Chloe she's great when you get to know her'.

I smiled at Frankie and followed her into the room. It was pretty obvious whos bed was whos. One of the beds had a fluffy pink duvet, pink pumps by the bed, several framed photos of Justin Bieber and a picture of Josh Hutcherson. Another one of the beds had a black duvet, pictures of dragons and a picture of Jennifer Lawrence (in the hunger games).

Frankie caught me staring at Chloes bed, 'yeah Chloes into pink, Josh Hutcherson and especially into One Direction she has'nt put any posters on them up yet'.

'Who are One Direction'? I asked.

Frankie stared at me as if I was mad, 'Only the hottest boy band on the planet, where have you been for the last two years'?

'Um in Australia' I mumbled not wanting Frankie to think I was a complete freak.

'Oh that explains in oh and have you heard One Direction our coming here for a break from their tour to finish of their studies pretty lame, their hot but I don't like them'.

'Oh' I said startled, 'when are they coming'?

'Tomorrow' she answered.

I went over to the empty bed and started unpacking. Maybe my time here would'nt be as bad as I thought. I'd made one new friend and a world famous boy band were coming tomorrow. What more could I ask for.


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