Divine Dance(Rasaleela)-Part 3

whole creation enchanted by the sweet notes of flute.


1. Sweet melodies

Sweet melodies in rising waves

flowing free from the flute

enthralled flora and fauna alike

lovers of music stood spell bound.


Deer with loving glances

peacocks in joyous dances

birds in rapturous silence

love and joy bounteous.


A fair maiden in silent meditation

at the feet of Lord in pure love and devotion

nature exquisite in full moonlight

a glorious night to be remembered.


Sweet music spread in Brindavan

mesmerized the maidens of the land

chores at home all forgotten

a strong urge to be in the beloved arms.


Thoughts none for appearance

gopis the dainty damsels

with an intense love in heart

hastened to meet him on river bank.


Damsels in distress at home

held him fast in their minds

meditated on supreme Lord as their beloved

with thoughts of love devoted.

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