Love Actually

Catherine~Cat is starting her first day of university. She is scared because from previous expiriences Cat has been bullied! What happens when her terrible memories replay right in front of her? Will she be saved? Gain friends?


2. Chapter 2




I got to school...Wow! This school is Huge. I walked through the gates and got lost in admiring the immensley large school laid before me. " Ouch " was all i heard before i fell to the ground! I rubbed my knee and winced by the touch then i opened my eyes to see a very attractive blonde man. " Oh my gosh i'm so sorry love, are you alright?'' he asked in his thick irish accent. I was stunned by who i was seeing in front of me... The one and only...Niall Horan! I nodded my head and he put his hand out to help me up. I accepted his gesture and got up. " What's your name love?" He asked ever so sweetly. " Cafirt....I mean Cat...Catherine Lovehart!" "That's a lovely name! My name is-" i cut him off before he could continue " I know who you are...One direction right?" I asked, although i already knnew the answer! He nodded! "So are you new here?" He asked. "Yup" i said popping the "p"! "That's nice, do you want me to show you around love?" "sure that would be great thanks" I replied. I was really starting to like this Niall kid!




Niall finished showing me half of the school, and it was time for class. Niall and I had the same classes except for one! We walked to class, while talking about each other. But there was one thing I didn't tell him that I felt like he should have known about me, so in case I ever randommly broke down he would know why. That reason was my dad. He died when I was five years old,and my mother has worked her butt off to keep our family ( my mom and I ) going, and i love her to bits! All of a sudden a question I thought Niall would NEVER came out of his mouth... "What does your dad do?"

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