Angel Smile ~A Harry Styles Fanfiction~

''If angels are supposed to live in heaven, what the hell is he doing on earth?!''

Charlotte ''Charlie'' never felt like she fitted in, but when she founds her missing puzzle piece, Harry

Styles, her world totally change direction and nothing will never be the same...


2. 2.

''Where are we?'', I whispered scared.

''I promise, you are safe with me'', Harry said gently and took a new hand on my hips.

''Have we arrived?'', I said when Harry started to look for his keys.

''Yepp!'', He said and opened the door. ''Ladies first'', he smiled at me.

And in that second, I knew where my heart belonged. Angel smile... He was so beautiful I couldn't

let my eyes of him.

''Is there anything wrong?... Or do you want me to take you home to yours again?'' He bite his lip.

''No'', I said and stepped inside. I took my shoes of and went in the hall so I could explore the house.

It were really fancy and clean everywhere, white walls, dark brown wood tiles...

''This is... really nice'', I smiled at him and fell down on his sofa.

''I'm glad you like it, can I... take your jacket?'', he asked and pointed at my body.

''Oh, of course, I forgot!'' I blushed and gave him it.

''I like it when you blush'', he smirked.

And that made me blush even more...

''Let me show you around'', he said and grabbed my hand.

We almost danced over the dark tiles in the kitchen and in the clean glasses I saw us smiling.

''Kitchen'', he laughed. ''As you maybe see'', Harry said and we moved on.

He opened the door to the next room and it took my breath away.

The white and navy coloured bed took a huge place of the room, only a big window took a spot in 

the room, and a white drawer. And on the drawer, five candles were placed.

''This is so... perfect, I adore this house!'', I laughed.

''Thank you''. There he did it again...

''Please... D-do that again'', I said desperately.

''Do what?'', He took my hands.

''You... You smile like an angel'', I said and sat down on the bed.

''I do?'', Harry said and joined next to me.

''Yes, you are so beautiful...'', I breathed.

''Charlie'', Harry said and putted his arms around me.

''Harry...'', I started and removed his hands.

''Charlie, I am in love with you'', he said seriously.

I didn't have any words left. 


I did not answer.

''Charlie, kiss me''. 

Harry took my hips and pressed his warm lips to mine. The whole world stop and I couldn't breath.

''Harry'', I whispered.

''Yes'', Harry stroke my hair.

I climbed up in his arms and he catched me, we sat like this for a long time. I don't know maybe half 

an hour.

''Are you tired?'', I heard Harry say and kissed my forehead.

''Mhm'', I mumbled.

''Come here'', he picked me up and putted me on the bed.

''But my dress...''

''You can borrow something from me if you want to'', he smiled.

Harry went to the drawer on took out a white big t-shirt and threw it to me.

''You can get ready in the bathroom if you want to'', he said.

''Thank you''.

I walked slowly over the cold floor and finally I reached the bathroom door.

I didn't expect anything more than how fresh the room was. I pulled down the zipper on my dress 

and let it sink over my body. I saw someone staring at me. Myself. The mirror covered the whole 

wall. I almost threw up when I saw myself. Everyone I knew, were super skinny and super beautiful.

And I know I wasn't. I felt very bad when I watched my self in the mirror and I let a couple of tears roll

down my cheek. I put my hands on my stomach and tried to pull it in.

''Fat ugly pig'', I whispered as I let my tears fall on the floor. How could Harry even look at me...

I am disgusting.

''Don't say that'', Harry said angrily and catched me up in his arms. I was surprised he came but I 

don't want him to see me like this.

''Go Harry, I don't want you to see this'', I said and covered myself with his t-shirt.

''No'', He said and grabbed the shirt. ''You are beautiful'', he said and took my waist and moved me 


''Harry...I'm disgusting''

''I don't want you to say that. Because you aren't. You are the most beautiful person I've ever seen

in my whole life.'', Harry said and picked me up.

''Let me put on a shirt I don't want to see myself!'', I said and tried to get down.

''But I do.'', Harry said and stroked my thigh. I couldn't understand that Harry thought I were beautiful

I am so gross in someway... Ugly and fat...

''Harry I'm not skinny at alI feel so bad watching myself in the mirror...''

''You are right. You aren't skinny. I don't like skinny girls, but damn Charlie, you are not fat! You are

perfect! And I love your body'', Harry said and put me down on the bed.

''I never had anyone who said that kind of things to me'', I said and reached his hand.

He got down in the bed and I stroke his collarbone.

''Now you do'', he said and smiled. Angel, I sighed for myself.

''Can I?'', he said and opened his arms.

''Of course'', I said and climbed inside his strong hands.

''I love you, Charlie'', he finally said and stroke my back.

''I love you, Harry...'' I said and fell asleep in his arms.

Even though I slept I could hear Harry mumble  ''Isn't she lovely'', while he protected me in his arms.

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