I Love You - A One Direction Fan Fiction!

Vanessa Williams hates One Direction. Anything to do with them, and she'll scream. And NOT because they're 'great'.

One day, Vanessa heads down into London with her best mate Laura, and they take a walk around. It's no surprise when One Direction wiggle their way into Vanessa's life, and to be honest, it's not how she expected...

Maybe they'll just fall in love.
But is it possible to fall OUT of Love?


2. Duuuude!

Vanessa's P.O.V.


Laura and I took a walk along the thames. The sun had finally dragged itself out from behind the clouds, and settled down perfectly over London. Pigeons flew around wildly as Laura and I stalked along, pointing out famous landmarks (ones we'd seen quite offten, actually) as I tried to forget about the sightings of One Direction.

I didn't even know why I was thinking about them. They were 5 idiots who mimed and edited their voices ; what was there to like?

"What's going on in that head of yours then, Essa?"

I turned to face Laura, but my eyes were drawn to something behind her. A giant crowd galloping after...

"Don't look now, Laura, but you favourite band are making their way down here. I think they're...-"

I couldn't finish my sentence because Laura made her way over, and started to follow the crowd. I sighed to myself, and whipped out my phone. I had a new message from---

And then there was a splash. I choked on the water, trying as best I could to spit it out, and avoid drowning at the same time. Beside me, there was another splash, and somebody grabbed hold of my waist.


Niall's P.O.V.


I grabbed the girls' waist, and hoisted her up on to the bank. She coughed madly, and one of my security guards knelt beside her, making sure she was okay.

Harry reached down and I took hold of his hand, and he pulled me up. My shirt stuck tightly to my body, and another of the security guards passed me a jacket.

"That was...cool."

Harry patted me on the back with his respect, and we both knelt beside the girl, as she sat up, and shook her wet hair all around. She looked almost...angry.

All the fans screamed around us, but with our tight security holding them back, I managed to have a quick conversation with the girl.

"Are you okay?"

"Yeah. But I don't need people, especially you, saving my life. I'm greatful, though. Nice timing."

She got up, and cuddled into her friend, it looked like. I ran a few fingers through my hair, and turned to Harry.

"I think for once I've found somebody who hates us. But, do you know what's crazy?"

Harry shrugged, waiting for me to continue.

"I think I actually...like that."


Laura's P.O.V.


I wrapped my arms around Vanessa, as she struggled to hold back a coughing frenzy. I patted her on the back lightly, then turned to Niall.

"Thank you for saving her. She sort of has a...phobia of water."

Niall raised an eyebrow, but didn't say anything. He instead turned his gaze on Vanessa, who by now had recovered, and hit me on the back. I coughed loudly, trying to desguise the pain she'd just errupted.

"Well, uh...-"

"She's Vanessa. I'm Laura."

"Well then, Vanessa and Laura, I'll see you around. I hope you okay, Vanessa, having a phobia of water and all."

I watched Niall smirk mischeiviously, and notcied how Vanessa's face suddenly blushed red. Niall was definatly my favourite member of One Direction. His lushess hair, thick accent, strong muscles, dazzeling smile...the list could go on forever.

I tried to play it cool, and helped Vanessa walk away, turning back and giving Niall one last, and hopefully approving, wink.

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