last first kiss

Amy & Ross have a crush on each other. but Ross has a girl friend Amy knows and trys to forget about him till she sees Ross's phone and ....... read to find out /.\ </3


2. chapter two

at school* Amy POV. i was in my locker graving my math and social studies notebook. Then i herd Ross and lilly talking. i tryed to ignore them but i couldnt. the cole came and scared me. Boo hey ams he said. i screamed a little and said omqq cole i missed you so much what are you doing here. im comeing back to school with the guys he said. Cole is my old crush he knew i liked him cuz we both use to like each other. Omqq cole that is so cool i hug him. Ross saw how i huged him it looked like if he was mad because of yesturday. so amy i was wondering if u would want to have lunch with me and the guys he said. suree i would love to. Great well see u after class then. Ok i said with a big smile on my face. We both gave each other a hug. Then Gabe and dalton saw and said awwwe. we both just got cheesy and went to class. in math class* Ross sitts next to me. but he wasnt there i wanted to apoligize for yesturday. I waited 5 minutes then he came. Hey Ross im sorry about yesturday plz forgive me i said. Its fine amy i would never be mad at you your my bestfriend &amp; bestfriends forgive each other he said. i was happy tat i gave him a hug and we both got in trouble. in lunch*
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