last first kiss

Amy & Ross have a crush on each other. but Ross has a girl friend Amy knows and trys to forget about him till she sees Ross's phone and ....... read to find out /.\ </3


3. chapter three

in lunch* Ross POV. amy apoligized. i felt bad because she was the one that apoligized first. i saw her in lunch she was sitting next to cole. Cole &amp; amy liked each other but never went out. i felt something inside of me. but then it left lilly was in her class. so i sat down with Austin amys brother. Ross why do you keep looking at my sister he said. Because she apoligized for something first. i feel bad. oo well weres lilly he said. she got detention. so shes up stairs i said. oo wow he said. at amys house* hey ams. heyy she said. can i ask you for help. ooo no ross if u need help doing you homework i cant with a smile on her no its not that i said laughing. i need help well itz cuz im gonna take lilly on a date and i want it to be perfect. ooo suree ill help whens the date she said. tomorrow . O my Ross y do u do stuff at the last minute she said laughing. what would you do. Thanks ams ill be back at 6 so.. u can help. suree she said. wait 6 i cant i have a date with Cole at tat time. Cole i said. since when did you start likeing cole again. i sounded jealous &amp; to be honest i kind of was. well i dont know all i know is i like him again &amp; fine ill help u ill cancel on cole but u owe me big time Ross. Yess thanks Amy i huged her &amp; lefy. at my Ross house*
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