last first kiss

Amy & Ross have a crush on each other. but Ross has a girl friend Amy knows and trys to forget about him till she sees Ross's phone and ....... read to find out /.\ </3


1. chapter one

out side sitting in the stairs* Amy POV. i was sitting at the stairs in front of my house. i saw my bestfriend Ross with his girlfriend lilly. Today was their 8 month anniversiry. when she left he came to my house with a big smile on his face. Heyy Ross i said pretending like i didnt see or knew anything. Hey amsz. Why the big smile. Oo i was with lilly &amp; because we have 8 months together he said. Oo congratz Ross im happy for you. thanks amz with a big smile on his face. Well to be honest i wasnt happy because ever since those two started to go out we never have time for each other. But its cool atleast his not the only friend i have. So amy what you working on he said. writeing new music for cole,Gabe,Dana,will and dalton. Oo those guys he said. how come you never write songs for me. he said wail eating one of my chips. Because your always with lilly and you never have time for for me. i said it but for my self know one could hear me but my self. Hello amy AMYYY he said. Oo sorry because there doing videos for youtube &amp; because they love to sing. I dont write songs for you well because i cant. Oo well i have to go im meeting lilly at the park he said. hmm ok byee. No hug he says waiting for me to give him one. mabey later im busy i said. ok well byee. Byee i said. At school*
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