last first kiss

Amy & Ross have a crush on each other. but Ross has a girl friend Amy knows and trys to forget about him till she sees Ross's phone and ....... read to find out /.\ </3


4. chapter four

at ross house* Amy POV. When Ross said Cole since when did you start likeing cole. i Felt like if he was jealous . But i dont think he was i mean his dating lilly so why would he. im going out with Cole because i like Ross &amp; he would never feel the same way. so.. im going out with Cole to forget about Ross i know its bad but heyy mabey ill like Cole again. Ross picked me up from my house at 6 to go to his . ok ams Help your a girl right so.. help he said. ok pretend im lilly wat would you do first. well ill kiss her and hold her hand. He didnt kiss i but he hold my hand i was melting inside. ok now give me tat blanket plz. i said. he gave it me i put it on the floor and we both sat down. ok now what he said. well first things first you have to ask her if she cold if she is what do u do. i give her my jacket.he said. exactly then what. i put my arm around shell put her head on my shoulder. when that happened he started to look at ne then he started to get closer to me. &amp; we kissed. he said sorry i did to. i stood up and left he didnt say anything and neither did I. Ross POV. we kissed &amp; i felt different she stood up with out saying anything neither of us said anything she left. when she left i couldnt stop think about her. at school*
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