What would he do for her? Plenty. What could he do for her? Not so much. 14 year old, shapeshifter, Joshua Marble struggles to find himself in the difficult life he lives in. His father, who he hasn't seen in years, evil and stubborn while his mother is innocent and sweet as an angel. With constant fear of loosing his mother by choosing to follow his fathers ways, bizarre things are happening in Milton Village, his home. Evil and Good always have battled against eachother, but now it is just insane. Joshua knows his father is involved in this, especially when he finds himself involved in the picture.


1. Prologue

She isn't going to realize it yet, but it's fair. I know, it seems horrible. He is the enemy right? But he's not.  All is fair in love and in war. Either if you lose the one you love, or lose in war, it is always fair. It doesn't matter if you go to war with all of your swords and all of your men, true love will win in the end, if true love hasn't won, it is not the end.



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