Operation Haylor

*Written by me and my friend Josh*
When two starstruck teens meet their favorite stars, they won't let anything get in the way of winning those stars over. Not even the fact that their favorite stars are in a relationship. With each other.


11. Written by me

“Nice shirt Harry,” Louis said. I quickly dropped my hand and turned around. Louis and the rest of our group were walking toward us. My new shirt was a little tight on him. It looked very nice actually. I wondered how much they had seen.

“Thank you, Louis,” Harry grumbled. He looked angry that Louis had interrupted us.

“Harry just bought it for me,” I said.

“Then why is he wearing it?” Liam asked. His eyebrows were scrunched up in confusion.

“Because I want it to smell like him.”

Everyone still looked a little confused.

“I'm hungry,” Harry stated. “Are you hungry Jules?” He smiled at his use of my nickname.

“Yeah, I am actually,” I said, noticing for the first time that I was starving. I had eaten a little yogurt that morning before we left, but clearly it wasn't enough.

Louis wrapped his arm around my shoulder. In that moment, with Louis' arm around my shoulder, standing in this group of strong boys and my mom, I felt more safe than I'd ever had. Like they would protect from anything that could happen. I felt like I could do anything. I felt silly the moment I thought it . After all, I'd just met them. But me and Harry's connection wasn't the only one I felt. I had a feeling that, in time, I'd be able to trust and talk to all of the boys. I looked at each of them for a moment before Louis said, “We told Harry to eat this morning, but he said he wanted to have breakfast with you.”

“Aw,” my mom and the boys cooed. The difference of course, again, is the boys were teasing Harry.

“Let's go.” Harry smacked Louis' arm away from me and replaced it with his own. He turned me around and steered me toward the cafeteria. There was a table surrounded with red rose petals and a single white rose on the table.

“Aw! Harry! Did you do this?” I asked him.

He shrugged. “They let me in early this morning.”

“This is really nice,” I said.

He pulled out a chair for me and then sat down across the table.

“They can make anything you want,” he told me.

I stared down at my hands. “Harry,” I said timidly. “Can I ask you something?” I wasn't sure if I wanted the answer to the question, but I knew I had to ask.


“What's going on with you and Taylor?”

He took a deep breath. “Taylor and I are...we're...something.”

“So would she be mad about this?” I gestured to the table.

“Let's not talk about Taylor,” he said. “We're friends, right, you and I? We're hanging out.”

“Sure.” I nodded. I felt a slight disappointment. I couldn't deny that we'd been flirting. And there was definitely something between us! I couldn't shake that feeling. Do friends do stuff like this? He was incredibly sweet and all I wanted.

If only Taylor wasn’t in the way. And what about that moment earlier? If Louis hadn't interrupted us, would we have-

“So,” Harry said, interrupting my thoughts. “What would you like to eat?”




We rode all the rides in the park for the rest of the day. There was a lot of running and screaming. I hate roller coasters, but the boys made me go anyway. Harry held me as tightly as he could and I closed my eyes and buried my head in his side. After a while I got used to the roller coasters. I actually started to enjoy riding them, but I let Harry think I was scared, just so he would hold on to me.

We went on the Ferris wheel; Louis, Niall, Harry, and I in one cart and my mom, Zayn, and Liam in another. Louis and Niall swung the cart back and forth. I didn't have to pretend I was scared then. But the worker yelled at them and we all burst out laughing.

By four o’clock we were all pretty tired. We decided to go back to our hotels, take a nap, and then meet up around seven for dinner.




The boys had paid the hotel chefs to make us a big Olive Garden-style dinner. Harry held my hand under the table the whole night. He was acting...different. The hesitation that he seemed to have around me earlier had vanished. I liked it. Quite a lot.

Around ten, Harry asked me to take a walk with him. We ducked out unnoticed. The others were being quite rowdy.

It was dark out, so we didn't really have to worry about anyone noticing Harry.

“Are you having a good night?” Harry asked. He seemed jumpy and excited. I wondered if he'd been planning on getting me alone.

“Are you kidding me? I'm having an amazing three days,” I said.


All of sudden, I got the urge to skip. I squeezed Harry's hand and started skipping. Unfortunately he couldn't read my thoughts. He continued walking which made it very difficult. It reminded of a balloon tied to a little kid's arm on a windy day. I jumped up in the air but I was snapped right back because I didn't want to let go of Harry's hand.

“What are you doing?” He asked, laughing.

“I just can't believe I'm with you. I feel really energetic. Come on! Skip with me!”

He looked around and, seeing no one was paying attention to us, he started skipping with me.

We skipped for two blocks. “Okay, okay, enough,” he said, dropping my hand.

I laughed and we stopped. We turned to each other. We had ended up in an alley. I hoped we weren't lost, but I couldn't think of anyone I'd rather be lost with. “Harry-”

“Did you just say my name with an accent?” He widened his eyes and laughed at me.

“It's habit,” I mumbled, now staring at the ground.

“It was very cute,” he said and pulled up my chin. “Now please continue what you were saying.”

I was kind of mesmerized by his eyes.

Okay, a lot. A lot mesmerized. I began singing his lyrics quietly. “I wanna stay up all night and jump around until we see the sun.” After singing the first sentence I let go of my shyness and let myself get into the song. I sang a little louder, “I wanna stay up all night and find a girl-” I looked at him pointedly and smiled, “or boy- and tell him he's the one.”

“Jules?” he asked, dropping my chin.


“I shoulda, I shoulda, oh I shoulda kissed you,” he sang back.

I smiled. I had a feeling he was talking about earlier. “I want, I want, I want, but that's crazy,” I sang.

“You have a nice voice,” he told me.

I blushed. Good thing it was dark out. “You stopped singing,” I scolded him playfully.

He thought for a moment.

“And if you walk away I know I'll faint 'cause there is nobody else. It's gotta be you.”

“Oh how I wish that was me,” I sang. I sighed, thinking of Taylor. I dropped my eyes again. I think he knew why.

He paused, laced his fingers through mine as I watched, and then picked up my chin again. He stared into my eyes again, like he really wanted to make sure I heard him. “The one that I came with,” he shrugged and took a step closer to me, “she had to go.”

Was he talking about Taylor? Hope flooded through me, but I kept it off my face in case I was reading too much into it. I searched his eyes as I sang, “never felt like this before. Are we friends or are we more?”

“Truly, madly, deeply,” he sang earnestly. “I am foolishly completely falling. And somehow you kicked all my walls in, so baby say you'll always keep me.” He was singing my favorite song. It was ironic, because he didn't know it was my favorite.

Then I guess he couldn't just stare into my eyes anymore. He kissed me slowly, tentatively. I sucked in my breath, surprised. I couldn't think. I could barely breathe. It was fireworks and butterflies and the best feeling in the world. I knew I never wanted to kiss another boy. He pulled away too soon and my eyes fluttered open.

“What about Taylor?” I breathed. “I mean, you're together aren't you? I mean, you never said you were, but you didn't say you weren't either which I would think means you are with her,” I was rambling. I knew I was rambling but I couldn't help it. I was nervous. And I could be crowned queen for my rambling.

My eyes widened and I covered my mouth as a new thought popped into my head.“Oh, no, are we cheating? Oh no, Taylor's going to hate me-”

“I took care of that,” he interrupted.

I was so relieved. I quickly pulled him back to me. I ran my fingers through his curls as I kissed him.

Another thought popped into my head and I pulled away. “How do you know you want me more than Taylor?” I asked.

“It's in your lips and in your kiss,” he said touching my mouth.“It's in your touch and your finger tips,” he sang and then kissed the tips of my fingers. “And it's in all the thing and other things that make you who you are.” Then he pulled me back to him.

I pulled away again, my eyes barely open. “But we live on different continents. And you're really busy,” I said.

“Baby, you don't have to worry, I'll be coming back for you,” he sang. He stopped and said, “You worry too much. Now stop talking.” He smiled and sang a different song. “Baby say 'yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah' and let me kiss you.”

We kissed again. Then I jumped and pulled away as a car honked from the alley entrance.

“Jules, it's midnight!” my mom called. “We have to get back to the hotel.” She smiled at us and yawned.

“Harry?” I asked him.


I squeezed his hand and sang, “I wanna be last, yeah, baby let me be your, let me be your last first kiss.”

“Kissed you once now I can't leave,” he sang back quietly. He squeezed my hand back and reached into his pocket with his other hand. He pulled out a piece of paper. “Call me tomorrow, alright?” he asked, putting the piece of paper in my hand.

“Absolutely.” I smiled.

He turned to my mom, to see if she was watching us, then pecked my lips before pulling me into a hug. “Goodnight.”

“Goodnight Harry.” We both grinned as I said his name with an accent again.

I walked away and I could feel him watch me as I jumped into the car.

“Hey, Harry, you coming?” my mom asked him. He scrunched up his eyebrows in confusion. “We'll take you back to your hotel,” she explained.

“Oh, sure, thanks,” he said.

We were silent as she drove us back to the hotel. We were all tired and lost in thought. Besides, it took, like, a minute to get back to his hotel.

“Goodnight,” Harry said. “Thanks for the ride.”

“Goodnight,” my mom and I chorused.

As we drove home we talked about our night, in between yawns.

“How did you know where we were?” I asked as she unlocked the door to our hotel.

“The boys said Harry was planning on taking you for a walk so I just drove a little until I found you,” she said, confirming my suspicion that Harry had planned on getting me alone.

Then something else clicked in my head. “Oh no! The boys! I didn't get to say goodbye!” I tiredly moped. Then I realized Harry had given me his number.

“Oh! I can call them! Give me your phone, give me your phone!” I said with new found energy and excitement.

“Okay.” She handed it to me.

I dialed the number excitedly, my hands shaking. Not that my hands shaking was anything new. “Hello?” Harry answered sleepily.

My heart started beating faster and butterflies started flapping in my stomach. Then I remembered, I hated talking on the phone. What was I doing? I was so tired.

“Hey Harry,” I said awkwardly. “It's Jules,” I said.

“Miss me already?” he teased. I could hear the smirk in his voice. He sounded more awake now. Was he as excited as I was? My awkwardness dissolved again.

“Actually, I called because I didn't get to say goodbye to the boys.”

“Oh,” he sounded disappointed.

“But it's possible that I, maybe, missed you a little already too. Maybe, a little.”

“I'll put the boys on speaker,” he said. His smirk was back. Good.

I heard Harry pull the phone away from his ear and call the boys. I continued to listen as he explained I wanted to say goodnight.

“Okay Jules, you're on speaker,” Harry said.

“I'm so sorry guys! I forgot to say goodnight! I'm so tired and-”

“And smitten because you kissed Harry,” Louis said in high voice.

I was thankful we were having this conversation over the phone because my cheeks grew red.

“What?” my mom asked, watching me place my hands on my hot cheeks.

I shook my head so she went to the bathroom. “Louis!” Harry yelled. Then there was laughter, a thump, and then fumbling as I assumed Harry picked the phone up.

“Sorry Jules,” he said.

“It's okay. So, um, I just wanted to say goodnight...” I trailed off. “So goodnight.”

“Goodnight,” the boys chorused. Harry took the phone off speaker and put it back to his ear.

“Hold on a minute, Jules,” he said.

“Mk,” I said. “Mk” is kind of my word. It's pretty much just “okay” with an m.

I heard a door shut. Then he was back. “Sorry. I went to the bathroom for a little privacy. Sorry about the boys,” he said.

“It's okay. I'm glad I got to hear your voice again tonight,” I said, shyly.

“I'm glad you called,” he responded.

About fifteen minutes later my mom crawled into bed so I went to the bathroom to try and make it easier for her to sleep. We talked for another hour. I yawned for about the third time in the last two minutes.

“Am I boring you?” he asked, in mock surprise. I could tell by the smile in his voice he didn't actually think so.

“Of course not! It's just been a very...eventful day,” I said. There was a smile in my voice, too.

“I should let you go to bed,” he said.

“Probably...” I said, disappointed.

“Goodnight,” he said.


There was a pause as neither of us hung up the phone. We listened to each others breath for a minute before Harry hung up. I pulled the phone from my ear. “Goodnight,” I whispered to the empty bathroom, grinning.

I tiptoed out of the bathroom and quietly got in bed. I fell asleep with a smile on my face.

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