Operation Haylor

*Written by me and my friend Josh*
When two starstruck teens meet their favorite stars, they won't let anything get in the way of winning those stars over. Not even the fact that their favorite stars are in a relationship. With each other.


3. Written by me

"Thank you so much for coming out everyone," Louis said into the microphone when they had finished rehearsing.

"We'll see you later for the concert. And will the...J-14 winner," Louis said slowly, turning around, "make their way to the stage so you can come with us?" He seemed uncertain as to whether or not he had said the right magazine name but a security guard had given him a nod of affirmation.

"That's us," I said, turning to my mom. I couldn't contain my rising excitement.

Envious girls stared after us as they were ushered through the doors. I felt Harry’s eyes on me as we made our way to the stage. In hopes of driving him a little nuts and-fine, if I'm honest, because I was also a little nervous-I didn't return his gaze.

"Passes, please," a security guard barked at us.

We flashed our backstage passes and the two guards immediately turned around and started walking away.

"Guess we should follow them?" I asked my mom.

"I guess," she said warily.

The guards led us backstage past lots of people getting ready, carrying all kinds of musical equipment. Everyone was yelling and moving quickly. It was quite dangerous and chaotic, but we finally made it to the boys’ dressing room.

One of the guards knocked on the door.

"Yeah, come in," Niall said, opening the door. "Hey, you our J-14 winner?" he asked me as we made our way from behind the security guards.

"Yeah, hi, I'm Juliana. And this," I gestured to my mom, "is my mom Natoli."

"Hey!" Niall said and grabbed us both in a hug. "Hey we got us a couple of girls here," he called to the others.

The boys had been talking on two tan couches. The room was pretty big. It had calm yellow walls. There had been food set out for the boys on a couple of tables and their changes of clothes were out of the way on racks.

When the boys saw us they jumped up and walked toward us.

They stood in a slightly intimidating line, apart from Niall, who stood in front of us.

"This is Juliana," he said, pointing to me, "and Natoli, her mom." He gestured at my mother.

"Hello love, how you doing?" Louis was the first in line and the first to give me a hug and kiss on the cheek before moving on to my mom. I blushed tomato red and ducked my head, hoping they wouldn't notice.

Zayn was next and he gave me a quick hug and a "How you doing?"

Liam stepped forward, gave the best hug and asked "You alright?" I nodded and he moved on to my mom. Luckily I was subscribed to a couple magazines so I knew that “You alright?” is kind of a British greeting.

Harry stared into my eyes for a moment. Then he gave me a once over, got closer, and said "I like your dress." He smirked at me and then looked down at my feet. "And your shoes."

"Thank you," I breathed. I tried to recover myself by plastering on a huge smile. He hugged me. O. My. Gosh. He smelled wonderful, like cologne. And those butterflies. They were going crazy. The beating of their wings wasn't so gentle. And neither was my heart beat. He had to have felt that.

He held on for a long time. I held him as tightly as I could while inconspicuously sniffing his chest. I changed my mind. Harry definitely gave the best hug. I was in heaven. He pulled away from me, smiled, and turned to my mom.

"Hi," he said and pulled her to him.

Then he grabbed my hand and pulled me to the couch. "Come on," he called over his shoulder to my mom.

The other boys had returned to the couch already: Louis and Zayn on the couch facing us and Liam and Niall on the couch in front of me and Harry.

"You can sit there," he said to my mom, gesturing to the seat next to Zayn. Zayn moved down to make room for her. "And you can sit with me," he said. He tapped Niall's leg and pulled me down onto his lap. Niall took the hint and scooted over. Harry slipped me off his lap and into the space next to him. I was still practically sitting on his lap. I had no idea how I was keeping it together. I was amazed that I hadn't passed out already. My mind couldn't really comprehend that I was sitting in a room with these gorgeous boys that I loved so much. Harry Styles sat me on his lap!

"You guys hungry? You can help yourselves," Niall said.

My mom looked to me. "No thanks, we're good," I told him.

"Where you guys from?" Niall asked.

"Um, Reading," my mom said, "it's about an hour away from here."

"Ah okay," he said.

"You guys were great rehearsing," I told them.

"What you saw of it anyway," Harry said. He grinned at me and picked up my hand from my lap. I had painted my fingernails white, in red wrote "1D spin the" and a put a picture of Harry on my pinky.

"Did you do this?" Harry asked. He sounded a little surprised. Did he feel the electricity passing through our hands?

"Yeah." I really hoped my hands weren't sweaty.

"Boys, come see this," Harry said.

Niall and Liam moved in closer and Zayn and Louis got up and walked to the couch.

"The other side," Harry waved them back.

They circled the couch and leaned in to look at my nails.

"Spin the Harry!" Louis yelled.

"That's really awesome," Zayn said with a smile.


For those of you who don't know what Spin the Harry is, it's a game the boys made up. They recorded themselves playing it a few times and put the videos on YouTube. In the first episode, Harry rolled back and forth on a couch with cards on top of it. The cards had questions from their fans on them. Whichever one he landed on he read to Louis, the “game show host.” In the second and third episodes, the other boys spun him in a circle and he pointed the to cards with questions on them. After the card was read, two members answered the questions and Louis picked his favorite answers. The winners were really the fans who not only got to learn about their favorite boys, but got to watch a silly video of them, too. The loser got a banana in his face.

The boys returned to their seats and Harry continued playing with my fingers. “Does this mean I'm your favorite?” he whispered in my ear. Heat instantly spread across my cheeks and I shivered with chills from his nearness and his breath in my ear. He threw his arm around my shoulder and squeezed my arm. Then he gently pressed his nose against my cheek before he quickly turned away and dove back into everyone's conversation. I had no idea what they were talking.

I was eventually able to control my thoughts and start paying attention to what they were talking about. The boys talked a lot and made sure to include me and my mom in their conversation. Sometimes it was hard to keep up with them, but they were hilarious and kept us laughing most of the time. Harry kept playing with my fingers. The only one who took note of it was Louis, who raised his eyebrows at Harry when he thought I wasn't looking.

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