Operation Haylor

*Written by me and my friend Josh*
When two starstruck teens meet their favorite stars, they won't let anything get in the way of winning those stars over. Not even the fact that their favorite stars are in a relationship. With each other.


10. Written by Josh

Much as I enjoy sleeping in, I got up early the next morning. I was distraught, and as I absentmindedly dressed and brushed my teeth, the same horrible thought continued to plague me.

What about Harry?

Harry Styles, the imaginary husband of every girl in America...and also Taylor’s official boyfriend. Where did things stand between them? Did he know Taylor was going out on dates with another guy? I admired One Direction, and I certainly didn’t want to make enemies out of the five boys.

Besides, they outnumbered me.

Maybe I was just imagining things. Maybe there was nothing serious between myself and Taylor. Nothing serious? I spit out my toothpaste. Who was I kidding? Speaking only from my perspective, there was electricity between me and Taylor that couldn’t be explained.

Now I just had one question.

Did that same electricity exist between Taylor and Harry?


I recognized Taylor’s car in the studio parking lot. She was on time. I took a deep breath. This isn’t a date, I told myself. It’s just a recording session between two music artists. Nothing to make a certain British boy jealous. I got out of my car. Or violent.

Taylor was alone in the recording room. She smiled at me as I walked in. “Hey.” Her voice was subdued, much different from her cheery tone of yesterday.

“Hey ya,” I responded. “Where’s Jim?”

“He had to meet with someone’s agent, but he said we could hang out here for the day. I know how to run this stuff.”

I couldn’t resist a surge of adrenaline. Music was in my heart and soul, and something about this recording studio made my blood churn with excitement. “Awesome!”

She nodded and echoed me quietly. “Awesome.”

I cocked my head at her. “You don’t seem excited.”

She stood up. “No, I am! I’m really excited.” She smiled, a genuine smile. “Ready to get started?”

“But...we didn’t write anything yet.”

Taylor was already turning switches on the mixer board, and I watched in surprise as she positioned two microphones facing each other. “We’ll just write as we go!” She smiled and thrust a guitar at me. “I’ll play lead and you play accompaniment. Okay?”

I nodded. “Okay...if you say so.”

The words were barely out of my mouth when she started playing. I can’t believe it! I’m recording music with Taylor Swift! I recognized the key right away. The chords were easy enough, but I still had no idea what to sing.

I didn’t have to worry; Taylor was already singing into her mic. My last thought before being swept away by the music was: Man, I wish I was that microphone!

Taylor was singing softly, not in her usual tone. She was almost whispering, in the same quiet voice she had used in Starbucks the day before.

As she sang, it was like the words were being etched into my very soul. “Chances. I’ve had chances. But they leave me empty, I’m always dancing with pain.”

The music was already swimming through my veins. There was a fire burning in my brain. I didn’t know what chords I was playing or what words would come out of my mouth, but I found myself echoing her last phrase: “Dancing with pain. Oh, dancing with pain.”

Taylor’s eyes were closed and her voice surged with a sudden intensity. “You may never know me well enough to see. That all these things you say...you’re killing me.”

I took over, my voice filled with an unnatural energy. “Yes, I know you well enough to see. That all these things I say are what you need to hear.”

My eyes were now closed as well. I’ll never know if we sang the next section together, or if it was just in my head. But the words that filled the room brought a flood of tears to my eyes. “Cause our hearts are speaking as one. Our lives are coming undone. There are no lies in this place, no fear in your face, it’s true!”

My eyes opened, and I saw Taylor staring back at me. There were tears running down her face as well. The last line echoed through space for what seemed like an eternity.

“Darling, all I need...is you.”

We had stopped playing our guitars, but the music was still reverberating in my ears. As one, we stepped away from the microphones. Taylor’s mouth was moving, and her soft whisper was ringing in my ears like a church bell. She was singing my song again.

“It takes true love...to truly win my heart.”

We were now only inches apart. My heart was pounding like crazy. I couldn’t control myself, let alone think. I heard myself whisper a reply.

“Darling, all I need...is you.”

Before I knew what was happening, we were kissing.

The thought racing through my head at that moment was not what I expected it to be.

What about Harry?

I pulled away for a split second. We stared into each others eyes. I could hold back no longer. “Taylor...what about...”

She shook her head. “Don’t think about Harry. I took care of it.” She smiled wide. “We are never, ever, ever getting back together.”

That was all the reassurance I needed. She cupped my face in her hands and pulled me close.

Soon we were kissing again.

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