The Writing Games

We will find all of the good writers on Movellas! The prizes are:
-Being crowned Movellas Queen
-Being crowned Movellas King
-Being crowned Movellas Princess
-Being crowned Movellas Prince
Good luck and happy Writing Games!
(Rules in 2nd chapter!)


2. Write! Write! Write! (Rules)

"What Are You Waiting For?

C'mon, Write! Write! Write!

Oh, What's That?

Oh My.

I Forgot the Rules AGAIN?

Okay, Well Here They Are!

1) No Fighting With Other competitors!

2) Be Friendly! (Or Don't Say Anything at ALL!)

3) No Bad Words in Your Movella!

4) No You-Know-What Scenes, Either!

5) Tag Your Movella to - the_writing_games! (Also Put 'The Writing Games' in Your Title!


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