Prisoner Of War

Everything that could go wrong is Bliss' life seems to go wrong. When he best friend invites her to Afghanistan, Bliss couldn't say yes fast enough. She needed to get away and wheres better then half way around the world. Will this be the best trip of her life or the worse?


1. Chapter 1

When my best friend first offered me the trip to Afghanistan, I couldn't say yes fast enough. I couldn't wait to get out of my mom's house. To be on my own even if it was only for a little while. Boarding the plane and leaving the United States seemed like the only hard part in my mind. I knew my mom wouldn't want me to go after what happened back on September 11, 2001. So, I didn't tell her. I left a note on my bedside table the morning I left. She was at work at the time and when she got home, I'd be somewhere over the Atlantic Ocean.

Before I go any further maybe I should introduce myself. My name is Bliss Ann Meadows. At the time this all went down, I was an eighteen year old girl with a mind for adventure. I had long red hair that goes to about the middle on my back. Most of the time I have my hair in a loose braid that falls down my back like a river. Standing at the height of 5'4 and a half. My frame is small but I am stronger then what I look, thanks to my brothers.

My life hasn't always been the greatest. My father walked out on us when I was five years old. I always used to blame him walking out on me and in fact, I still do. In all of the home videos they had made before I came my mom, dad, and brothers seemed so happy. Like the perfect modern family. It all changed when I came into the picture. They kept making home videos for the first year of my life then they just... stopped. It didn't really matter, it's not like I was in many of those videos. After my dad left, my life just kept getting harder and harder and my mom kept getting more and more angered. In a way I think she blamed me for dad walking out as well.

In first grade my teachers found out I was dyslexic. My M's always changed to W's and so on. The only reason I made it through school was because of all of my teachers. They tried so hard to get me where I needed to be and everyday I thankful for them.

Anyways, I think that's enough about me. Back to the story.


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