Best Friends or more than that?

Zoey and Niall have been Best Friends since they were 2 years old. They always went to the beach and played together. It's been a while since they saw each other because of Niall on tours with the boys but now they are both 19 and are still friends. Will one of them actually have feelings that they were holding for so long?


4. What was he gonna say?

Allyson's Pov-

I wake up and look at the clock,12:00pm ugh. I get up to eat something. I check my phone to see that I got a text from Niall. He wants to go out for lunch and then have ice cream. I say yes and quickly get ready for lunch. He picks me up around 12:45 and we go to his favorite place. Nandos of course.we take our orders the wait for our food.

"Soo.." I say not knowing what else to do.

" did you sleep last night?" He asked not knowing what to do either

"very well. You?" I said. Well this is awkward. I should really ask him what he was going to tell me last night..

"Awesome." He says

"so Niall what were you gonna tell me last night?" I say. He looks nervous. 

"Umm.." He says. Why can't he just tell me! Ugh

"We'll I was gonna say tha--OH GREAT THE FOOD IS HERE!!!!" He says realived. Thanks a lot food. 

Nialls Pov-

Good thing the food came before I told her. I don't really wanna tell her today..maybe tomorrow or something. I don't know! I'm just glad the food saved me from telling her....

we go back to my house and watch a movie. She falls asleep so I carry her to my bed. I kiss her cheek and tell her goodnight.

"I love you Allyson and i always will." i tell her while she sleeps peacfully. I really want her to be mine..I will tell her tomorrow for sure! I was thinking a lot till my eyes started to close and I finally forgot about all of that and fell into a deep sleep...

Allyson's Pov-

i was still awake when Niall brought me upstairs in his bed.

"I love you Allyson and I always will." He said. OMG does he actually like me now?!  I was gonna say:

I love you to Niall. But I just couldn't, something was telling me to keep my trap shut. So I eventually fall asleep and dream about me and Niall....


*Authors Note*

Sorry for the sucky chapter I will post more tomorrow hopefully. Thanks for reading!!

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