Best Friends or more than that?

Zoey and Niall have been Best Friends since they were 2 years old. They always went to the beach and played together. It's been a while since they saw each other because of Niall on tours with the boys but now they are both 19 and are still friends. Will one of them actually have feelings that they were holding for so long?


3. Does Niall like me??

Allyson's Pov-

What are we doing away from the boys? I thought as we moved a couple of feet away from them.

"So Allyson.." Niall started. My heart began to race. Does he like me? Like actually love me!? OMG!!

" I have been wanting to tell you this since 8th grade.." He said. OMG just get on with it already!!!!!!! 

"That I really--" " what are you guys doing away from the group?" Louis said 

"I was about to tell Allyson something.." He said face turning red

"But it can wait" he said walking back to the boys. OMG I wonder if he was gonna ask me out? Or tell me he loves me? Or after that KISSES me?!? I wonder..

Nialls Pov-

I can't believe Louis walked in on us like that!! I was gonna tell her right there and then.. I guess I have to wait again. We left after that and Allyson sang again to our songs. She has a beautiful voice. Man I gotta tell her how I really feel,and I gotta tell her soon.

Allysons Pov-

The dropped me off and gave me a goodbye hug. Niall hugged me last and it lasted awhile. I really wanna know what he was going to tell me!! I hope he tells me soon before he leaves in a week. I took a long hot shower thinking about that. When I was done I got in bed and fell asleep.

Louis' Pov-

"Niall what were you gonna tell Allyson?" I said. I knew the answer but I just wanted to make sure.

"I.."Niall tried

"Just tell me" I said 

"I was gonna tell her how I really feel about her... I love her" Niall said

" oh sorry about that" I said

"it's fine" he said walking away. I should ask Allyson if she feels that way about him. She probably does. But if she doesn't and Niall tells her how he feels then that would break there friendship.

Nialls Pov-

Does Allyson feel the same way about me? What if she doesn't and I tell her how I feel? When will I tell her how I feel? This is all confusing.

"Night guys" I said to the boys

"night" they all said back

i guess I will tell her before I leave...then I fell into a deep sleep.

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