Best Friends or more than that?

Zoey and Niall have been Best Friends since they were 2 years old. They always went to the beach and played together. It's been a while since they saw each other because of Niall on tours with the boys but now they are both 19 and are still friends. Will one of them actually have feelings that they were holding for so long?


2. Beach time!

How I really feel.

Nialls Pov-

 Me and Allyson kept talking about are past and how we had so much fun. 

"So Allyson I was thinking we could go to the beach with the boys tomorrow.." I said nervously

"Sure I would love to come and see the boys again!!" She said happily

"Great!! I will pick you up at 2:00 tomorrow!" I said

"Yay! Bye!" She said giving me a huge hug. I always loved her hugs. They are so warm and comforting.

Allysons Pov-

YAY I get to see Niall tomorrow!!! Plus the boys! Zayn,Liam,Harry,and Louis! I can't wait. I'll wear my pink bikini and let my hair down. OMG!!!!!.. I was getting tired so I snuck upstairs so I wouldn't get hurt again. I locked my door and took a long hot shower and was ready to go to bed. I got in bed just staring at my ceiling thinking of what it would be like if Niall and I got married. I eventually fell into a deep sleep.

i woke up and looked at my clock. "1:30!!!!!!" I said as I ran downstairs to grad my bikini I rushed back up and got dressed. Curled my hair a little so it wouldn't look all messy like I just woke up. ( Which I did) when I was down I heard a knock o the door. I opened it to see Niall there with the boys. I gave all the boys a hug and we went in the car. The beach was about a half hour away so I put ear plugs in and put some 1D music in. 

"ALLYSON!!!" I heard Harry say

"What?!" I said confused

"You were singing very loud" he said laughing

"Oops sorry didn't realize I was singing at all" i said embarrassed 

"it's fine, you were really good" Harry said

"thanks" I said face turning red

" if you weren't good I would have stopped you by singing 5 songs already." He said which made everyone laugh. Harry always put a smile on my face when I was down.

after the ride we picked a spot that was perfect. We got the stuff we brought there and put it out. All the boys except me ran into the water to see who would win. Niall did of course. Which put a smile on my face when he got pushed by zayn and Liam because they wanted to win. Liam is a very nice and caring person. If he breaks up with a girl he adamatically goes back out with them because he feels bad. Zayn is always trying to find the best in people which is why he is always so happy.

Nialls Pov-

I turned around to see Allyson there laughing because of what Liam and zayn did. I always love to see her smile, it makes me smile. I walked towards her and picked her up and started to go back to the water.


"If you can't swim then I guess I have to give you a piggy back ride the whole time" I said she finally gave in and held me tight. We stayed at the beach for a while. It's 5:00 now so we stayed I the sand.

the boys were acting crazy so I grabbed Allyson and brought her a couple feet away from them. This is it. I have to tell her how I feel. Here goes nothing.

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