Can this be happening?!

Holly is waiting to get a letter in the mail. The letter is going to say whether she is accepted for womens league soccer or not. She doesn't know if she wants to go because if she does go then she will lose her boyfriend, Cameron. Who she's been dating for quite awhile now. She finally chooses soccer, on the plane she runs into Louis Tomlinson! Will they fall in love?


2. The talk

Once I yelled for Cameron he started walking in to the kitchen. " What babe?" He said faintly from just waking up. "I GOT ACCEPTED TO THE UNIVERSITY OF YOUNG ATHLETES!" I yelled. "Yea umm, about that.... can we talk?"  Cameron said. "Sure, what's wrong? I said wondering in my mind about what he was going to say next. "I don't think this is going to work out because we'll need to move to London and I just would like to stay here by my family and friends. So it's either me or College.." He said. I was so shocked and filled with different emotions. Then I realized he was being really self considerate. I should have just kicked him in the balls right then. I mean does he not realize all the shit I've done for him in the past like moving away from MY PARENTS to be with him. Also I had to quit my hair styling job to freaking stay with him. He's such a douche !!! "Okay well peace out douche!" I said to him stomping up to my room getting ready to pack up my shit and get the hell out of this house.

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