Can this be happening?!

Holly is waiting to get a letter in the mail. The letter is going to say whether she is accepted for womens league soccer or not. She doesn't know if she wants to go because if she does go then she will lose her boyfriend, Cameron. Who she's been dating for quite awhile now. She finally chooses soccer, on the plane she runs into Louis Tomlinson! Will they fall in love?


5. The shocking call

After I entered the plane I couldn't believe my eyes! Louis was on the same plane, and the only seat left was right next to him. So I went ahead and sat next to him awkwardly. ''Hey Holly!" He said with a cheesy smile on his face " Haha, hey!" I said. "What are you going to London for? Not trying to get in your business or anything." Louis said waiting for an answer. "I just got accepted to the University of Young Athletes! I'm going there for soccer or football for your terms" I said with a little giggle on the last part. "No way! Me too.'' He said with his mouth hanging open in awe. "Shit!!!" I mumbled under my breath. Cameron has been calling me and texting me like crazy. I don't know what to do. The next time he called I answered. ''Hello?'' I said nervously wondering what was happening. ''HOLLY, where the hell are you??!! Helloooo?! You're being such a bitch right now, why the fuck did you leave me like that...... If you don't answer me I will find you.'' I was so shocked, I hung up being speechless and then started crying really hard. ''My love what's wrong?'' Louis said with a worried voice. My eyeliner was smearing I probably look like shit but I could care less. ''It's my ex. He's threatening me I'm just really scared because I know what he's capable of.'' I said while whimpering trying to fight back my tears.

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