Can this be happening?!

Holly is waiting to get a letter in the mail. The letter is going to say whether she is accepted for womens league soccer or not. She doesn't know if she wants to go because if she does go then she will lose her boyfriend, Cameron. Who she's been dating for quite awhile now. She finally chooses soccer, on the plane she runs into Louis Tomlinson! Will they fall in love?


6. Landing time!!

I was still in tears and my make- up was ruined. ''awh, dammit'' I said. ''What's wrong?'' Louis said while looking down at me while I was in his arms. ''My make-up is getting all shitted up I wouldn't be so worried but we are going some where I need to impress people and of course I look like fucking shit!'' I said started to cry a little more. ''Just go ahead and go in to the bath room to clean up but either way you still look beautiful.'' He said with a little smirk. ''Thanks babe, I'll go ahead and clean up. I will be back shortly.'' I said while slowly getting up out of his loving arms. After I cleaned up I only looked a little better. I started walking out to Louis. ''BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!'' He said holding out his arms. About 15 minutes later we landed in London. Louis and I walked out together hand in hand. I was wondering if we were dating or what. ''Ummm, so is it official??? You know usss!!!!!!!'' I said while the words slowly slid out of my mouth.

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