Can this be happening?!

Holly is waiting to get a letter in the mail. The letter is going to say whether she is accepted for womens league soccer or not. She doesn't know if she wants to go because if she does go then she will lose her boyfriend, Cameron. Who she's been dating for quite awhile now. She finally chooses soccer, on the plane she runs into Louis Tomlinson! Will they fall in love?


4. Is this a dream? <3

Once I got to the airport I was running a little behind because I stopped to get me some coffee. So now it was 9:48, I was running cause I didn't want to miss the flight to a very important event!! When I was running some boy just popped out of the blue and we ran into each other. I stumbled to the floor dropping all my things. "I'm so sorry!" The boy said helping me pick up my things. Once I got up and I met eye contact with the boy there was a connection automatically, "Oops, I'm sorry I didn't even introduce myself I'm Holly." I said thinking this boy looked quite like Louis Tomlison. "Hello, I'm Louis." He said in a very sexy british voice. "The Louis Tomlinson??!!" I shouted. "Shhh, haha yes." He said in a whisper voice. "I'm so sorry but I have to go catch my flight. See you soon I hope!!" ''Okay , It was nice meeting you Holly. I'll see you around!" I hurried and continued to run to my flight, they were getting ready to close the doors. I got there just in time. "You're very lucky, you arrived just in time." The flight attendant said rudely. I ignored her rude remark and walked on to the plane.

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