But, He's the enemy. (Young Movellist Of The Year)

"But, he's the enemy. I wont do it. I wont. He wanted to kill my pack. I would never betray Scarlett Wolf pack."

There isn’t only humans in this world. There are also werewolves. They aren’t how you imagine them to be. They don’t shift during the full moon. They shift whenever they want.

Kaylee Young, the daughter of Alpha Julius Young from Scarlett Wolf Pack. Her pack has an enemy. Wolfgang Pack. She has been trained all her life to be an Alpha Female. Not the Luna.

Andrew Davis, the son of Alpha Demarcus Davis from Wolfgang Pack. The enemy pack to Scarlett Wolf. Andrew has been trained to be the next Alpha of the pack.

For wolves, mates or like your soul mates. The ones destined to love you and protect you. And you may also think that when you have a mate. You will run to him. Marry him. But when Kaylee and Andrew realize that they were mates. Andrew went up to Kaylee and rejected her.

Rejection is a painful thing.

What will become of these two werewolves?


2. Story Now On Wattpad

Sorry guys! I am no longer on Movellas :P Sorry! The story is now on Wattpad(: The link will be in the comments and the number for reading on mobile is 15153210. I know the updating is slowwwwwwwwww but please forgive me. I have random writer's block and I am quite busy. Dance classes, singing practice and studies really keeps me occupied. Sorry and thank you for being so loyal! Dont forget to Vote, Comment and Like(; Sophie_Valerie<3
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