But, He's the enemy. (Young Movellist Of The Year)

"But, he's the enemy. I wont do it. I wont. He wanted to kill my pack. I would never betray Scarlett Wolf pack."

There isn’t only humans in this world. There are also werewolves. They aren’t how you imagine them to be. They don’t shift during the full moon. They shift whenever they want.

Kaylee Young, the daughter of Alpha Julius Young from Scarlett Wolf Pack. Her pack has an enemy. Wolfgang Pack. She has been trained all her life to be an Alpha Female. Not the Luna.

Andrew Davis, the son of Alpha Demarcus Davis from Wolfgang Pack. The enemy pack to Scarlett Wolf. Andrew has been trained to be the next Alpha of the pack.

For wolves, mates or like your soul mates. The ones destined to love you and protect you. And you may also think that when you have a mate. You will run to him. Marry him. But when Kaylee and Andrew realize that they were mates. Andrew went up to Kaylee and rejected her.

Rejection is a painful thing.

What will become of these two werewolves?


1. Chapter 1

 © 2013 by Sophie_Valerie. All Rights Reserved
Chapter 1


         THE SOUND OF THE STUDY ROOM door slamming jerked me out of my slumber. I looked around. Sun was streaming in through the curtains and the birds were chirping. I sat up in bed , ruffled my hair and looked over to my clock on my bed side table.

Six-thirty AM.

        I stood up and stretched and yawned loudly. Just as I wanted to walk into the bathroom. My room door busted open and my little sister, Kamzyn came running in and jumped on my bed hitting her face on my pillow.

“Morning to you too Kamzyn. What’s with the slamming doors?”

“Morning Kay. Dad just got news that the Wolfgang pack is planning on attacking us again. So, he is planning with Uncle Brayden. Dad’s tired. He didn’t get enough sleep.” She said looking up from my pillow then face-planting her face on my pillow after she finished talking. I shook my head.

“Does my pillow really smell that nice?” I say walking into the bathroom.

“Sure it does. It smells like Strawberries and Vanilla Ice-cream.” She said muffled by my pillow.

I looked at Kamzyn in disbelieve. She has never told me how I smell to her but seriously?

Strawberries and Vanilla Ice-cream?


“Strawberries and Vanilla Ice-cream huh Kam? Hungry much ey.” I said combing my long black hair. She sat up from my bed, nodded and ran her fingers through her blonde hair. Although we were sisters. We were different. She has blonde hair with hazel brown eyes. I have black hair with grey eyes.

“Get ready Kay. Breakfast in um.. 10?” She said scratching her head. I just flipped her off and she scuttled out of my room but not before she gave me a swift kiss on the cheek. I smiled and tied my hair into a messy bun. I turned on the shower and took a bath. After bathing, I wrapped a towel around myself and walked out to get my clothes.

        I put on my black sweatshirt with a wolf design on the side of the hood and my ripped blue skinny jeans. I applied some lip gloss and mascara then I took out my black converse and put them on. I packed my bag and slung it over my shoulder.
         I separated my hair down the middle line and let them fall half on each shoulders. I pulled up my hood, took my phone and went downstairs. I walked past Julian’s room which had it’s door half ajar and looked in. My twin brother, Julian was sprawled across his queen-sized mattress and he was snoring.


And I mean loudly. 

I walked over to him and smacked him on the head. He stirred and sat up. He was only wearing his shorts so he was bare-chested. I ruffled his long hair.

“Morning Julian. Get up. School starts at nine and you need to ‘get ready’.” I said mentally  putting air-quotes. After I finished talking, Julian just slammed his face back into his pillows. I shook my head. I smacked his head again.

“Get up you git! Unless you want Kamzyn to come in here and I know you hate it when Kam wakes you up.” I said stifling laughter. Although it was like 2 years ago, I still remember it clearly.

“Kamzyn. Go wake Julian.” My mother said while I was walking into the kitchen. I put my bag down on the counter and gave my mother a kiss on the cheek and Kamzyn a kiss on her head.

“Kaylee. Let’s wake Julian together!” Kamzyn said jumping up and down. I nodded and followed her upstairs.

“You wake. I watch. And Laugh?” I said holding Kamzyn’s hand. Kamzyn nodded. Once we reached Julian’s room door. Kamzyn ran into his room and started jumping on his bed shouting at the top of her voice.

“Get up Ju! Get up Julian! Julian needs to wake up! Mother wants Julian to wake up!” She said and she accidentally stepped on Julian’s stomach. I grimaced.


Julian’s eyes sprang open and he pushed Kamzyn off him.”Get off Kam. And don’t step on my muscles.”

I laughed.

“Ju. You call that muscle? More like a flab of fats squeezed through the grill door to be made as muscles.” I said laughing.

“Shut it Kay. And I am up already Kam!” He said pushing Kamzyn who was slapping his face off the bed. Kamzyn fell down to the floor in a bundle of blankets. I shook my head and went to help Kamzyn.

“Stupid dude. Don’t push Kamzyn off the bed you ass.” I said helping Kamzyn out of the bundle of blankets. After helping Kamzyn, I slapped him on the head.

“That’s for pushing Kam off the bed.” I said and walked out of his room with Kamzyn leaning her head on my waist.  After that, Julian had a bruise on his stomach. Thanks to Kamzyn that is.

Julian sat up quickly and ran to the bathroom shouting on his way in. “I AM UP!! LALALA! JULIAN IS UP! NO KAMZYN STEPPING ON MY STOMACH! I AM UP ALREADY!”

       Julian always does that when I threaten him that I will ask Kamzyn to wake him up. I walked out of his room laughing like a crazy human being. I went into the kitchen and gave my parents both a peck on the cheek and Kamzyn a peck on the forehead and sat at the table.

“Morning Daddy. Morning Mother.” I said smiling at them.

“Morning Kaylee.” They said together. I smiled.

“Julian is coming down soon.” I said eating my toasted waffles with peanut butter. My father just nodded and my mother smiled at me.

“Why is the Wolfgang Pack wanting to attack us again daddy?” I asked still eating my toasted waffles.

“I have no idea Kaylee. Just don’t think about it too much the both of you. –he said pointing to me and Kamzyn- Dad’s got it under-control.” He said tiredly. Just then, Julian came running down the stairs and grabbed his toasted waffles off the table and gave mother a kiss on the cheek and hugged my dad.

“Got to go! C’mon Kam. Let’s go. School! Bye dad! Bye mom! Take care!” He shouted running out the door. I glared at  his retreating body.

“C’mon Kam. –I said in a girly tone- What about me? I don’t exist?” I said annoyed standing up from the kitchen table and grabbed my bag. My mother came over and rubbed my back, shaking her head.

“Tolerate him Kaylee. He’s still your older brother.”

“Mom.. 3 minutes earlier doesn’t make a difference.” I said lifting up 3 fingers. Just then Julian honked his car horn. I shook my head.

“I guess that means ‘C’mon Kaylee.’” I said giving my parents each a kiss on the cheek and ran out the door.  

I sat in next to Julian in the passenger seat and Kamzyn was sitting behind. I glared at Julian while he was pulling out of the driveway.

“We were going to leave without you.” Julian said shaking his head.

“Then you noticed me in the last minute right?”

“Something like that.”

“You deserve to be slapped around and the other way around. Just keep slapping until you go the other way around. Gah!” I said restraining my hands from going to his face by clasping my hands together.
“Calm down Kay Kay.” Kamzyn said from behind and put a hand on my shoulder.

“Yeah! Calm down Kay.” Julian said nodding in agreement to what Kamzyn said.

“How am I suppose to calm down? ‘C’mon Kam.’ – I said that in a very girly tone- then walk out the door. Don’t I exist Julian?” I huffed

“Jealous Much? And I do not sound like that.” Julian said glancing at me then back to the road.

“Yes. I am jealous. Can’t I be? And you do sound like that Ju.” I said sniggering.

“Fine. Next time I’ll say ‘C’mon Kay Kay.’ And I really do not sound like that. Ew.” Julian said smirking.

“Wipe that smirk off your face Alpha son. And Kamzyn. He sounds like that right?” I said turning in my seat to look at Kamzyn. Kamzyn nodded vigorously. I laughed.

“I’ll get you both later when we reach school. And here we are.” Julian said parking his car. I put my bag over my shoulder and took everything I needed.

“Run Kam. In 3,2,1.” Kamzyn and I flung the car door open and slammed it closed. Then we looked at each other then started jogging towards the school. We both jogged to our lockers which we side by side and opened them. Taking everything we want. After we packed our bags, we looked around. I looked at the entrance and saw Julian walking through them, he looked around. And he found us.

Yay! I am so happy. Sarcastic much.

He came jogging towards us. Kamzyn looked at me and we both ran through the crowd in the hallway. I was laughing. Kamzyn was giggling.

“OUT OF THE WAY!! PLEASE!! HELP!!!” I shouted and everyone scuttled out of the way. I took hold of Kamzyn’s hand and we both ran towards her classroom. Once we reached her class. The bell rang. I gave her a peck on the forehead and ran to my first class. Well.


And I suck at it.

        I was like 2 minutes late to Maths? The teacher wasn’t there. So I was safe! I looked around the room and saw my friends. Ashley and Jazmyn sitting in the fifth row. Where we usually sit. They didn’t leave a seat for me. So I went and sat behind them.

“Hey girls. I’ve not missed you guys during the holidays because we saw each other the whole time.” I said in a matter-a-fact tone.

“Same here.” They said shrugging. We smiled. We were weird. The teacher came in when I took out my phone. I quickly put it back into my pocket so he didn’t see it. The old toad is teaching us Maths. Great! I am going to fail.



“Settle down children.” Mr. Micheals said in a croaky voice. I noticed the seat beside me was empty. Yay. I can get the whole seat for myself. Mr. Croaky Micheals asked us to write down the notes. I took out my notepad and started writing. After 20 horrible minutes, the class was over. The bell rang and I walked out of class with Ashley and Jazmyn next to me.

“Okay. If you guys see Julian anywhere. Tell me. Cause I am going to be slaughtered. Or tickled.” I said walking to my locker. Ashley and Jazmyn were talking about some guy that they’ve seen today. Girl talk. Shaking my head.

Once I reached it, I turned the combination and put in my books. Then I felt someone behind me.

“How about tickling, Sister?” It was Julian’s voice.

I am 100 gazillion percent sure it is him.

I hate tickling.

And he knows my ticklish spots.

Uh oh.



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