Just Hold Me (Niall Horan FanFic) [NOT COMPLETED]

It’s been a year since my best friend committed suicide and I found it difficult to make friends or step outside and think about life without her. We had great memories in the rain. We would dance about and splash each other till out hearts content. We would go to concerts like One Direction or Ed Sheeran and dance about like idiots. When she died, those memories started to slip away from my mind. I don’t go a day without her and I never forget how we called each other wives. I really miss her and it’s like my life was torn apart. I never had a boyfriend so I couldn’t tell anyone about how I feel and my mum is always drunk so she only cares about money and wasting it on drink. My dad died when I was 6 so it’s been a while since I last felt love.

Anyway, I’m Taylor and 16 years old. I live in London with my mum in a flat. This is how my life completely changed when I met Niall Horan from One Direction.


4. Now He Knows

I woke up to the buzzing from my phone which made my head shot up in fright. I moved my arm slowly to my phone and grabbed it, facing it up so I could see the screen. It was a text message from Niall.

From Niall: 
Morning Princess! Hope you had a good week. I’m hoping to make this weekend the best of it so I say me and you go for lunch and see a movie. If you can’t, it’s fine.

Love you, Nialler x

I smiled slightly and sat up to stretch then texted back saying I’d loved to and that. I went to the bathroom to shower then washed my face and brushed my teeth. I went back to my room then to my wardrobe. I picked out a white laced dress with a thin, brown belt and brown female brogues. I got changed then applied a neutral tone of make-up. I grabbed my handbag; phone and a small bag ok make up then went downstairs to my mum. “I’m, uh, going out.” I said quietly, opening the door. “Here, have this.” She handed me money which was surprising as she always spent money on alcohol. “Thanks mum!” I smiled and kissed her cheek then walked out, closing the door behind me. There I saw a black range rover and Niall looking out the window. “You look beautiful!” He grinned and got out then held his hand out. I took his hand then walked to the passenger door. He opened it and I sat in, putting my seat belt on. He got back in the driver’s seat then we went into town. We both arrived outside a cinema and the fans were wild. He took my hand and looked at me. “Stay close and duck your head if you hate cameras, its fine!” He grinned and got out as I did. I ran to his side and he pulled me in close. I watched the flashes and girls screaming. I saw jealous, happy and supportive looks.

We got inside and went to go watch ‘Perks of Being a Wallflower’ as I mentioned to him I was dying to watch it in the week. We both went into the screen rooms with drinks and popcorn then sat down to wait. “There’s going to be a lot of mentions and trends tonight on twitter. Don’t let it bother you.” He smiled and kissed my lips lightly. I blushed madly and kissed him back. I watched the screen as the film started. Two hours past and his arm were around me with my head resting into him. “It was amazing! Thank you so much for taking me, Niall!” I grinned and sat up straight. “It was good!” He smiled and kissed me. I blushed again and stood up. “Did you ever go to cinemas? You seem new to the whole idea of it.” He chuckled then I looked down. He stopped and lifted up my head lightly. “I’m sorry! Is something wrong?” He looked worried. I shook my head and walked out with him following me. “I use to have a best friend and we would come here every week to see a new film.” I smiled slightly and looked at him. “What happened?” He asked nicely. I exhaled and felt myself tear up. “She committed suicide” I walked off as silence filled the room. He lightly grabbed my arm and turned me. “I’m sorry, Tay.” His voice cracked, seeming like he felt sorry for me. “Its fine, nothing can bring her back.” I wiped my eyes then we went back to the car. It was a silent drive home which made things even more awkward. He dropped me off and kissed my cheek. “I hope you’re ok. I’m sorry for bringing it up.” He kissed me again. I kissed back and smiled “Don’t worry! It’s done now. I enjoyed myself. I love you, Niall!” I giggled softly and got out. He drove off as I went inside. I finished the night watching a film in bed then dropped off to sleep. 

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