Just Hold Me (Niall Horan FanFic) [NOT COMPLETED]

It’s been a year since my best friend committed suicide and I found it difficult to make friends or step outside and think about life without her. We had great memories in the rain. We would dance about and splash each other till out hearts content. We would go to concerts like One Direction or Ed Sheeran and dance about like idiots. When she died, those memories started to slip away from my mind. I don’t go a day without her and I never forget how we called each other wives. I really miss her and it’s like my life was torn apart. I never had a boyfriend so I couldn’t tell anyone about how I feel and my mum is always drunk so she only cares about money and wasting it on drink. My dad died when I was 6 so it’s been a while since I last felt love.

Anyway, I’m Taylor and 16 years old. I live in London with my mum in a flat. This is how my life completely changed when I met Niall Horan from One Direction.


1. A New Start

It was a new start for me as I changed schools because I fallen out with a lot of people in my old school. I got into fights as my friend who committed suicide was bullied by girls at that school so I kept slapping them. It didn’t matter much though, mum doesn’t give a fuck about me and many people thought I was invisible after my friend died. Anyway, I ran through my normal routine of getting ready for school but there was something different this morning. I ran downstairs and saw my mum at the breakfast table with her usual drink. “Oi got something for you!” She shouted when she didn’t need to. “What is it?” I smiled, ignoring the smell of dry beer. “Open the fucking envelope and see, it’s signed to you!” My mum is always in a mood, sober or drunk. I shrugged my shoulders and walked to the table where the envelope was. I opened it and saw two One Direction tickets. My heart stopped for a second. “Mum, did you buy these?” I asked quite pissed off, she knew I stopped going after my friend died. She shook her head and carried on drinking, ignoring me. I stared at the tickets for a while and tried to think who would send them.

I grabbed my bag and walked out the door. Children and their parents were walking in the same direction whilst teenagers were walking in another. The whole street was crowded with screaming, shouting, laughter and the tapping of feet on the cold, hard ground. I plugged my earphones in and listened to Give Me Love by Ed Sheeran. It’s my favourite song and it was always played as a joke with my friend because we never found love so it was our song. I walked down the pavement, ignoring children and teenagers around me. I got to the school gates after a walk and already saw cliques or groups of people. Popular kids, nerds, sport lovers, hipsters and a nice group who I knew straight away would be ideal group but it’s my first day so I stayed away from the groups. After the two hours of English and Maths, it was break and I was dreading this because I didn’t know where to sit or who to talk to. I looked around the tables and some of the teenagers in different groups were moving bags onto empty seats and most of them gave me a dirty look like I was vermin. I decided I had enough and made myself invisible, ignoring the looks and crept into the bathroom where it was smelly and cold but it was better than the smirks and horrible looks I got.

The next few hours past like a daze and it was the end of school. I started to walk home and thought about the tickets to see One Direction. I need to know who sent which found out eventually when I saw my cousin coming up to me. “Hey, there you are!” She grinned, always the cheeky smile she showed. “Hey, been a while, how’s you?” I stopped, looking at her. She had her pink suitcase and her designer bag. Well, so she says but I saw the exact same label in Primark. “Forget me! Did you get my tickets?” She grinned even wider, looking at me. I looked down and started to walk “I don’t want to go…” I said low, hoping she didn’t hear me but she did. “Oh, come on, Tay! It’s been a year and I’m sure she wants you to go.” I stopped and looked at her; she never called me Tay before. “I know but I’m not into them anymore.” She giggled and grabbed my arm. “Bullshit! Come on, I want to so please… with me?” She smiled warmly, looking at me. I nodded and she squealed with excitement. We both walked back to mine and picked out our outfits for the weekend. Not sure why, I mean, it’s not till Saturday and it’s only Monday today. Sara, my cousin by the way, was always like that. Getting things ready a week before at least. Besides that, the next few days went by like Monday and I didn’t really enjoy my new school. I didn’t make one friend but there was one girl who talked to me and asked about myself so I let her know. I wouldn’t call us friends though; we’re just acquaintances I suppose. 

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