Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


66. William, James and Dominic

Brook's Pov

The day came that Zayn was leaving. Louis was a wreck. I thought he was meant to be looking after me? Well okay then. I looked up at Zayn and wrapped my arms tightly around him. 'Be safe. Don't go causing trouble' I told him, kissing him softly. Oliver opened the door, 'You ready Zayn?' he asked, Zayn looked at me I nodded. He kissed me once more and walked away. I turned back around and saw Louis was still vigorously searching.

'When was the last time you slept Louis?' I asked, 'I can't sleep not until I have found him' he told me. I closed his laptop lid. 'We will find him, but you getting your self all worked up isn't going to help him' I told him. He sat back on the couch. 'Go and get a bath, I will make us something to eat. Then your actually going to sleep' I told him, he looked up at me. 'Brook... Thank you' he smiled, I smiled back. 'Go Tomlinson' I smiled.

I walked into the kitchen and made two sandwiches. I started to think of Niall. As you know I use to date him. I just got him back, and it feels like I am losing him again. I smile thinking of the times I spent with Niall.

--------------------------Flash Back------------------------

The summer Niall spent with me was over. The night has come when we have to pack for Niall leaving. He pulled out his suit case, placed it on the bed. I sigh, Niall looked at me and kissed me softly. ‘It will be over before you know it, you will see me next summer’ he told me and kissed me. Niall began to pack, I sighed and looked at him ‘Niall I don't want you to go’ I whispered, he came over and pulled me into his arms, ‘babe I won’t forget you, its only six months’ he told me, I sighed and kissed him. ‘But its six months Niall what if you,… stop loving me?’ You asked him, he turned a pleasant grin. ‘Are you crazy?…. I would never fall out of love with you, now… come on me and you can go and watch a film, the packing can wait’ he smiled pulling me away.

-----------------------End Of Flash Back-------------------

I smiled at the memory. It was true me and Niall didn't fall out of love. Because we still love each other, just as friends though. I smiled and brought to plates of food into the living room. Louis was on the laptop. 'I told you no' I spoke, he looked up. 'I was waiting so... yeah' he spoke taking the plate of food from my hands. I looked down and sighed. 'You think they will be alright?' I asked, he pulled me into his chest and kissed my forehead. 'I don't know Brook. I wish I did, we have to try though' he told me, I nodded.

There was a knock at the door. I looked up and Jake walked in. 'Hey, you ready for tomorrow?' he asked me, I shrugged. 'I don't know' I told him. He sat down next to me, 'We are going to get Harry back don't worry' he told me, I nodded. 'Zayn has left already?' he asked, I nodded. 'Oh well. Here is the plan. Me and you leave tomorrow and we get to Spain at about 4pm and then, we go to the hotel. That night we go to the bar where Harry's kidnapper is, and then you need to get flirty like we discussed he takes you home, I will follow you and then he has took us to where Harry is' he told me, I nodded understandingly.

'Listen, me and Zayn have to take Harry's word that your good here. So you better look after her' Louis told Jake, sounding like a protective older brother. 'I am only going to help, I was insider on there crew for Harry' he explained. 'Well we are trusting you to keep Brook safe, if she gets hurt... its not going to be Zayn you'll have to worry about it will be me' Louis growled. 'Well I am going to keep her safe don't worry. When we have Harry back, will that be proof enough?' Jake asked contradicting Louis.

'We will see won't we' Louis told him, Jake nodded. 'Guys... seriously, this isn't the time to start an argument' I told them. Jake stood up and spoke, 'I should get going, be ready at 8 tomorrow morning, that's when we leave' he told me, I nodded and walked him to the door. 'See you tomorrow' I told him, he nodded and walked away. I closed the door and turned to Louis.

'What was all that about?!' I half shouted, he looked up at me. 'Your telling me you trust him? There isn't even a small part of you that thinks he is lying?' he asked me, 'I trust Harry' I told him. 'I asked if you trust him, not Harry' he asked, I looked down. 'I do trust Jake... If Harry says he is good, then... he is' I told him. 'Well Harry is easily fooled' he told me through gritted teeth. 'Louis he is our only hope at finding Harry' I told him, 'Yeah but he might be trouble' he told me, 'Your trouble, Zayn is trouble, has that ever stopped me before?' I asked, he looked down.

'Sorry I just don't want to loose you as well' he told me, I walked over to him and wrapped my arms around his neck. 'Your not going to loose me' I told him, 'Niall always said that. and now look' he told me, 'I promise Louis you won't loose me' I confirmed, 'Good, your like my sister... I won't loose you' he told me. I smiled, 'Well big brother. You go to sleep. I will start looking for Niall and Harry again' I told him, 'If anything hap-..' I cut him off. 'I know wake you up if anything happens or changes' I Smiled, he kissed my cheek and walked off to the bedroom.

My phone rang. Unknown number.

'H-Hello?' I asked.

'Brook? Its Liam' He told me, I smiled.

'Liam?! Oh My god are you okay? Where are you? Are you hurt?' I rushed my words.

'Brook! Slow down. Listen to me' he told me.

'Go on' I whispered.

'James took me. I don't know if you know that. He was working with Steve. Someone called Dominic has Harry... your going there tomorrow with Jake. Harry told me. And Niall....' Liam stopped.

'What about Niall?!' I asked rather loudly.

'Your having trouble finding him aren't you?' he asked, I gulped.

'Yes' was all I said.

'William has him' he told me.

Everything made sense. William with the tattoo. Him being mysterious. He was working with Steve and Logan. Louis is going to kill him, Would he go that for though? Kill his own brother, for his younger friend who is like a brother.

'Brook? You there?' he asked, I coughed.

'Yeah... Err.... Where are you now Liam?... James? Did he hurt you, where are you?' I questioned.

'I have escaped, I knocked out James and left him. He didn't hurt me to much, I have a few cuts and bruises. I am somewhere in Perth' he told me.

'Zayn and Oliver are on there way to Perth now. You need to go the airport in Perth, that's where they are landing, you guys can then come back and help find Niall' I explained.

'Okay. I am going to come with you though. I will meet you in Spain' he told me.

'Liam you can't... Niall is more important. I am sure me and Jake can handle this Dominic guy' I told him.

'No offence to Jake, but he isn't familiar with Dominic he doesn't know what he is capable of, I do. He will be able to help, but not as much as me' he told me.

'I have a feeling I don't get a choice' I asked, he chuckled into the phone.

'No you don't.. Look I better get going, Make sure you tell Louis' he told me, 'Okay Liam. Bye' I told

him hanging up the phone.

It wasn't much later. Louis came out of his room. He sat down on the couch and smiled at me, I looked down. 'Brook?... What's happened?' he asked. 'Louis.... Its Niall... I know who has him' I told him, he looked at me. 'Who? That's great news' he smiled. I shook my head, 'Louis... its William' I told him, he chuckled, 'seriously Brook... tell me' he told me, it was only when he looked into my eyes that he could see I wasn't joking. 'Your fucking kidding me!!' he yelled.

Zayn's Pov

I stepped off the long flight. I was about to ring Brook. When Oliver stopped me, 'I don't think its wise that you do that' he told me. 'What do you mean?' I asked, 'James will be tracking each of us... I mean you don't want to give him the signal' he told me.

'ZAYN!!' I heard, I turned. Liam? I ran to meet him. 'Liam? What the fuck happened man?' I asked him. Looking at him, his once white shirt was now dust covered and had holes in. Spots of blood covered it, and a pool of blood in once place. 'James... James Happened' he told me. 'Man you look rough' I told him, he looked up at me. 'Niall.... William has him' he gasped. I looked up, and clenched my fist. 'Who has Harry?' I asked. Liam looked up at me, 'Liam?' I encouraged. 'Dominic' he told me.

'I need to call Brook... she is not going over there' I growled, 'Jake will look after her' Oliver reassured me, I shrugged his hand off me. I grabbed him by the scruff of his collar, and pushed him against the wall. 'Jake? I don't trust him as far as I can throw him... Brook is not facing Dominic Black on her own!' I spat, and kept my grip tight. 'Why? Cause your scared she'll end up like Lola?' Oliver dared. I connected my fist with his jaw. 'You know she was fucking different. She betrayed me and got caught up with it all' I yelled, 'You loved her right until the end and we know that!' Oliver bitched back.

'I love Brook. I am going to keep her safe. No one is going to stop me from doing that... No one' I growled, 'Just cause you love someone... just mean you can always keep them safe you taught me that Zayn' Oliver told me. 'Brook will not get hurt... I will keep her safe... she is mine and that's all there is too it' I told him, 'I have already talked to Brook, I am going with her' Liam's voice rang.

'Why would you do that?!... I don't want her near him' I yelled, 'SHE WILL BE SAFE WITH ME MAILK!!.... LOUIS NEEDS YOU TO HELP WITH NIALL... NOW ARE YOU GOING TO FUCKING SIT HERE AND COMPLAIN LIKE A BITCH OR DO SOMETHING ABOUT IT' Liam yelled, making em drop Oliver to the floor. Liam took a deep breath. 'Yeah.. that's what I thought' he spat.



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