Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


72. Who Is Tina?

Zayn's Pov.

Three days after her funeral and no one has said two words to each other. Then again I didn't think they would. It was 1am. Louis and Liam flicked endlessly through the channels on late night TV. Niall was sleeping, it was nice to have silence from his crying. Harry sat at the table in the corner, going through pictures of Brook's. Now we are home, with out her its just not feeling the same. I sat at the table, opposite Harry, a glass of whiskey in my hand.

'You know Haz, I was always jealous of you' I croaked through the painful sore throat I had. 'Me?.. Why?' he asked, 'Brook, looked up to you. You didn't hurt her, and I know you never would' I sniffled, he looked up at me. 'Is it bad to say I love her?' he whispered, 'No. I thought it would be, but it doesn't bother me... cause I know she loved me' I snapped, all the feeling that had been bottle up suddenly burst out.

Louis and Liam stood up and walked over. Listening in, 'Zayn just calm down' Liam told me, I stood up throwing my chair backwards. 'I have been calm for the past week, and that's not done me any good' I yelled, 'You all say you love you, but why didn't you go and stop her! Well....?' I bellowed, 'I tried-..' Harry began but I stopped him. I grabbed the scruff of his collar pinning him back against the wall, 'Well you clearly didn't try hard enough' I spat at him, 'Let him go Zayn, this isn't his fault' Louis told me, trying to make me moved. I dropped Harry and he coughed loudly.

'Who's fault is it then, I need someone to blame' I asked angrily. 'It was no one's fault Zayn, she was in the wrong place at the wrong time' Liam told me. 'Stop acting like you all cared about her!' I yelled at them, as the three stood in a line in front of me. 'We did-..' I stopped Louis. 'NO NO YOU DIDN'T CARE!' I yelled at the top of my lungs.

'The first time you met her Liam, you tried to get in bed with her! and break us up. Louis you fooled her and made her give you a blow job for fuck sake! and Harry, you were just jealous! You wanted her so I could have her its just like Annie all over again!' I scream at them. 'What's going on?' I heard a tired voice, it was Niall. 'And as for you! You dated her then dumped her, then you just wanted her back didn't you?!' I yelled over to him, 'STOP!' Louis yelled.

'What about you Zayn?... Did you care?... Your the one that let her go, if you had of stopped her... she might just be here now... did you even care. You always let her down, left her, got her hurt, lied to her... you think were bad... well look in the mirror... All those times you hurt her, Zayn. You controlled her, she hated it, and if I remember rightly for a short time she hated you aswel' Louis growled at me, I was taken back.

'Don't y-..' he stopped me, 'No. Don't you dare tell us we didn't care! If anyone didn't care it was you! We loved her, everything we did was to protect her, Liam maybe took it too far, but in the long run he saved her life too, Harry loved her, and when you were off planning to ruin people that she cared about, he was there to pick up the pieces of everything you destroyed! Niall was her first real love, she fell for him on her own, she didn't need forcing! He loved her. He still does for fuck sake... and me, I cared more about her than you think, when I was breaking apart she helped me, and you know what you don't deserve for half of the shit you have done!' Louis yelled.

'That's enough Louis' Liam told him, the room fell deadly silent again. 'Zayn?' Niall piped up, all of us turned to him. 'Want to hear a story about Brook when we were together?' he asked, we all smiled at him, and let out a chuckle. What were we doing arguing? We needed each other now.

~*~ Flash Back ~*~

Niall's Pov

'Just do it' I moaned at her, 'Niall I will fall' she complained, 'I will catch you' I replied, she giggled, 'If I end up in hospital you are explaining to my parents! I shouldn't even be sneaking out' she spoke, half playful, half serious. 'You'll be fine I will have you back by midnight' I joked, 'I feel like Cinderella!' she mocked, 'Well you are my princess' I flirted, 'Shut up and help me down' she laughed.

I grabbed her hand tightly and pulled her down. 'Where are we even going so late?' she asked me, 'Its a surprise' I smirked. I took her hand again, and we walked for half an hour. 'Niall, its late, and I'm cold, is this seriously..-' she stopped when I kissed her lips softly, I pulled back, 'I thought you trust me?' I smirked, she laughed and we continued to walk. When we arrived the look on her face was everything I hoped it would be any better.

The candles were light around the small meadow, and her favourite flowers scattered around. 'Niall... this is... wow' she smiled. She turned to kiss me, the taste of her lips was the sweetest thing I had ever tasted. 'It's not a picnic I know... but I remember you saying you like to watch the stars' I told her, 'If you get any more perfect Mr.Horan, I don't know what I am going to do' she smirked and kissed me once more.

We just lay there. Never letting each other go, talking nonsense and laughing at each other. This night is perfect.

~*~ End Of Flashback ~*~

Liam's Pov

We all smiled and looked at Niall, as he chuckled at his memory. Harry smiled looking at him, Louis laughed thinking of Brook, Zayn wanted to smile but you could see what Louis had said had really effected him. Louis was right though, we did all care. But there was no denying Zayn cared more than us all. My phone was one the table, it began to ring, all eyes flashed towards it. I reached quickly for it, so no one could grab it. I looked down, just who I was expecting. 'Who's Tina?' Zayn asked curiously, 'No one... just err... I need to take this' I told them, walking out of the room, getting a curious look from Zayn. I answered the call, 'You need to get better timing skills' I mumbled into the phone.

Zayn's Pov

Who is Tina? 'You don't think he has a girlfriend do you?' Louis asked, 'No... When does Liam have time to go out and meet people' Niall spoke up, 'good point' we all mumbled. 'Something doesn't sound right here' I spoke, 'He normally tells us everything... I mean... if its just another girl he would tell us' I explained, 'You have a point' Harry joined in, 'So what do you think?' Louis asked, I shrugged my shoulders. 'I don't know, I just know something isn't right here' I told them, almost on cue Liam entered the room again.

'So who is this Tina?' Niall asked, talk about getting to the fucking point. Liam sat down with us, 'Just some girl who I hook up with a while back' he shrugged as if it was nothing, I'm still not convinced. 'Why is she calling you then?' I asked, 'She wanted to hook up again tomorrow night' he spoke again, grabbing a beer from the table, 'and your going?' I asked, 'Yeah... why?' he asked, 'because the Liam I know never goes out with an old hook up' I spoke sitting up straight. 'Well maybe its time for a change' he shrugged. 'Yeah but-..' he stopped me, 'No more questions, fucking hell' he mumbled.

There was something he wasn't telling us.

~*~ The next night ~*~

Liam's Pov

I stood there in the cold. Hands deep in my pockets waiting for "Tina". I stood there looking around, she really does need to work on her timing. I almost got my cover blown yesterday and if I am not back they will send a fucking search part out for me. 'Liam!' I heard that familiar voice, I turned and saw a black figure running towards me in high heels. How did I know it was her, as soon as she stood there before me one flash of her smile was all it took. 'About time Tina' I joked, she laughed, 'Its good to see you too' she smirked.

Zayn's Pov

I sat there in my room. Our room? No it didn't have that title anymore. Niall and Louis were playing Xbox games. Harry was asleep, and Liam was out. A voice in my head told me to go through some of her things, sort some stuff out because she wasn't coming back after all.

I grabbed a box from down stairs and sat beside her draws. Taking each one of her perfumes and carefully putting them in a box, maybe my sisters would like them? I took her jewellery, my mum would love this necklace. I took one of her rings, and put it on my keys that were on the bed, a part of her can be with me that way. I took some clothes and put them in a box, a charity would like them. Then I remembered rings? Engagement rings. I was going to propose.


Later that night.

I walked down to wear we had buried that empty coffin. I stood in front of the grave. 'I miss you doll' I croaked, I jingled the ring in my pocket. I picked the ring out and crouched down. 'Would you have married me?' I whispered, hoping in someway she would hear me. 'Yes.' I heard behind me, I shot up and a dark figure was stood there in a bright red coat with the hood up so I couldn't see the face. 'Who are you?' I asked, 'I was a friend' she spoke, 'She would have said yes to you Zayn' she whispered, her voice sounded similar to Brook's, but so different. 'How do you know?' I asked her, as we stayed frozen. 'Because she loved you with her entire heart... she would say' she reassured me.

'May I see the ring?' she asked, I held my hand out with the ring in, keeping the distance between us, so I still couldn't see her face. 'It's beautiful, she would have love it' she told me, 'that's what I was hoping for' I whispered, 'What are doing here with it then?' she asked me. 'I wanted to leave it here for her' I told her, 'Oh right' she whispered, 'Now I think about it... its a stupid idea' I confessed, 'Its sweet' she replied, 'Why don't you take it? Your her friend right?... here it will mean more to you than me' I spoke, placing the ring in her soft hand that sent shocks through my body. 'Are you sure?' she asked sweetly, I nodded in the dark. 'I should be going' she sighed, 'Nice to see you Zayn' she seemed to smile.

As she turned to walk away, 'Can I know your name? Considering I just gave my dead girls friends engagement ring to you?' I said half playful, half serious. 'I'm Tina' she spoke in the moonlight, 'Who are you Tina?' I asked begging for an answer, was this the same Tina Liam was meeting, 'I'm a good friend of Brook's' she whispered before walking of in the distant moonlight.




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