Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


29. Who Is Louis?

Brook's Pov

Zayn came back down the stairs. 'You ready?' he asked, I nodded weakly. Everything has got to much, I mean Zayn is not perfect, he is far from it. He gets into trouble, he is naïve and he never understands what he is getting into. Josh is similar, but he know how to calm himself, he won't get angry with me. There is one difference though.... I love Zayn. We sat silently in the car, 'what are you going to say to him?' he asked, I shrugged my shoulders and looked down. 'This reminds me of the first time I took you out, you were quiet and wouldn't talk and you wouldn't look at me' he said, I smiled up at him 'I wish I didn't run away' I said, he smiled at me 'The fun is always in the chase doll' he said winking.

Isn't that what I am doing?

I am chasing Josh. I shouldn't be chasing him, I love Zayn. Josh felt something for me, but I feel the way about Zayn. We pulled up outside the train station, 'I will wait here, and if you don't come out by 3:00... I know you choose him, and I will leave' he said sadly, I looked down and nodded. I got out of the car, and walked through the rain. I walked inside and looked at the times, it said three o'clock leaving times. I went to walk through, but something stopped me. Then I was rushed along by busy people, I walked further in, and saw Josh stood with his bags.

I walked over slowly, and tapped him on the shoulder. He turned and his smile fell, 'You couldn't leave with out saying good bye' I said throwing my arms around his neck. His arms stayed at his sides, 'Please don't... why are you here?' he asked, 'because I couldn't bear to see you leave with out saying goodbye' I sighed, he looked up and his train had arrived. 'I should be going' he said, I stood up straight and smiled 'are we ok?' I asked, he smiled and cuddled me 'of course we are' he said. I smiled and he stood and walked away.

Wait.... the time... 3:07 ... Zayn is going to think I have chosen Josh. I ran out of the station and ran too where the car park, I don't know where Zayn had parked. I ran around looking, the rain was beating down on me. I looked around, and couldn't see him. 'Brook!' I heard someone yell, I turned and saw Zayn. I ran up to him and hugged him tightly 'I thought you had left' I whispered, 'I almost did... you didn't come back... I thought you chose him' he said, I looked up and him and put my hand to his cheek, brushing away the rain. 'Zayn I would always chose you no matter what... yes sometimes your a prick, and you do stupid things and you get into trouble, but I wouldn't' have you any other way' I said sweetly, he smiled and me and kissed me, its sound so cliché but it was the perfect kiss in the rain.

Me and Zayn went back to his house, and got dried. We sat on the couch, 'Now Zayn... are you going to tell me who's blood that was?' I asked, he sighed and took his arm from around me. 'I just had business to take care of' he said, 'that is always what you say, for once just be honest and tell me... you know I will find out anyway' I explained, he nodded and grunted in discomfort. 'What is it?' I asked, he shook his head 'I am fine' he said pacing the room. 'Zayn... who's blood was it' I asked angrily, 'can you not just keep out of this' he asked sounding annoyed. 'No I can't... you get involved in what I do... so come on spill' I said, he rolled his eyes 'fine, this morning I - Oww' he said falling to the fall, he took a deep breath and I was by his side.

'Zayn what is it?' I asked, he said nothing. All I saw was a spot of blood come from just under Zayn's rib's. 'Zayn your bleeding!' I exclaimed, 'I am fine' he said trying to stand leaning on me for support. 'Zayn... No your not fine' I panicked, he rolled his eyes. 'Even in situations like this you manage to be an idiot' I said, 'all part of the job' he said.

I sat him down on the couch and went to get at bandage, I got them out and ran back to Zayn. He was lay shirtless on the couch, and looked like he was in pain. I got down on my knees in front of him and started to clean him up. 'So how did you get this' I asked, 'Louis... fucking... Louis' he spat, 'who?' I asked, 'I use to know him... we were really good friends, we hung out with each other when we were younger he came and stayed with his aunt in the summer then I moved with Lola, and he ended up getting with my ex girlfriend and he broke her heart... and a few other things that I just don't want to talk about' he explained, I was annoyed at the fact he still cared about his ex but I would get over it , 'that still doesn't say how you got this and where you were this morning' I said sternly. 'I was going to see Steve in prison, but then on the way inside, I saw Louis was coming out of prison and I was angry and well we spoke and had a bit of a fight, I won of course... but he did this' he explained again.

'Well why was this Louis guy here?' I asked, 'I don't know he said he moved to London a while ago in attempt to find me... bull shit right?' he said, I laughed at him 'yeah bull shit' I agreed.

Zayn's Pov


I walked up to the front of the prison, as I opened the door a familiar pair of pale blue eyes meet mine. 'Louis?' I whispered angrily, 'Zayn?... Long time no see' he said putting his hands in his pockets, he has black skinny jeans on a white vest top, and a red beanie on. 'Why are you here?' I asked, 'I came here looking for you, but ermm... I found something that made me stay' he said smugly. 'How have you been Zayn?' he asked leaning against the wall, 'Don't act like you care mate, your nothing but a piece of shit' I spat, he laughed 'mate you still caught up of that whole Anna thing?' he said, 'you broke her heart and she is still my friend Louis' I said, he rolled his eyes 'oh come on mate you know she was easy, that was the only reason you were with her in the first place... and what is this I heard about you having a new girl?' he asked, 'Leave her out of this she is nothing to do with you' I angrily chocked, he laughed deeply, 'Mate you know I could get her easily... I don't even know who she is but if she settled for you then she must off been easy too right?' he said, rage swept over my body I lunged for him.


#########END OF FLASHBACK#########

Brook's Pov

I finished cleaning up Zayn, and sat down next to him. 'DO you need anything else?' I asked, 'I can think of one thing I want' he said cheekily. I rolled my eyes, but kissed him sweetly. He started going down and kissing every inch of my skin.  He ran the tip of his tongue again around my mouth slowly. Oh god. He was so good and I don’t know how but he managed to make me feel wanted, loved, sexy, beautiful. I moaned in frustration.
‘Patient doll. His mouth went down south kissing and sucking every now and then. ‘Zayn what are you doing?. He stopped and whispered. ‘Doll I need it. I  need to make you feel good. If you trust and love me please let me do this.’ I shook my head. ‘Trust me?’ his eyes were full of hope, how could I say no? ‘Yes.’ I whispered.




Heyya Guys sorry for the short chapter just needed to introduce Louis.

What else did Louis do to Zayn?

Can Brook continue with Zayn?


Love you all so much :D



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