Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


17. When do I tell him?

Brook’s Pov

I need to think of a plan, Zayn is going to hurt Logan. I pulled out my phone pacing the room frantically, ‘Logan? Please call me back as soon as you get this Zayn is coming over, he knows everything, please just get out of there’ I said rushing my words. I sighed and paced the room, then there was a knock at the door. I slowly walked down the stairs and opened the door, ‘Hello?’ I said, the man pushed past me knocking me over, ‘where is he?!’ the man shouted, looking in the living room. He looked back over at me, and picked me up by my arm and pushed me back against the wall ‘where is Zayn sweetheart?’ he asked, ‘I don’t know… he left’ I said, a sick grin plastered his face, ‘w-who are you?’ I asked, ‘I am your worst nightmare’ he said, I took a deep breath. ‘Zayn owes me some money… but you might be able to make up for it’ he said, ‘excuse me’ I asked, he moved down to my neck and pushed hard, I pushed him away and kicked him in the balls. I ran upstairs, and walked straight into the bedroom, I closed the door and pulled the dresser in front of it.

I shivered, and pulled my phone out. I rang Zayn, ‘Zayn? Please answer… I know you are mad but… someone is here… I need your help, I am scared… I love you Zayn’ I hung the phone up and sat curled up on the bed. The man continued to bang on the door ‘I am not going anywhere love… so open up’ he yelled, I sighed and clasped my hand over my mouth to silent my cried. I need Zayn to get here soon, I don’t know how much longer it will be until he breaks through the door.

Zayn’s Pov

I angrily drove down the black road, I was going to Logan’s house. I don’t know what I was going to do when I got there, I was going to something I would more than likely regret, but right now I don’t care.  My phone rang loudly, I opened up the phone and it was Brook, I will let it go to voice mail. I threw the phone down, I looked at my phone and listen to the message she had left… Zayn? Please answer… I know you are mad but… someone is here… I need your help, I am scared… I love you Zayn’ I clenched my fists, and slammed my foot on the break and spun the car around, she was in trouble I need to go and help her, who the fuck is in my house?

I turned the corner and the traffic was hectic and I was stuck.

Brook’s Pov

Zayn wasn’t going to come for me, and this guy wasn’t going to leave. I tried Logan again, ‘Logan?’ I whispered, he answered ‘Hey Brook what’s wrong?’ he asked, I sighed ‘I need help, someone is in the house and I can’t get out’ I said, ‘well where is Zayn?’ he asked, ‘he is on his way to see you, he found out everything, but I really need your help Zayn won’t answer his phone’ I said, ‘calm down I am on my way’ I said, ‘thank you’ I said, I hung up the phone and waited.

The thuds against the door got louder and louder. ‘OPEN THE DOOR!’ he yelled I sighed, I can’t do this. I shook and walked around the room, Logan needs to hurry up. I need Zayn thought, he needs to be here.

About fifteen minutes later I got a call, ‘Hey its Logan I am outside’ he said, ‘the door is open please be careful’ he said, ‘I will don’t worry’ he said hanging up the phone. I paced around, and heard the footsteps come up the stairs. I heard crashes and bangs, I jumped at each sound. The fighting went on for a while, I sat in the corner in a ball. Then there was a light knock at the door, ‘Brook, it’s me’ I stood up and walked and opened the door, I jumped into Logan’s chest and hugged him ‘thank you’ I whispered, ‘anytime’ he said. I looked up at him and saw his lip, ‘oh god, your lip’ I said, he touched it and flinched, ‘its fine’ he said, ‘let me fix it’ I said, I took him into the bedroom, and he sat down while I got the first aid kit.

I started to clean up his lip, he flinched, ‘sorry’ I said, he nodded ok. I cleaned him up, and put everything away, ‘what happened down there’ I said, ‘we had a bit of a scuff and he agreed to leave’ he said, I smiled ‘thank you Logan’ I said, ‘like I said anytime’ he said, I smiled and hugged him.

Zayn’s Pov

I got out of the car and ran home, I needed to save her. I ran all the way there, when I got there, a familiar car was on the drive. I shook my head and walked inside, I could hear voices upstairs, and followed them, I looked in the hallway and there was glass smashed. I opened the bedroom door, and Brook was hugging someone, that someone was Logan.

‘Excuse me, should I come back later?’ I asked angrily arms crossed, Brook jumped away from Logan and stood up. ‘Zayn?’ she said shocked, ‘maybe I should leave you two to talk’ said Logan going to walk out, ‘Oh no please stay, because clearly you need to learn that that is my girl, not yours’ I said cracking my knuckles, he gulped. Brook leapt in front of me, ‘Zayn please, he is only here to help me because you didn’t answer you messages’ I said.

Brook’s Pov

 ‘I came back to help you, who know what would have happened if I wouldn’t have come back, you would have shagged him again more than likely’ he said, I put my hands on his chest ‘Zayn please just leave this’ I said, ‘I will not fucking leave it, you cheated with him and he is going to learn’ he said, I stepped in front of Logan, ‘No Zayn… you have hurt enough people because of me… you aren’t going to hurt him too’ I said, he smirked ‘and you’re going to stop me’ he asked, ‘if you touch him I am going to leave and never come back’ I said, he walked over to me and pushed me aside, and grabbed Logan by his collar, ‘ZAYN!’ I yelled, I saw Logan squirm.

Zayn’s Pov

‘You are going to stay away from her, I know that you like her, I know how you feel. If you touch her or lay a finger on her again, you’re dead… she is mine, and she knows that… I forgive her, she was drunk… but I don’t have no fucking clue if you were, and that little grin you have on your face wipe it off, or will I have to do that for you?’ I asked, he gulped, ‘that’s what I thought… now you’re going to go and you’re never going to talk to her again, or you will get hurt… and I don’t mean just a beating hurt… I mean hospital… paralyzed kind of hurt’ I said, I let go of him and he walked out, ‘Logan?!’ said brook I grabbed her wrist, ‘let him go it’s about time me and you had a chat don’t you think?’ I asked, she nodded slowly. I grabbed her waist and pushed her against the wall, I kissed her neck hard.

Brook’s Pov

As he bite hardly down my collar bone, he stopped and came up to my ear ‘I told you, that you were mine… that is how it stays’ he said in a whisper. I nodded and he kissed my lips, ‘I love you and nothing is going to change that… but at least now we are even’ he said, I smiled at him ‘I love you too’ I said.

We lay down on the bed, maybe now was the time to tell him. I don’t know how he would react, I don’t know what he would do? Maybe he would be ok with it? Maybe he would be mad, I don’t know.

‘Zayn?’ I asked cautiously, ‘yeah doll?’ he asked, ‘I ha-… I love you’ I said, he smiled down at me and kissed my forehead. I smiled and sighed, I can’t tell him now. Tomorrow… I will do it tomorrow. ‘Brook?’ he asked, ‘mmhh’ I said, ‘I don’t want you at my fight tomorrow’ he said, I shot up and looked at him ‘excuse me’ I asked, ‘things are going to get messy and the people there aren’t your crowd’ he said, ‘but I could stay with Tom from the gym, your friend he is mine now too’ I said, ‘doll, I want you there, but it wouldn’t be safe for a pretty girl like you’ he said, I folded my arms ‘you can’t exactly stop me’ I said he laughed at me, ‘Zayn?’ I said, he blanked me ‘Zayn!’ I said, he looked at me ‘just listen to me this once and it will be ok’ he said, I sighed and looked down, ‘Maybe you can come to the next one?’ he said, ‘you promised no more after this one, I don’t even want you to do this, you are competing with a guy who is in a bigger weight class, and he is like twice your size… don’t do this’ I said, he smiled at me ‘doll, I will be fine’ he said, I sighed and lay next to him.

Maybe tomorrow wouldn’t be the best time to tell him, with the fight and all… so when do I tell him?


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