Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


4. what you’re doing to me

Brook’s Pov

‘Seriously Hannah I don’t know what I am going to do’ I sighed sitting down on her couch, ‘you just need to relax, he will leave you alone eventually’ she said. I got out of Zayn’s house rather quickly this morning. ‘That is the thing he won’t leave me alone’ I said, she started smiling at me ‘what?’ I asked, ‘your neck, its ermm.... covered in hickeys’ she said laughing; I jumped up and ran to the mirror, ‘fuck! I have to face my brother still’ I said, ‘I thought you said you didn’t do anything with Zayn’ she said, ‘Not all of these are from Zayn’ I said, she grinned, ‘your sneaky’ she smiled, ‘not like that, things got out of hand at the club, but yeah most Are from Zayn’ I said, ‘maybe we can cover them in makeup’ she said, ‘we can try’ I said.

We tried for half an hour to cover it, ‘stop it your making my neck orange and it is barely covering them’ I shrieked, ‘well its orange or purple bruises’ she said, ‘I will just deal with the bruises’ I said, wafting her hand away, she sighed. I said goodbye and walked home. I got to the door and walked in, ‘Brook is that you?’ my brother shouted, ‘Yeah’ I called back, he ran out to me, and hugged me ‘where have you been, I have been so worried’ he said, I pulled back ‘I am fine, I stayed at Zayn’s for the night’ I said, he pulled away and gave me a glare, ‘you stayed the night with him?’ he asked , ‘yeah’ I said quietly, he looked at me and spotted the marks on my neck, ‘you didn’t just stay the night though did you, I betting something more happened?’ he said, moving my hair ‘no it’s not like that’ I said, ‘really this says otherwise’ he said pointing at my neck, ‘we went clubbing and someone tried it on with me, Zayn stopped him’ I said, ‘Whatever I am not going to believe you’ he said, ‘don’t then I don’t care cause I know what happened’ I said walking up stairs.

I closed my door and lay down on my bed; I just wanted to go to sleep. Then I remembered today I actually do have work, not until four though. Its 2:30 now, I am going to get showered, and dressed and maybe have a nap. I stepped in the shower, and let the water run over my body, I felt the bruises on my neck, a reminder that Zayn had touched me; it was like he had left his mark on me. I can’t shake him of, the feel of his lips on me, when he touched me it begun to send shivers.... what am I saying, I must just be tired.

I got out of the shower, I out on my black skinny jeans and ankle boots also my work top. I dried my hair and tied it up into a pony tail; luckily you could see the bruises that much when I had my shirt on, I did my makeup lightly, I texted Logan for a while and told him about the past few days. I walked down stairs, and made myself a brew. My brother Jack walked into the kitchen; I rolled my eyes, and put the milk in the fridge. ‘Are you seriously giving me the silent treatment’ he asked, I ignored him ;Look I am only looking out for you, he is bad news I don’t want you with him’ he said, ‘you don’t even know him’ I defended, hold up... I just defended Zayn Malik, ‘I mean... he stop some physo from hurting me give him some credit’ I said, why am I still defending him?

I looked at my watch, 3:30 that went fast. ‘I have to go I will be late for work’ I said, ‘do you need a lift’ he asked, ‘no’ I said, I grabbed my bag and got my coat, I walked out of the door and it was raining, the sky was dark. I put my umbrella up and walked through the rain. I was walking as fast as I could to get out of the rain, then a familiar red Audi pulled up next to me, I turned ‘Get in doll’ he instructed, ‘I am fine walking’ I said continuing, Zayn followed behind me 2mph ‘just get in its raining, I will take you to wherever your going’ he said, I sighed and got in the car. ‘You took off early this morning so I didn’t really get the chance to see you’ he said, ‘yeah I needed to see my friend’ I said, ‘I could have gave you a lift’ he said, ‘I was fine’ I said, ‘where to then?’ he asked, looking over at me, ‘HMV’ I said, ‘in work today then, or is that just you trying to run away again’ he asked, ‘I am in work’ I said, he laughed. We drove to my work; Zayn looked over at me and laughed, ‘what?’ I asked, ‘your neck that’s all’ he said, I grabbed my neck, he pulled my hand down ‘I can give you more to match’ he said with a lopsided grin, I scoffed ‘no thanks’ I said disgusted, ‘what time do you finish’ he asked, ’10’ I said, ‘pick you up here then’ he said, ‘I have plans’ I said, ‘really?’ he asked, I nodded fast, it was a lie but I needed one night away. We pulled up outside the store, ‘You’re not lying to me are you?’ he asked, tracing circles on my leg ‘n-no’ I quivered, ‘you nervous again?’ he said, I shook my head no, he laughed a heartily chuckle, ‘I don’t think you know what you are doing to me’ he said, ‘I am doing to you?’ I questioned, he laughed and brought a hand to my cheek and stroked it with his thumb softly, ‘I am going to give you my all... now are you sure you have plans tonight’ he asked again, making me feel tense. ‘I don’t no’ I said, ‘I knew it’ he said pulling a hand away from my cheek.

Zayn gripped the steering wheel tightly, his knuckles were going white. ‘I will pick you up at 10 get out of the car’ he instructed, ‘Zayn I...’ he stopped me, ‘I said get out did you not hear me’ he said, ‘and you wonder why  I am scared’ I said under my breath, so only I could hear, clearly he heard too. ‘what was that?’ he asked, ‘nothing, I better get going’ I said, ‘tell me what you said’ he said pulling me back into my seat, he had a tight grip of my forearm, his grip got tighter, he was not really hurting me, ‘what did you say?’ he asked, I stayed silent, ‘Brook?’ he said angrily, ‘Zayn... your hurting me’ I said, he looked at his hand and let go. I looked at him sadly; he had sorrow in his eyes. I got my bag, and rushed out of the car. Not even turning back for a second, not wanting to look at him.

I walked into the store, and saw Logan behind the desk, he smiled at me, and I forced a smile; his smile then faded and turned into a concerned look. I walked into the back staff room, with the lockers, and put my bag in there, ‘Hey are you ok?’ asked Logan behind me, ‘I am fine’ I said sitting down on the benches in the middle, ‘you’re not fine, what happened?’ he said, ‘seriously.... it’s just getting worse’ I said, ‘what do you mean?’ he asked, ‘one minute I think he might actually have a sense of care for me or he is changing and the next he is just angry and.... it’s just so hard to explain’ I said running my fingers through my hair.

The shift was going quite fast, me and Logan left early so we could catch up, I got my bag and got as did he and we walked outside and went down to star bucks. We got a coffee and begun to walk back to work as that is where Zayn would be picking me up, as we walked I heard a familiar voice in front of us a little way, ‘come with me’ I said to Logan, I followed the voice. I continued to follow the figure in front of us, as we walked I found it was Zayn. As we walked around the corner, I saw Zayn walk over to a group of people. I looked from around the corner, ‘you got it planned?’ asked Zayn to the man, ‘Yeh, where is the money’ he asked, Zayn handed the man a wad of cash. ‘What did this guy do anyway?’ asked the stranger, ‘touched what was mine’ Zayn replied, I looked at them wide eyed, I shuffled, and they all looked I walked around the corner and pushed Logan, ‘go go go’ I shouted, he went to turned but behind us was a cough, I turned and saw Zayn, with an unreadable expression on his face.

‘Pretty boy go’ he said, I turned and looked at him ‘Logan I will call you later’ I said, I leant into him and wrapped my arms around his neck, pulling him closer to me, his arms slithered around my waist. ‘if you need me’ he said, I stopped him ‘I will be ok’ I said, I kissed his cheek. I let go of him and he walked away, ‘I was supposed to be picking you up’ he said, ‘yeah but I needed a drink, and he is a friend so I wanted to hang with him’ I said, ‘oh he likes you way more than a friend’ he said, ‘he doesn’t he is just a friend’ I whispered, ‘come on’ he said, he tugged me towards a car, then a voice shouted ‘Zayn!’ he turned, ‘is that what he touched’ he yelled grinning, ‘Just do it’ Zayn yelled.

I sat quietly in the car, ‘what did you give him money for?’ I asked, ‘it doesn’t matter’ he said, ‘it does to me’ I said, ‘you are so nosy you know that right?’ he said, ‘please say it’s not something stupid’ I said, ‘depends what you call stupid’ he laughed, ‘Zayn take me seriously’ I said.


We were sat in his room, and I had another one of his shirts on. ‘Have you ever tried to talk to your family’ I asked, he stiffened ‘no... And I don’t want to they wouldn’t want to know’ he said, ‘maybe they would’ I whispered, ‘why do you do that?’ he asked, ‘do what?’ I asked, ‘every time I say something you always speak quietly, are you still scared of me?’ he asked, I gulped ‘maybe I am yeah’ I sad, he came closer ‘what about now?’ he said, I didn’t move, he laughed. ‘Why do you do that’ I asked, he moved back ‘do what?’ he asked, ‘one minute your all happy and smiley, and the minute I do sometime your mood changes’ I said, he was silent for a minute ‘like I said before you don’t what you’re doing to me’ he said, he moved a hand up my side, exploring my curves. He lay on stop of me, and look down at me with lust, ‘are you scared now?’ he asked, ‘No’ I whispered. He  smiled at me, he kissed me softly on my cheek, ‘Zayn...’ I begged, ‘your mine now, remember that’ he said in a hushed tone, his reputation was fooled what I was now seeing.

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