Dark || Z.M

"Zayn." I begged.

"You're mine now." He spoke in a hushed tone.

His reputation fooled what I saw.


13. What you did this afternoon

Brook’s Pov

I told Zayn about my day, he listen carefully. ‘What about your day, why was it so interesting?’ I asked, ‘Just … you know … bumped into some people’ he said, ‘what kind of people’ I asked, ‘just old friends that I haven’t seen in a while’ he said, I nodded and smiled, I knew he was probably hiding something, but with Zayn its best not to know. I walked upstairs and got dressed, I curled my long dark blonde hair, and lightly did my make-up. I was sat looking in the mirror, Zayn came behind me and kissed my neck, and ‘you’re looking good ’he whispered, ‘thank you I giggled. I turned around and he was stood there wearing, a black a tux, and a thin tie, ‘you don’t look to bad yourself’ I said laughing, he grabbed my hand and spun me around. ‘Are you ready to go then?’ he asked, ‘yeah let’s go’ I said. We walked down the stairs, ‘I am just going to grab your jacket’ he said, ‘thank you’ I said.

I waited for him to come down, but he was taking forever to I went upstairs and heard he was on the phone, ‘I told you to leave me alone… I am busy… I can’t were you not listening before...  I said no…’ he hung up the phone, and I heard his footsteps come towards the door. I walked down the stairs quickly, he followed not very far after ‘here you go’ he said, ‘thanks’ I said. We walked out to the car, who was that he was on the phone to? I know I said its best not to know, but I think I need to know. I will ask later I don’t want to ruin my brother’s night.

We drove to the music hall and walked inside, everyone looked so posh. Zayn grabbed my hand, I smiled at him, but it was fake. I saw my brother, I pulled Zayn over to him ‘Hey Jackie’ I said hugging him, he smiled ‘you look nice’ he said, he looked a Zayn, ‘Zayn’ he said shaking Zayn’s hand. ‘Look I have to go I am going to perform’ he said, ‘can’t wait to hear it’ I said. He ran off to go and set up the stage, ‘I am going to go and get us a drink’ said Zayn, he went over to go and get them.

Zayn’s Pov

I saw her over there, ‘I am going to go and get us a drink’ I said, I needed to get her out of here, brook can’t see her. I walked over to the drinks, and pulled the girl to the side. ‘What are you doing here’ I said, pulling her outside. She laughed ‘not happy to see me’ she said, ‘we finished everything this afternoon’ I said, ‘no we didn’t’ she said, ‘you did just what you did last time, fucked me then left’ she said, ‘Look as far as I am concerned, we have done nothing’ I said, ‘but we did’ she said, ‘look just go I don’t want you here’ I said, ‘you wanted me this afternoon’ she said, ‘why are you even here’ I asked, ‘you know why I am here’ she said, ‘no I really don’t… Lola you lost me a long time ago’ I said, ‘I didn’t lose you, I just left you for a while and now I want you back’ she said, ‘well you’re not having me back’ I said.

Just then someone walked around the corner, ‘Zayn!’ I looked and I was Steve, ‘call you later babe’ she said, walking off. Steve came over to me, ‘you left earlier this afternoon, we didn’t get the chance to properly finish things off’ he said, ‘I came to tell you we aren’t going to be working together anymore’ I said, ‘well Zayn, before you go I have one last business proposition’ he said, I sighed, ‘what’ I said, ‘there is a boxing match this weekend, against Dan, I want you to fight it’ he said, ‘why me’ I asked, ‘you’re the best guy for the job, and you don’t have to worry I won’t touch your girl again, but her family that brother of hers might not be so safe…someone has to pay for this black eye you have me’ he said, I tensed up. ‘So what do you say’ he asked, I nodded ‘ok fine, this is my last job’ I said, ‘good, by the way where did you run off too before? Were you with her’ he asked, ‘no I wasn’t … that was Lola she just met me in star bucks’ I said ‘then where did you get to?’ he asked, ‘that’s for me to know’ I said. I walked back inside and saw Lola was talking to Brook.

Brook’s Pov

I was listening to my brother play his music, he was so good. ‘Hello’ said a voice from behind me, I turned ‘ermm… hello’ I said, ‘he is good isn’t he?’ she asked, ‘yeah, he is ermm my brother’ I said, ‘really… your dating Zayn aren’t you’ she asked, ‘yeah how did you…’ she cut me off, ‘I am Lola’ she said, ‘Lola? Zayn’s ex’ I said, ‘yeah does he talk about me’ she asked, ‘no not really’ I said, she laughed ‘I bumped into him this afternoon’ she said, ‘Really?’ I asked, ‘yeah in Star Bucks we had a bit of a catch up’ she said, ‘well good for you’ I said. I turned around and looked at my brother again, he smiled at me as he sung.

‘Hey doll’ said another voice, I knew this one though. ‘Lola what are you doing here?’ he asked, I turned and grabbed Zayn’s hand, ‘I thought I would come and say hello to the famous Brook’ she said, ‘well you have said it, you can go now’ he said, she smiled ‘nice to meet you Brook, Zayn call me if you ever need to talk again’ she said flirty walking off. I sighed angrily, ‘you ok?’ asked Zayn, ‘oh I am great’ I said, I felt him smile ‘you’re hot when you’re mad’ he said, ‘I am not mad, what would make you think that’ I said not looking at him, he laughed ‘what did she say?’ he asked, ‘just that you two had a catch up session’ I said, ‘and that’s all it was’ he said, ‘where are those drinks you went to get?’ I asked, ‘I will go and get them now’ he said, ‘no its fine’ I said. I walked outside to get some fresh air, ‘what is it?’ he asked, ‘who were you on the phone to before?’ I asked, ‘when I don’t know what you mean?’ he asked, ‘don’t play the fucking innocent with me, I heard you before when you went to get my coat’ I said, he sighed ‘it’s safer if you don’t know’ he said, ‘I don’t care, tell me’ I demanded, ‘no, I can’t you will end up getting hurt’ he said, ‘I don’t care, you need to start tell me the truth’ I said.

‘you want the truth?’ he asked, ‘yes’ I said, ‘today I was…’ we were cut off by the doors opening of the music hall and screaming people, ‘Call an ambulance’ someone yelled, I walked over ‘what  has happened?’ asked, ‘the boy who was performing… he has been… he has been’ she cried, ‘he has been what’ I asked, ‘stabbed’ she said quietly, I ran inside and there was a crowd of people, ‘move!’ I yelled, the moved and my brother was lay there on the floor, ‘Jack’ I said kneeling down next to him, ‘w-what happened?’ I asked, ‘I don’t know someone got in, and they just attacked him’ someone said behind me, I cried. Zayn knelt down next to me, ‘I have called an ambulance’ he said, I nodded he put his arms around me, ‘it’s going to be ok’ he said, ‘I can’t lose him Zayn, I can’t’ I said, he held me even closer, I looked down at jack, he had been stabbed just below the rib.

The paramedic’s came through the door, ‘I will meet you at the hospital’ Zayn said, I nodded. I walked off with my brother on the stretcher, ‘it’s going to be ok jack, I am here’ I said, he grabbed my hand, ‘I love you sis’ he said, I smiled ‘I love you too jack’ he said, I smiled and let a tear roll down my cheek. We made our way to the hospital.

Zayn’s Pov

I rang Steve, ‘What the fuck man’ I said, ‘hello to you too’ he said, ‘what did you do’ I yelled, ‘someone had to pay’ he said, ‘you’re sick’ I said, ‘yeah I have heard that before, look tomorrow at one meet me at the training centre, you need to be in top condition for that fight’ he said, ‘I am not going to do it’ I said, ‘you are or your girl will get it’ he said, I sighed, I didn’t have the choice, ‘look I have a lot of money riding on you right now, I have placed a bet staying you’re going to win, and you are or I am out £250 so you will ok?’ he said, ‘fine, tomorrow at one see you then’ I said and hung up the phone. I made my way down to the hospital.

Brook’s Pov

I was waiting outside the room Jack would be in, he was in surgery at the minute. I paced back and forward, ‘Brook!’ I heard a voice, it was my auntie Leanne and uncle toby, ‘Leanne!’ I said running over and hugging her, ‘why are you here’ I asked, ‘we heard about jack, how is he?’ she asked, ‘in surgery’ I said, I hugged my uncle toby and let go. ‘What happened?’ he asked, ‘I don’t know I was outside with Zayn’ I said, ‘with who?’ he asked, ‘oh Zayn… he is kind of my boyfriend’ I said, my auntie smiled at me, ‘but yeah I wasn’t there, all I know is some psychopath attacked him’ I said.

We sat there and waited, ‘Brook?’ someone said, I looked down and saw Zayn, I stood up and smiled I ran over to him and hugged him tightly, he lifted me up and I nestled into his neck. ‘How is he?’ asked Zayn, ‘I don’t know he is in surgery’ I said, we walked over to my auntie and uncle, ‘Zayn this is my auntie and uncle’ I said, ‘hello, nice to meet you’ he said, ‘nice to meet you too’ said Leanne, ‘we will go and get some drinks’ said my auntie making my uncle move. I and Zayn sat down, ‘it’s going to be ok’ he said, ‘I hope so’ I said, I rested my head on his shoulder. The doctor came out of the room, ‘is he ok?’ I asked, ‘he is going to be fine’ she said, ‘oh thank god’ I said, ‘did you hear that he is going to be ok’ I said looking at Zayn, ‘I told you’ he said, he kissed my head. ‘Can we see him?’ I asked, ‘no he is under observation, but first thing tomorrow you can’ he said, I smiled ‘thank you’ I said, ‘just doing my job’ he said walking away.

Later that night

I was lying in bed next to Zayn, ‘hey Zayn?’ I asked, ‘yeah doll?’ he asked, ‘you never finished telling me what happened before’ I said, ‘telling you about what’ he asked, ‘who was on the phone, and what you did this afternoon’ I said, ‘why is it so important that you know?’ he asked, ‘because if you want me to trust you then you’ll tell me’ I said, he sighed, ‘fine, this afternoon I was…

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